Monday 13th December 1999

Irene tells Troy that Pat saw them kissing, and Troy says he's sure Pat won't think of anything. Pat upsets Peggy by telling her that Kathy and Ben are coming for Xmas but since she's not talking to Phil he probably won't want to bring them to see her. Irene accosts Pat and says she will be straight with her and won't pretend about what she saw in the cab, so she just doesn't want it to get out. Pat says it's none of her business, but no-one will hear it from her, but if Irene plays around on her doorstep it will only be a matter of time before Terry finds out. Robbie and Ricky, whinge impotently that Dan is back and staying at Phil's. Phil offers Dan a job, but Dan says he can't do anything in a garage or snooker hall. Rosa agrees to make an offer on the Vic. Gianni and Jackie are thrilled. Gianni goes to ask Frank about buying it and Frank says it'll be sold to whoever makes the best offer. Jackie tells Steve she's been invited to the Di Marcos for Xmas day and he looks a bit disappointed but says he'd rather be alone. Mel is working in the Vic and Ian comes in to ask her to look after the shop while he goes to the wholesalers. She tells him she doesn't work there any more. Pat goes round to tell Phil off for ignoring Peggy, and Dan interrupts while she's being rude, so Phil says she was just leaving and Pat replies that he and Dan deserve each other. Natalie and Mel arrange a joint hen night and Lisa offers to arrange it. Ian is steadily getting drunk and Frank asks him if he's OK. Natalie asks Andrea where they have been and Andrea says it's a secret, or she might guess the theme. "Theme?" asks Natalie, horrified! Natalie has a go at Barry and says she doesn't want a theme, just a traditional wedding. Ian hangs around in the Vic watching Mel, and everyone tells him what a wonderful barmaid she is. All the men chat her up and Ian is furious, especially when Steve chats her up too. Steve and Barry joke with Mel about people trying to ask for different cocktails like a French Kiss, Between the Sheets, then Barry says "Sex on the Beach" and Mel and Steve look awkwardly at each other. Steve asks her how she knows all that and she says she ran a cocktail bar in Ibiza. A blonde comes round the Vic with mistletoe and asks Steve for a kiss, then asks who's next, and tells him to kiss Mel. Ian staggers over to complain and Frank steps in telling him to leave. Mel apologises to Steve for Ian, and Ian whines that she should be apologising to him, as Frank escorts him to the door, with the friendly word of warning that if he keeps on like that he will lose Mel.

Tuesday 14th December 1999

Ian has a hangover and Mel makes him apologise, but then says she will come with him to get Lucy's test results. Lisa has seen a travel agent friend and arranged the hen party in Amsterdam for ten people. She tells Robbie he can have five of them for Barry's stag do. Andrea gets in there quickly to ensure she gets one of the tickets and Lisa is surprised but agrees. Robbie invites Ricky and asks Troy for tips on asking for drugs in bars in Amsterdam, then invites Troy. Troy refuses. Peggy gets a letter from Grant, and he's staying in Rio. Frank says "Well, if it was good enough for Ronnie Biggs...., anyway, just get him to sign the papers for the sale of the Vic." Barry and Andrea have a delivery of various giant foam props, and it looks like Stuart Hall will be guest speaker. Natalie's mother sniffs and says if her ex-husband's new wife is coming, she can't stand it, so won't come, so Barry gives in and says they won't invite the new wife. Natalie's father then replies to say he won't being coming. Natalie hesitantly asks Roy to give her away. Andrea has meanwhile decided that SHE will give her away, and tells Roy that he just wants the glory, but isn't paying the money for the wedding, and Pat and Roy are horrified and Pat and Andrea have a loud row in the Vic. Andrea lets slip that she's going to Amsterdam too, and Natalie is very annoyed but at this point resignation takes over and she sighs "I need a drink!" Ian invites Gianni (and says to ask Beppe) to his stag do, and Gianni says he's busy before Ian tells him when it is. Then Ian asks Terry, who replies "Do you know the secret of a really good stag do?" Ian replies on cue "No..", and Terry says "No, I didn't think so, no thanks." Ian is getting a bit desperate, and asks Mark, who says of course he'll be there, then Robbie tells Ian he can't make the stag party because he's going to Amsterdam, but he stupidly invites Ian to have his stag do jointly as well. Mark says it'll be a good laugh, but Ian's not keen. Gianni changes his mind when he discovers the stag do is in Amsterdam, and he invites Jackie, but Beppe refuses. Jackie says never mind, and invites Steve instead. Gianni is annoyed. Jackie insists, and Steve objects that she's not even friendly with Natalie, and she tells Steve that it's Mel's do as well, and Steve suddenly seems rather keener to go. Lisa tells Mel, with Ian, that her hen night is all arranged, and it's in Amsterdam. Mel says she can't go, she'd hate it, and Ian says that he is supposed to be going too. Robbie then realises that he has oversold the tickets, and Ian says he won't go, since it looks like he will be running the café since Natalie and Robbie are both going. Lisa tells Mel she isn't going to get out of it whatever happens. Pat tells Frank that she saw Jamie and Janine together, and unless he was giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, something is going on. Frank embarrassedly asks Janine about Jamie, and then tells her that she can talk to him about things, and she grins and says they don't need to have that little chat yet. Then Frank sees her kiss Jamie and tells Janine off and says she nearly "swallowed him whole". Janine takes Jamie upstairs and tells him the kiss was just a taster, and makes it clear she wants sex. She asks him if he's done it before and says she has, loads of times, and gets a condom out of her bedside drawer. Jamie looks a bit unsure, but ten minutes later, when Frank comes upstairs to tell Janine to turn down the loud music, he catches them in the act.

Thursday 16th December 1999

Janine gets out some eye drops and pretends to have been crying, then goes to Frank to wail that it wasn't her fault and she didn't want to but Jamie told her that she would if she loved him, and also said he would make her first time really special. Robbie is upset that Steve has come to Amsterdam, and when they arrive the girls split up from the boys and Steve says to Jackie that that wasn't the plan. The girls go to see Anne Frank's house, and Andrea says she didn't know Natalie had a friend in Amsterdam. They all laugh at stupid Andrea and go to the museum for the afternoon, and then later go on to a bar where the full extent of the horror that is Andrea is apparent. Andrea has arranged T-shirts for Mel, and her dare is to kiss men from six countries, while Nat's is to get three love bites. Mel gets drunk and is generally wild, and Jackie says she's glad Mel's getting married or she'd watch Gianni. Lisa say Mel's already been out with Gianni, and adds "Haven't we all!" Natalie says "No, I haven't." Jackie looks slightly put out that everyone else seems to have slept with Gianni. Ian's stag night is shaping up suitably, when Mark asks what he has planned, and who is coming. Ian says him and errrr Beppe probably, and Mark asks what's arranged. Ian says a video, and Mark says "Err Beppe was with the vice squad you know." Ian laughs and says "That's OK, it's the 1966 world cup video." Mark can't believe how boring he is. In the Vic, Jeff meets Pauline who has got herself dolled up, and they chat to Dot, who says how quiet it is, and they say it's because of everyone going to Amsterdam, and Pauline suggests they go to Ian's because his stag do must be quiet. They are the only people there apart from Mark! Dot says Charlie was still the worse for wear at her wedding. Jeff says he never thought Mel would end up with someone like Ian, because she was always a wild one. Dot chips in that Ian goes for them - and Ian says that Mel is nothing like Cindy. Dot says, no apart from that they were both blonde and good-looking, with a mind of their own. Ian makes an excuse and leaves, and goes to the Vic, and asks Peggy about buying the Vic. The rest of them have a quiet chat, and Dot says she's had a lovely evening and can't imagine why the others went to Amsterdam. Mark suggests, between large mouthfuls, it is probably the clogs - have you ever seen decent clogs in Albert Square? After all, what else could it possibly be? Robbie looks for a café that will sell him a spliff. He asks for coffee and winks, and gets coffee. He gets a spliff as well, and it makes him ill. Gianni talks to Steve, who thanks him for not ignoring him like everyone else. They all end up in a club getting drunk, and Robbie is very loud and shouts at the barmaid to get them some more drinks. Steve says he should keep quiet or he'll get them thrown out, and Robbie takes offence and Steve replies it was only friendly warning. Robbie tries to take a swing at Steve, who steps aside, and Robbie falls flat on his face. Jackie and the girls turn up and Steve says he has never been so pleased to see anyone! Ricky apologises to a girl after Robbie fell on her, and asks if he can buy her a drink, and she's very friendly. Petra says she's a Dutch film star. Mel puts an arm around Gianni and Jackie tells her to keep her hands to herself, and some people are never satisfied, they choose what they want from the menu but have to have a bit of everyone else's, can't she be happy with what she's got? After Lisa's continual nagging, this hits home with Mel, and she flounces off to a quiet corner and finds Steve there, and tries it on with him. He tells her she made her choice in Brighton, and she says she's changed her mind, but Steve says she hasn't really and makes her go back to the party. Lisa is drunkenly phoning Phil to say she loves him, and Gianni tells Jackie he loves her, and he means it from the bottom of his heart. Jackie shudders at the line and says don't say that. Gianni says he means it and she has to say it back now. She refuses. Andrea chats up Barry, and is rude to Natalie. Barry mentions second thoughts, and Andrea tells Natalie, who's really upset and says she never had any second thoughts until now. Andrea ends up kissing Barry, and Natalie asks if they are still having second thoughts or discussing the theme. Andrea tells Natalie the theme is Adam and Eve, and Natalie is horrified and says it'll be a circus and if Barry wants that he can have it with her.

Monday 20th December 1999

Kathy is back again. Her first observation is of Mel kissing Steve in the square. While Kathy's too busy poking her big nose into everyone else's business, she ignores her own child, and Ben wanders off. Kathy finally notices and starts looking for him, and Steve brings him back. Steve mentions the stag do, and says it was eventful, as the bride (Natalie) changed her mind about getting married. Kathy is extremely frosty to Mel when she meets her, and when Mel tells Ian about Natalie, Kathy mentions she heard it from one of the stags. Ian asks who, and Kathy describes a handsome man with piercing blue eyes and Ian shouts at Mel that she didn't tell him Steve was there. Mel points out that she wasn't responsible for inviting the men to Barry's stag do! Kathy says insincerely "Oh dear." Natalie leaves Barry when she sees the full horror of the cardboard Adam and Eve backdrop, and Barry writes a cheque out to Andrea and tells her to leave and take her money, as it has done nothing but poison their relationship, just as Natalie predicted. Sam arranges with Steve to work in the club the following evening, and asks for her money in advance. She sees Beppe's keys on the bar and steals them. She buys Joe and Beppe some tasteless crappy presents. Beppe is horrified as well as being very annoyed because he couldn't get in his house for the last however many hours. Sam apologises, and says it won't happen again, because she got her own set of keys cut. Joe gets a Christmas card from his mother, Sandra, and Beppe and Rosa are worried about the implications of her contacting Joe after all this time. In the Vic, Sam happens to mention in passing how upset Frank was with her and Ricky eloping, and Janine's eyes light up with malice. Peggy has booked seven weeks in the Algarve, and suggests to Frank that Janine would be better off in Manchester. Lisa tells Mark it looks like she won't be spending Xmas with Phil, so he invites her to Pauline's with him. She thanks him and they face each other and look as if they are about to kiss, when Phil appears from behind them and wants to talk to Lisa about her drunken phone call from Amsterdam, and she immediately ignores Mark and goes off with Phil.

Tuesday 21st December 1999

Dan mentions that Kathy came and Phil goes to see her but is offhand towards her. Ian begs Mel to help out in the shop because they're busy at Xmas, and she says no, because she's working in the Vic. Ian sulks, but asks Kathy to do it instead, and she agrees just to make the point to Mel that she IS prepared to put herself out to help Ian. Beppe chats to Rosa about Joe's mother's card and is worried that she will take Joe back. Sam tells Rosa she can't come for Xmas because Peggy won't have Grant or Phil so will need her there. Rosa suggests to the family that they invite Peggy and Frank, and it might help them with getting the Vic. Gianni is won over and Beppe is the only one who's not keen. Frank is shouting at Janine about her threat to get married. Peggy tells Jamie she's going to Manchester, and they can't elope. Jamie says "What elopement?" Peggy huffs and puffs and says that little minx and rushes off to have a word, in fact four choice ones to start with: "You conniving little cow.." Peggy tells her to grow up, and her father will find out what a scheming little trollop she is. However, before she has a chance, Frank has come to a major decision and refuses to hear anyone's comments before he has had his say. He tells Janine she's going to Manchester NOW and never seeing Jamie again, so she can't possibly get married. She backtracks, and says she made up the elopement - ask Peggy, but Peggy simply shrugs and Janine runs off to sulk. She leaves a note and runs away again. Frank thinks it's just a card and puts it in his pocket without opening it. Kathy tells Ian that Mel seemed more friendly with Steve than she ever is with Ian, and that he's making another mistake like Cindy. Ian asks her to look after the shop with Jamie, and Jamie isn't pleased to see her. She tells him to watch his mouth and does Phil know he speaks to her like that? Jamie says why doesn't she tell Phil: he won't listen to her after she slept with his brother and broke the family up and nearly destroyed Phil. Kathy looks slightly embarrassed. Barry is miserable about Natalie and Robbie tries to cheer him up by inviting him to E20 with Mark, Teresa, Jackie, Beppe, etc. Phil and Lisa arrive and Mark looks envious. "Sexy Santa" appears, introduced by Steve, and of course it's Sam. Beppe looks displeased. Jackie tells Beppe not to worry because Sam is besotted with him, and he replies like Gianni is with her. She says he told her he loved her, and does Beppe think she can believe it? Beppe says, "Just don't break his heart." Meanwhile Gianni is getting jealous of Beppe! Jackie can't believe it when he moans at her for talking to Beppe. Mark gets off with a blonde after Lisa tells him she's going to Phil's for Xmas after all. Frank finally opens Janine's card, and finds out it says she's run off and she's pregnant. Peggy and Ricky realise it's a lie, but Frank rushes off to find her in his usual pathetic hysterical way.

Thursday 23rd December 1999

Ricky has looked everywhere for Janine, and Frank is doing the tedious tearful overacting routine he did last time she snuck off to stay at a friend's. This time, she is of course hiding in Jamie's bed. Jamie says he has to go to work, and if Frank finds her there he'll be dead. Frank is on his way to Jamie's to have a (very hysterical) word. Roy suggests that Frank would only make matters worse in his current state, and Roy says he will go over to have a word to Jamie first. They are leaving Phil's and Janine sits on the steps and as Roy goes past she starts pretending to cry. At Frank's Peggy asks if anyone has ever talked to Janine about contraception. Frank gets huffy and says is she blaming him? Roy turns up with Janine and of course Frank says she's all forgiven. Peggy hands her a pregnancy test kit, and says why would she make up a thing like that? Peggy says Frank didn't sleep a wink worrying about her last night. Janine says all he wants is her out of the way, and she won't make it easy for them. Peggy says she will do a deal, and if she stops playing the games then she will tell Frank it was a false alarm, and they can call a truce. Janine is surprised to get away with it and agrees. Troy chats up Rosa and Pat overhears and can't help grinning to herself. Then she overhears Rosa chatting to Irene about Troy, saying he was flirting, and Irene laughs at the idea, then after Rosa has left, Pat says "They did seem very close this morning!" Kathy goes to the club and asks Steve about Mel, saying she wants to get to know her better. Kathy asks if it's over between him and Mel. Steve says she's obviously worried about her "golden boy", but why is she bothering to ask him, because she won't know whether to believe him anyway. She doesn't know if he's jealous of Ian, so he could say anything. Kathy says she was hoping for a straight answer, so Steve gives her one (that he hopes Mel is happy whatever she does), and grins and says see, she doesn't know if he's telling the truth, so go and ask Mel - her feelings are what counts. Roy chats to Frank and offers to keep an eye on Janine when he and Peggy go on holiday. Frank is amazed that Roy would do that, and worries about Pat's reaction, but Roy promises to have a word with Pat. Frank sees Jamie and tells him to keep away. He tells Peggy that he has decided he has to put Janine first, and Peggy assumes that he means cancelling the holiday, but then Janine walks in and Frank asks her if she'd rather stay down here or in Manchester when they sell the Vic. Janine is thrilled and says here, so Frank says fine, and you can stay with Pat and Roy when we're on holiday. Janine is dumbstruck and Peggy looks surprised and pleased. Terry has put his offer in for the Vic, as have Rosa and Ian. Barry cancels his wedding suit alterations when they call. Andrea comes round and tells Barry Natalie should be running after him. He tells Robbie the wedding's off. He sees Mel later in the pub and tells her that Kathy paid him a visit, and Mel is furious! Meanwhile Ian tells Kathy what he's thought he's buying Mel for Xmas - the Queen Vic. Kathy tells him gloomily she hopes he's not making a mistake. Kathy goes into the Vic and Mel asks if she had a nice chat with Steve earlier? Peggy sees Kathy and rushes over to have a rather loud and public go at her, starting with "What are you doing in here, unless you're bringing my grandson?" Kathy asks dimly "Have I done something to upset you?" Peggy continues "You got bored with ruining Phil's life and moved on to Grant, didn't you? And now neither of them are here for Xmas, because of you. You're a slut, you led Phil on while you were sleeping with Grant. Go on get out." Kathy skulks out of the Vic with everyone looking astonished at her.

Friday 24th December 1999

Dan picks up the post and there's a large envelope for Phil. Steve gets ONE Xmas card, in total, from Jeff! Jackie asks him to come to the Di Marcos with her. He refuses, saying he's booked into a nice hotel on the coast, with a swimming pool and jacuzzi. As he walks out, the phone rings and it's a message from his solicitor asking him to ring on a VERY important matter. Dot insists that Barry and Ricky help her carol singers. However, they and Robbie are the only people there, and Dot is awful at singing! Lisa asks Mel if it's true what they said about Kathy, and did Kathy deny it. Mel refuses to spread gossip, but Lisa says it does explain why Phil was so funny about her last time she was here. Ian tells Kathy he has to see Peggy about the Vic, and Kathy asks why he has to go. When Ian leaves, Kathy asks Mel not to tell Ian, and Mel says half the square knows, he'll find out sooner or later. When Mel is serving Pat mentions Kathy and Mel says she won't set foot in here after yesterday. Pat asks what happened. Gianni asks Beppe what to get Jackie - it has to be a big surprise. Beppe says he has a choice of a weekend away, dinner or a diamond - how much do you want to spend? Beppe has another suggestion and Gianni thinks he'll look stupid. Beppe says that's the charm - she will love you for it. Ian tells Mel that the hospital told him that Lucy's test results will have to wait until after Xmas. Mel is surprised. Irene worries about Troy going off to work, and when Rosa chatters about Troy flirting with her she grabs Rosa and tells her to keep away from him. Rosa is astonished and Irene apologises and rushes off. Rosa finds her and they talk about it, with Irene in tears. Rosa says she has to finish it. Josie asks Kim why she's telling her she's on a diet but stuffing her face with sweets. Kim says she's fat, and Josie says she will stop modelling right away, and no more starving herself. Sam asks Phil to come with her to the Di Marcos for lunch, and he says he might. She tells Peggy that he might be coming and they have to make up some time, and it's all Kathy's fault. Jackie tells Beppe she can't find her keys and asks him to help her break in. When they get in, Gianni is half-dressed in a Santa suit! Jackie bursts into laughter. They get into bed and Jackie says he knows how much he means to her doesn't he? Gianni says she doesn't tell him, so she says she loves him. Frank hears that Ian made a very generous bid for the Vic and he has won the auction. Terry and Rosa are phoned to say they didn't get it. Ian arrives in the Vic and Mel asks what he's doing here. He tells Frank and Peggy to keep it quiet from Mel. Frank says they're just waiting on Grant to sign the deeds. Ian says it won't be a problem will it? Peggy says hasn't Kathy told you about Grant? Ian returns to find Phil at Kathy's. He says “Come on then, is it true?” Kathy replies dimly "It just happened." Ian says "You know what people are going to say about you." Phil says it's no-one else's business, and he leaves. Kathy asks why Ian was talking to Peggy, and he says he got the Vic, and Mel is in for a big surprise for her Xmas present. Phil opens his mail, and finds Grant's half of the Vic and the keys, and it's all signed over to Phil, to do what he wants with it.

Saturday 25th December 1999

Irene asks Troy about his flirting with Rosa, while Terry opens his shop for a couple of hours. Dan and Lisa argue about who's going to cook, and wonder where Phil is. Dan pleads helplessness and Lisa finally takes over after moaning about why women have to cook. Jamie declines to open his presents until Phil gets back. Phil has gone out "for a walk", and goes to Ian's to see Ben, then doesn't go in. The Di Marcos work really hard on Xmas lunch. Nicky says they are ignoring her birthday. Rosa panics and tells Beppe and Gianni to stop drinking at 9am. Beppe tells her to relax and stop looking like she's trying too hard. Rosa tells her family not to eat with their mouths open when the Butchers are there. Peggy is busy arranging the tea and Frank is equally astonished at the volume and variety of food she's providing for only 12 people. He says she has so many chicken legs that every chicken in London must be in a wheelchair. Peggy tells her family not to make any religious jokes and shepherds them over to the Di Marcos. Pat, Roy and Barry have a miserable Xmas day. Barry gets up half way through dinner and leaves to look for Natalie. Roy gives him his car keys. Pat says they should have seen it coming and done something - got rid of her mother for a start. Pat says Natalie may just send him packing, and Roy says maybe she wants him to show that he cares enough to follow her. Barry finds Natalie in the hotel and she's pleased to see him but insists that he take more notice of what she wants in future. Ian grabs Mel and takes her to outside the Vic with a pink bow on the door and says this is her Xmas present. She says she doesn't know the first thing about running a pub. They arrive at Pauline's and ask her what Ian bought her. She says she will tell them later. Mark is annoyed that Jeff is "making himself at home" at Pauline's. Mel makes Ian tell them about the Vic. Dot says it's a funny Xmas present. He says they will redecorate, and put on a real menu and theme nights. Mel looks at him and he says "Oh, er.. subject to the new landlady's permission." Dot has invited Jim too, and he makes a nuisance of himself, flirting with Pauline. Ian wins at monopoly, of course. Kathy is worried about Phil and calls him. Jamie goes to answer it and Phil tells him not to. The Mitchells arrive at the Di Marcos, and Phil doesn't turn up. Instead he watches them go past and goes to the Vic with his new keys. They ask Frank who got the Vic, and he tells them. They wonder about Phil, and Lisa and Dan do too. Ricky is miserable because it's Liam's first birthday and Rosa tries to be cheerful and says it's Nicky's birthday too. Jackie asks Sam if Beppe is wearing the saucy boxers saw him opening this morning, and Beppe frowns hard at her. Sam says she didn't give him boxers, and forces Beppe to say who gave them to him. He admits it was Nina and Sam asks why some slapper is giving him boxer shorts. Dan was supposed to be looking for Phil, and comes back saying he will look at Pauline's and be back in 5 minutes. Pauline gets Kathy to talk to Dan, and he leaves, then knocks on the door of the Vic, and complains to Phil about his disappearing act. He asks Phil what's happening. Dan says Lisa is not a happy bunny. Phil says he's giving up women. Dan asks what he's doing and Phil says "I'm thinking." Dan replies "We're in more trouble than I thought." ;-) At home, Lisa can't take any more and leaves, telling Jamie to tell Phil to drop dead. Phil and Dan eat some of Peggy's tea and decide they're all better off without women. Phil tells Dan he's got half of the Vic, all he has to do is sign, an alcoholic car mechanic behind a bar! He says the Vic is a jinx, here he slept with his brother's wife, two landlords have been murdered, it made him an alcoholic, was responsible for breaking up his marriage, blah blah. Dan asks what he's going to do with it. Phil says "You can have it." Dan says sell it. Phil says he doesn't want handouts from his little brother. Phil says, OK I'll sell it to you, strictly business, this pub caused me nothing but grief, the asking price is a fiver. Dan can't resist. Phil says Marcus could draw up the papers today - even though it's Xmas day he's very accommodating. Phil and Dan turn up at the Di Marcos. Rosa offers them dinner, and Phil refuses. Frank says don't you think you're being rude, son? Phil says he's not his son, and asks if anyone wants to listen to what he has to say. Peggy says no she doesn't. Frank says get it off your chest if it's important enough to embarrass everyone..... Peggy runs out telling Frank she's been humiliated. Frank asks her what they are going to do - Ian thinks the place is his. Phil sits around at home and then suddenly realises that Jamie is having a terrible time, and asks him what he wants to do - they can do anything. Jamie says pathetically "Can I open my presents now?" Terry and Irene finish dinner with Troy. Troy asks Irene for some time alone and throws away all the bread and then makes Terry get some more from the shop. Troy and Irene have a kiss. Terry sees Rosa who suggests to him that he should take more notice of Irene and have a weekend away from Troy. Terry wonders what she means, but as he's at the shop he thinks more about it and then returns home and everything falls into place. He goes home and looks for the bread, and finds whole wrapped loaves in the bin. He tells Irene that he thinks he left the shop unlocked and asks her to lock it. Troy offers to go with her, but Terry manages to stop him. Then, after Irene has left, he punches Troy on the nose, totally surprisingly. Terry asks Troy if he's been sleeping with Irene, and Troy says it just happened, and he's sorry. Terry says he must have worked really hard, because Irene is not an easy lay - "How long did it take? Weeks? A Month?" Terry says it must have been hard for Irene being chased by a good-looking young man. Terry says if Troy really loved Irene he'd take care of her for the next 30 years if that's what she wanted, and he will walk away because he loves Irene so much, he would hand her to him on a silver platter. Troy snivels that he will do whatever Terry wants, and Terry says Troy has five minutes to get his stuff together and get out, and if he ever contacts Irene, he will kill him. Troy leaves, and Irene returns home later. Terry says Troy left on a trip - he got an offer to go backpacking and has gone. Irene says desperately that he must have left a phone number, and Terry says no, and "That's probably the last we've seen of him. The youth of today eh? No responsibility." Irene runs out of the room to cry. It starts snowing and everyone goes out to stand in the snow, mainly happy - Terry hugs Irene and asks if she's OK, and Barry and Natalie are back, and Pat and Roy are pleased to see them.

Monday 27th December 1999

Dan lets himself into the Vic. Janine looks at him and tells him it will be good to have a real man about the place. Peggy says he has no right to be here, and he bought it fair and square. Peggy asks how much, and he says five pounds, and there's paperwork to prove it. Dan explains he is now half owner of the Vic, and "We're all in this together and we should just try and get on with it." Ricky is furious that Frank "let him in" and storms out and tells Dan that he took his wife and he's trying to take his home. Dan says it's not about Ricky, and tells Frank and Peggy he will be back at opening time. Lisa arrives and asks Phil if he was going to explain, and he apologises about Xmas. He says he will make it up to her and the dopey cow agrees. Terry is in a funny mood at the shop and Natalie buys a big box of chocolates for Pat's birthday tomorrow. She goes home and Barry is on his knees to propose to her again, and rebook the wedding. Natalie says no themes, and they will have to plan it together. She goes into the café and invites Sonia to be her bridesmaid, and says Bianca suggested that Sonia could be bridesmaid. Sonia is ungrateful and says it's last-minute, but reluctantly agrees. Kathy chats to Mark, and Lisa passes the stall and says she had a terrible Xmas. Mark invites her round later and says he will cheer her up. Kathy observes the flirting and says she'll tell Phil to watch out. Lisa arrives and Mark gives her a very pretty necklace, and she's very grateful and hugs him. Kathy pokes her nose round the door, and says sorry I'll come back later. Rosa tells Irene to try with Terry and Irene says at the moment she can't stand the sight of him. Terry takes her to the Vic but she's in a terrible mood. She runs out and they go home, and Terry gives her a relaxing shoulder massage. She doesn't seem particularly relaxed though! Janine is offhand to Jamie, who's desperate to see her but she just says she can't get away from Frank, and "whatever." Frank has to tell Ian, and Ian is furious. Frank says there are other options - going into partnership with Dan. Frank says what do you think Mel? Ian replies "She thinks the same as me." Mel says "How do you know?" Frank says he'll leave. Mel says she doesn't want the responsibilities of running a pub and she certainly doesn't want to end up like Peggy Butcher. Frank tells Dan that he can sell his half to Ian and it'll all work out. Dan says he loves the idea of a set up like this, and half won't buy another pub. He makes himself at home behind the bar, and Frank tells Peggy to go upstairs. Dan hired a card trickster and Frank is about to tell him to leave and Dan says he hired him and it's just one of the new ideas he has for the place. Dan is crap at pulling pints, and Mel offers to show him. Phil arrives and Peggy tells him to leave. Dan says he's his guest and it's on the house. Then Kathy arrives with Ian, and Peggy says she thought she made herself clear last time. Ian says she brought him in for a quiet drink and Frank suggests Peggy just leave it because they have had enough scenes in here for a while. Lisa is also not particularly happy to see Kathy. Dan goes over and asks Ian if he'd like to be a partner in the pub. Pat arrives and asks Mel and Ian if they could have a double wedding with Natalie and Barry. Ian says it was bad enough that that clumsy oaf hijacked his engagement party , he won't have him ruining the wedding as well. Mel says "I don't get a say in this?" Kathy makes Ian leave. Mel goes home and asks Ian how it would hurt us to help Barry and Natalie. Ian says they aren't even close friends, and Mel says Ian is refusing to listen to anything she has said about the wedding, and he won't even let her have a say in any of it. Mel says she doesn't want to spend her life doing what he wants, and if he won't do this, she'll cancel the wedding. Kathy goes to talk to Phil, about presents, then when she leaves, he gets fed up and leaves Lisa on her own, saying he's not in the mood. Lisa drinks a lot more by herself and sits crying in the square when Mark finds her. She says "It's obvious that Phil still loves Kathy. Look at her and then look at me." Mark lies, saying she's gorgeous and could have her pick of fellas, and he doesn't know what she was doing with Phil in the first place. She says she has no choices, and Mark says he's not just being nice, does she really not know after all this time, that he is in love with her?

Tuesday 28th December 1999

Mel tells Jeff the wedding's off, and that things just aren't right with her and Ian. Jeff is sympathetic. He goes to tell Pauline. Ian goes to tell Barry and Natalie that he has arranged the joint wedding. Natalie asks why he changed his mind "Over my dead body? Clumsy tasteless oaf?" Barry tells Natalie to shut up and Ian makes the excuse that Lucy's test results are due today. So, they all agree. Peggy and Frank leave to go shopping and tell Dan he's there with Mel for lunchtime. Dan replies by telling them smugly to take their time as he has got the hang of it now. Janine hangs around Dan mooning. Natalie goes to thank Mel who is very confused. She also gets huge bouquet delivered to the Vic. She sees Ian and is furious that her own wedding is back on and Ian didn't bother to tell her. Ian says he just did what she wanted, and she can have whatever she wants for her wedding. Lisa and Mark are awkward with each other, and Lisa says she is busy. Lisa is amazed when Mel tells her it was always so obvious that he fancied her. Lisa says it's a nightmare, but Mark is just the sort of bloke she should go for. She goes to talk to Mark and says she is flattered but she loves Phil, and it wouldn't be fair on him to start something when she feels like that. She says she's really sorry, and kisses him as Jeff rushes to ask about Mel. Lisa says she's glad Mel finally called it off, and he says that it's all back on again! Ian goes home and Kathy says Pauline told her Mel called it off, and Ian says she did it because he was being selfish and that's not the sort of man she wanted to marry. In the Vic, Mel tells Lisa that she gave Ian the ultimatum and now Ian has agreed. Mel says she can't let Lucy down, and Lisa says if Lucy was well would she really be doing this? Dan tells Mel he has to leave to see the solicitor about the Vic, and she's on her own serving. She says she has to go to the hospital with Ian for the test results. Ian tells Mel to close the Vic, and she says she can't but she is convincing that she does care about Lucy and asks Ian to call. Lisa tells Ian that he shouldn't have talked to Mel like that, and she is only marrying him because of Lucy, and what she's going through. Peggy and Frank return and Dan tells them he's been thinking about the name and the Queen Vic isn't very "Millennium". Peggy is annoyed to find Dan using the cups in the Vic and not washing up after himself. Ian gets the results and there's nothing wrong with Lucy. When he returns he looks solemn, and says there's a delay of a day or two before they know the results. Mel bursts into tears.

Thursday 30th December 1999

Barry is baking his wedding cake and tells Natalie "There's nothing to it." Later he runs into the restaurant and asks Rosa if she has a piping bag he can borrow. She looks at his apron, covered in flour, and asks if he has had some sort of accident? He runs back home and then back again a few minutes later and asks whether this is a tablespoon. Rosa says no, it's a dessert spoon and Barry despairs as all his measurements have been wrong. Kathy goes on about how worrying it is about Lucy and tells Ian he's being really brave about Lucy. Ian tells Kathy to take Mel out while he prepares a surprise, and Kathy offers Mel the necklace she wore when marrying Pete, that Lou gave her. She also tells Mel that she heard what she told Jeff - irreconcilable differences and she's surprised Mel is still going through with it. Mel hassles Ian to call the hospital about Lucy, and she's really upset. She is slightly surprised at Ian's lack of concern and the way he is much more preoccupied about the wedding than about Lucy. She asks Ian if he's hiding something from her. Then Ian shows her a "time capsule" the kids made of bits of family history. Peggy is annoyed that Dan is making himself at home, and he comments on her going away soon, and she says she'll be pleased to be back, and a few weeks on his own here and he'll be "on his knees". Dan grins as she flounces off. Jamie comes round and Janine says she's busy, but then Peggy appears and she's friendly to him again. Natalie takes Mel out to choose a bouquet that matches hers, and Mel meanders around pondering about old boyfriends. When they get home they chat with Kathy and Mel has to go to work. The kids take Kathy off and Natalie sneaks a look at the "wedding file" of Ian's. She sees the test results that are hidden in the file, and it states the test results are totally clear. Mel sees Steve in the square and he wishes her luck, and gives her a kiss on the cheek as Ian watches jealously. Mel comes back and phones the hospital and Ian takes the phone and hangs up. He says that he was about to talk to her and his serious face makes her assume that the results were bad and she bursts into tears saying "Lucy has cancer!" Ian hugs her.

Friday 31st December 1999

Ian is panicking and Robbie asks him what time the cars are due. Ian tells him it's up to him to sort his cars out, he's got 3 chauffeur-driven Bentleys. Robbie tells Barry, and suggests that he can get Roy to lend them a car. He goes over to Pat's and drinks several large whiskies. He also realises he hasn't got a ring! Roy tells Pat to take off hers and hands over both of them. Barry thanks him profusely. Barry is dressed in a white tail suit and top hat. Mel gets ready reluctantly, and tells Lisa that Lucy does have cancer. Lisa says Ian shouldn't hold it over her, and what if Lucy had been OK? Mel says Ian wouldn't use his kids to get at her. Lisa asks her if she's told Ian all her doubts like that bloke she slept with. Mel says she can't tell him about Steve. Lisa, who has only just found out, exclaims "It was Steve?!!" Mel's mother turns up and Ian starts berating her about the food. She tells him she isn't Mrs Hall, but Mel's mother, Jane. Ian is horrified and grovels abjectly. Robbie takes Barry to the car and Barry tells him to get in. Robbie says he can't drive, and only had 3 lessons! Barry says he's had a skinful so he can't drive. He tells Robbie to get his L plates. Robbie is hopeless. The venue is overlooking the Millennium dome, but Dot tells Jim that she isn't impressed. Janine appears to accompany Frank and Peggy wearing a crotch-length dress, and she asks Dan what he thinks of it. Dan grins as Frank tells him to keep his eyes off. At the venue, Janine rushes over to see Jamie who tells her she looks great. Frank appears and Janine says Jamie is pestering her. She then says she's ill and has to go home. Jeff and his ex-wife bicker nastily in the car with Mel. Jane tells them that on her wedding day she had a horrible feeling that told her he was the wrong man. Mel shouts at her to stop being so nasty on her wedding day. Then Mel and her mother discuss it in private and Mel says she might be making a terrible mistake. Her mother tells her she's not that stupid, as soon as she gets there and sees Ian she'll remember how she feels. Barry is getting desperate about the time, so as Robbie gets to a red light, he pressurises him into going through it. He does and the police give chase. Ian tells Pat and Roy that they are starting on time, and we do it in the next 5 minutes or not at all. Barry begs the policeman, saying it's his wedding day, and then two cars go past and splash a huge muddy puddle all over Barry. The policeman takes pity on them, as Barry does arrive eventually. Mel says they should postpone the wedding, because they haven't been totally honest with each other. She says she slept with someone. Ian insists on knowing who it was, and she tells him it was Steve - and she lied and was unfaithful and doesn't deserve him, but she's being straight now. She offers to go and tell everyone the wedding is off. Ian says he forgives her, Mel is astonished and says he can't, and Barry's not here, talk about it in the New Year, postpone it until they are sure. Ian says "What about Lucy - in 6 months time she might not even be here - are you going to take the fairytale wedding away from her?" This emotional blackmail forces Mel to give in as Mark rushes over to say Barry has arrived. He's covered in mud! Jeff drags Mel to the altar. Janine appears back at the Vic and tells Dan she felt ill then rubs her fat little body against him as he goes past. Then she tells him to come upstairs with her - she thought he liked young girls, Bianca was good enough. "No-one would know, just you and me, no strings." Dan cites Frank, and Janine says "Try me." The party is huge back in the square, and Steve goes to hand in his present, but needs a pen to write the card, so looks in the sideboard and finds one in the wedding file, meanwhile dropping the test results letter on the floor. A security guard comes and asks Steve where he got that present, and Steve says he was just writing the card, not nicking it, it's a lovely set of steak knives. The weddings go ahead and despite hesitations, Mel says "I do." Back at the Vic, Janine is still flirting with Dan and Peggy says she was supposed to be ill. She says "Doctor Dan had a look at me and I feel much better." Jamie tries to talk to her and she blanks him. Teresa gets a phone call and she's thrilled, and she looks smugly at Steve. Steve kisses Mel on the cheek and Ian grabs her away to circulate. The women chat and Natalie says she has Barry, what more could a girl want? Samantha says "Brad Pitt?" Teresa says sarcastically "Or Ian Beale, they're practically interchangeable." Mel looks unhappy. Mel takes Ian to "discuss" things, and how can he trust her now? He says she was single then, and now she's married with 3 kids. Mel goes to the toilet and Kathy comes in. Mel is sniffing and tells Kathy she'll be a good mother to Lucy, no matter how bad it gets. Kathy says what do you mean? She tells her. Ian goes to see Steve and says Mel told him about his "big night of passion". Steve tells Ian "We were both drunk, as soon as it happened I backed off." Ian says sarcastically "Oh did you - how generous of you." Steve says smugly "Yes, it was actually." Ian replies in annoyance "She chose me over you - you had her for one night, I'm going to have her every night for the next 30 years, who's the loser now?". Kathy finds Ian and asks him why he didn't tell her about Lucy’s ‘cancer’. She says she will have to stay here now and can't possibly go back to South Africa, she wants to be here for Lucy. Ian dissembles and says there's nothing she can do, and he doesn't want any fuss. Kathy says she's really proud of Ian. Janine says she bets Dan is good in bed, Sonia says he's filth. Janine says "Ah there speaks the little virgin, you and Jamie should get together." Nicky and Sonia get the gossip, and ask if Jamie is? Janine says not any more, but he needs some stabilisers. She cackles evilly and Jamie glances over at the commotion from the other side of the Vic. Ian and Mel finally get that quiet chat, and Ian says that the hospital may be wrong, and they should get a second opinion. Mel puts her glass down right next to the test letter on the sideboard. Ian hugs her and sees it, and looks pale and tries to distract her by roughly kissing her. She complains that he's hurting her and he puts the letter in his pocket. Steve is in the square and turns around to see Matthew. He says he's a free man and new evidence shows up and changes everything. Steve asks "What are you talking about?" Matthew tells him "You'll find out soon enough." He adds "It'll be more fun if you have to guess what I want and what I'll do.. to you. See you around." He sees Teresa and says he's back and not going away again. Steve sees Mel and can't believe she told Ian, he says he doesn't need any more enemies. Mel replies "Grow up, Steve." Meanwhile, it's speech time and Ian's best man, Mark, is unconscious. Robbie drops Barry's special home-made cake on the way over and doesn't tell Barry. Mel asks Ian what he said to Steve: she's annoyed. Jamie has a go at Janine's nasty comments about him and Sonia. Frank tells Phil to keep Jamie away from Janine: you Mitchells specialise in messing up women's lives. Phil replies "Who messed up Tiffany's life? Better put the car keys down the drain before you ramraid Melanie too." Barry's speech is OK, and Ian has lost his - Mel says "So what's that?" about the letter (Lucy’s test result) sticking out of his pocket. Ian is called to speak and he shoves it away. He says he was married before but this time he will get it right and be a good husband. Barry's cake is hidden and he says "Prepare to be amazed.." and unveils it and it's a huge mess. Natalie's family are bitchy but Natalie says "It's lovely darling." Lisa sees Phil chatting cosily with Kathy and later pesters him and says she saw them together and Phil tells her to back off as she's getting on his nerves. Mel and Natalie chat quietly and Natalie says she's pleased about Lucy - Mel says "What?" Natalie says she saw the letter yesterday, she knows it's none of her business, it was just a glimpse, but it must be a load off her mind knowing Lucy has the all clear. Mel says quietly "err yes it is." Meanwhile, Ian burns the letter. Natalie sees him a few minutes later and says Mel just went off home. Ian follows and she's searching the house for the letter, and Ian says Natalie made a mistake. Mel finds the envelope and says "Really? Where's the letter?" Ian says he didn't want it to upset her, and Mel says Natalie says it gave Lucy the all clear. Mel says she can phone the hospital and find out - she's now Mrs Beale. Ian says he's sorry. Mel can't believe he could let her think Lucy had cancer, Ian says he was afraid he'd lose her. Mel says "You can't cheat someone into loving you, get your hands off me.." She storms off. Ian begs her and says he loves her. She says "Guess what, Ian, I don't love you, and never have done," just on the stroke of midnight.