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The Edge (internet chat, Aug. 9, 1997): "I have no problems with bootlegs... if people make recordings and give them to their friends -- as long as people don't get ripped off.

If you want to hear a song from one of these concerts to hear the quality just ask.I will send you it. Also you may request a CD that has a couple of concerts on them in mp3 format....but please specify if you want it for CD players or for computers. Contact me

Price: I Will trade, B&P (blanks and postage) , or take money for cd's and postage

Concert Track Listing # Of CD's Sound Quality
Dublin City, New Years Eve, 1989 1.intro 2.where the streets have no name 3.i will follow 4.i still haven't found what i'm looking for 5.exodus 6.mlk tree hill 8.gloria 9.god part II 10.desire 11.all along the watch tower 12.all i want is you 13.bad 14.van diemens land spangled banner 16.bullet the blue sky 17. running to stand still 18.dirty old town 19.times they are changing years day 21.pride 22.audience girl 24.angel of harlem 25. when love comes to town rescue me 27.40 2 Sound Board, Best
Chicago, 4-27-87 1.where the streets have no name 2.i will follow 3. i trip through your wires 4.i still haven't found what i'm looking for/exodus 5.mlk 6.unforgetable fire 7.bullet the blue sky 8.running to stand still 9.exit gods country 11.sunday bloody sunday 12.bad 13.october 14.spring hill mining disaster years day 16.pride 17. mothers of the disappeared 18.with or without you 19.gloria 20.40 2 Sound Board, Best
Tempe, Arizona 12-19-87 1.where the streets have no name 2.i will follow 3. i trip through your wires 4.i still haven't found what i'm looking for/exodus 5.out of control 6.mlk tree hill 8.gloria 9.exit gods country 11.bad 12. bullet the blue sky 13.running to stand still 14.sunday bloody sunday years day 16.pride 17. with or without you 18.mothers of the disappeared 2 Audience, Equivalent to Sound Board, Very good
Dublin City, 12-26-89 1.god part II 2.desire 3.all along the watch tower 4.all i want is you 5.where the streets have no name 6.gloria 7.i still haven't found what i'm looking for 8.mlk tree hill 10.van diemens land 11.bullet the blue sky 12. running to stand still 13new years day 14.pride 15.angel of harlem 16.when love comes to town rescue me 18.with or without you 19.40 2 Sound Board, Best
Red Rocks 1983
1.out of control 2.twilight cat dubh 4.into the heart 5.surrender 6.two hearts beat as one 7.seconds 8.sunday bloody sunday 9.the cry 10.electric co 11.i fall down 12.october years day 14.gloria girl 16.11 o'clock tick tock 17.i will follow 18.40 19i threw a brick 20. a day with out me Note: they played twice, second one is available on video tape this is the first. also twilight, an cat dubh and into the heart can be found on the sweetest thing single. so you can compare sound quality to that. 2 Sound Board, Best
Holland, 7-10-87 1.where the streets have no name 2.i will follow 3.i still haven't found what i'm looking for 4.mlk 5.unforgetable fire 6.sunday bloody sunday 7. exit gods country 9. electric co 10help 11.bad 12.october years day 14.pride 15.bullet the blue sky 16.running to stand still girl 18.40 2 Audience, B+/B
London, Wembly Night,8-12-93 1.zoostation 2.the fly 3.even better then the real thing 4.mysterous ways 6shes a mystery to me 7.until the end of the world years day 9.numb 10.zooropa face 12.stay(faraway, so close) 13.i will follow 14.satellite of love 15.sarajevo satellite link 16.bad/the first time 17. bullet the blue sky 18.running to stand still 19.where the streets have no name 20.pride confessionals call with lady diana 23.ultraviolet is blindness 2 Audience, A/A-
Melbourne Sound Check PopMart 1-8 of the Melbourne sound checks 1 Audience C (wind)
Turino,Elevation Tour, 07-21-01  1.elevation 2.beautiful day 3. until the end of the world 4. new years day 5.kite 6.gone york 8. i will follow 9. sunday bloody sunday(fullband) my life, stuck in a moment 12 in little while 13. desire 14. stay far away, so close  15. bad 16. where the streets have no name 17. mysterious ways 18. the fly 19. bullet the blue sky 20. with or without you 21. one 22. wake up dead man 23. walk one 24. pride 25. out of control 2 Audience B+
Anahiem,Elevation Tour 4-26-01 1.Elevation 2.Beautiful Day 3.Until the End of the World 4.New Years Day
5.Kite 6.New York 7.I Will Follow 8.Sunday Bloody Sunday 9.Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of 10.In a Little While 11.Angel of Harlem
12.Stay 13.All I Want Is You(fullband) 14.Where The Streets Have No Name 15.Mysterious Ways 16.The Fly 17.Bullet The Blue Sky 18.With or Without You 19.Pride 20One 21Walk On
2 Audience A/A-

Please Contact me and tell me what you want, i will e-mail you back the shipping price. also include any special request(such as special cd's you want me to use)