Monday 28th September 1998

Bianca opens her stall on Sanjay and Gita's old patch - it was what they wanted her to do. Sonia is back on the Square, she's coming back to her old school to get away from bullying. She'll be living with Bianca and Ricky. She's worried about Bianca, who admits she's tired - is she taking too much on? Teresa and Lenny have spent the weekend together. Lenny tells Teresa he wants to tell Tony about them himself. Teresa tells Lenny to sort it - fast. Gianni tells Teresa he disapproves of Lenny, he's a loser. Teresa tells him he's a better person than Gianni. Tiffany gets Peggy to agree to look after Courtney - she's got a work experience place at a health farm. She asks Bianca to go with her but Bianca tells her she's going to have to turn her down - she can't leave the stall. Ricky tells her he'll look after it for her. Grant encourages Phil to get back on the dating scene - but a trawl through Phil's little black book proves less than promising. Sarah is shocked to learn that Tony has chucked his job in - he tells her he's going to go round Europe and is going to ask Teresa to go with him. Tony tells Gianni to leave Teresa alone. Gianni takes great delight in telling him that he doesn't know why he is bothering defending Teresa - surely that's her boyfriend Lenny's job? Tony is devastated to hear that Lenny and Teresa are an item.

Tuesday 29th September 1998

Bianca doesn't want to leave Ricky behind so Tiffany tells her to bring him - Simon can look after her stall. Ricky bribes Robbie to look after Sonia by telling him he can move into the flat and he's in charge - Robbie's delighted. Tony attacks Lenny - he feels betrayed over Teresa. Lenny tries to explain but Tony is not to be reasoned with. Phil's old flame Yvonne shows up for their date but all is not well. Phil is gutted to learn that Yvonne always had a thing for Grant. Teresa overturns her decision to help Gianni out in the restaurant after all when Tony reveals it was Gianni who told him about her and Lenny. Maybe what Carrie said was right after all - maybe Gianni has a problem with Lenny because of his colour. There is general consternation over the café art exhibition. Only Huw is appreciative. An angry Gianni comes to the café - where is Teresa? He's had to close the restaurant because of her no show. Teresa publicly tells Gianni she knows what his problem is with Lenny - it's because Lenny's black. Gianni is shocked and hurt at Teresa's accusation.

Thursday 1st October 1998

Gianni tells Beppe how angry he is that Teresa accused him of being a racist in public. Huw is alarmed to see how well Ruth and Mark are getting along - he sows the seed in Ruth's mind that perhaps Mark wants her back. Later he implies to Mark that Ruth has her heart set on reconciliation - maybe he better tread carefully if he doesn't want to hurt her. Mark decides to stand Ruth up that night in view of this. Bianca, Tiffany and Ricky leave for the health farm. Bianca rejects Pat's overtures of friendship. Louise persuades a reluctant and awkward Grant to let her help out with Courtney. Phil is dismayed to discover Ricky has gone - he wanted to give Ricky a full time job level with Conor back at the Arches. Teresa descends on Lenny's hospitality, not wanting to go home. Lenny is unsure about the speed everything is happening at, especially after Mick reminds him that as much as he is fond of Teresa, she is hell bent on rebelling - and what better way than to go out with a black guy? Lenny tells Teresa he feels like he's being used to make a point against family and that moving in with him isn't a good idea. An upset Teresa leaves and bowls round to Tony - she'll come with him around Europe. But Tony tells her no - he won't let her play him for a fool again. Eventually Teresa and Gianni make it up and apologise to each other. Grant has a bad night. He ends up being monopolised by the irritating Yvonne - while having to watch Phil and Louise hitting it off!

Monday 5th October 1998

Mary is back on her feet but Phil is finding the presence of his houseguest more than a little annoying. He ends up having to tell Conor that this arrangement can't go on - Mary will have to find somewhere else to live. Ian comes back from his holiday to bad news from Kathy. She can't face coming back to Walford for Christmas - she doesn't want to face Phil after the way he behaved in South Africa. She's also asked Ian to buy her out of the café - he and Phil are partners! He's furious with Phil. Pat is almost as annoyed, as Phil is that Ian is her new boss. She reads Ian the riot act but he tells her that his overriding concern at the moment is the fact he's missing his mum. Pat feels sorry for him. Ruth is puzzled why Mark is being so distant. Huw tells her he's moving on and so should she. He asks her to the cinema to cheer her up. Sarah tells Terry that the solution to the family's money worries is to hire Tony in the First 'til Last. Then he can help pay his way. Terry dismisses this at first but then thinks about it - this could make sense. Phil unburdens himself about Kathy to Louise - she reveals how hard it was to move on from Terry. Grant is uncomfortable at their growing friendship and throws a spanner in the works to stop them going out for a meal. Grant is horrified when Phil admits that he fancies Louise and that he thinks she feels the same way!!

Tuesday 6th October 1998

Peggy feels bad when she hears Grant turn Tiffany's offer to come and join her at the coast - he tells her he can't leave the bar. She gets a reluctant Frank to agree to cover for Grant - so that he can go. Mark is going for his routine test to see if his combination drugs are working. Pauline warns him to be careful not to let go of Ruth so quickly - she reckons Huw has a crush on her. Mark tells Pauline she's got it wrong. Terry is forced to grovel to Tony when he goes to walk out of his first day in the shop - he's offended by having to stock girlie magazines. Pat tells Roy she won't let him re-mortgage the house to pump funds into Deals on Wheels. But after speaking to Barry, she realises how important it is to him. She relents - she believes in him and wants to support him. Peggy confiscates a porn magazine from Matthew, not believing the truth - that Matthew found it on the floor when Barry dropped it. The news of Matthew's foray into porn filters back to Susan, fanned by Barry trying to remove the trail from himself - but Susan believes Matthew's story. She's angry with Barry for allowing the rumour to continue. Phil asks Louise out - but becomes suspicious when he spots a confrontation between Grant and Louise - what is going on between them?

Thursday 8th October 1998

Grant leaves to see Tiffany - Phil accuses him of running away from Louise, he saw the scene between them. Grant tells him that Louise and him were arguing about Tiffany - he warns Phil that Louise is trouble, but if he wants to go out with her, on his head be it. Phil asks Louise out again she's reluctant after her confrontation with Grant but agrees. It's a bad day for Terry - firstly Louise seeing through his scam, tells Tony he's only been hired to help bump up his allowance - meaning Tony walks out. And then Susan Rose declares war on him for selling porn in his shop. Mary is unhappy too when she finds out she can't have her old room back at the Vic - and Phil tells her she can't stay at his with Conor. In contrast, Robbie's on a high - he's redecorated Ricky and Bianca's flat - to the approval of Sarah and then finds out he has a reprieve - Ricky and Bianca are not coming back for another 2 weeks - he can have a party while they're away. Roy tells Pat the bank manager agreed the re-mortgage on the house . But actually he's failed to persuade the bank to help. He's got his money from much more dubious sources. But Phil is at the lowest ebb - he mistakenly feels attacked by his mum over his failed marriage. Then he realises when Pat shows him photos Kathy has sent her of Ben that he really has no say in Ben's life. He is then rejected by Louise, who has been told by Ian about Phil sleeping with Sharon. Furious, he attacks Ian, telling him to mind his own business before losing it totally - smashing the sign bearing Kathy's name in the café.

Monday 12th October 1998

Huw asks Ruth out for a drink but is interrupted by Conor. Meanwhile, Robbie is trying to organise the party with Lenny and Huw's help. Robbie and Lenny tease Huw about his lack of love life and he boasts he has a date tonight. He doesn't pluck up the courage to ask Ruth out but she invites him to dinner and he thinks there must be a mutual attraction. Conor tells Ruth that Huw has a major crush on her but she maintains that they're just friends. When Huw turns up for dinner, he's disappointed to find Conor there as well. He manages to get Ruth on her own and she has to tell him that she doesn't feel the same way. Huw makes his excuses and ends up falling asleep in the gardens. When Huw has left, Conor admits that his feelings for Ruth run deeper than friendship and they end up kissing. Conor tells Ruth he's looking for a place for Mary to live, as she can't stay at Phil's for much longer. Ruth thinks that Conor should get a place with Mary but Conor doesn't seem very taken with the idea. Terry decides to settle with Louise on her terms but he tells her she has to move out of Walford. Terry catches Sarah looking at pornographic material on the top shelf of the First 'Til Last. She tells Terry she will tell Irene if he doesn't do something about it. Louise and Phil have a drink together in the Vic and decide to stick to being drinking partners. They arrange to go out the following night. Peggy is pushing for some time alone with Frank but she begins to feel anxious about their relationship when Frank is aloof.

Tuesday 13th October 1998

Barry, Robbie and Lenny want details of Huw's date but when they make assumptions he's slept with Ruth, Huw doesn't deny it. Conor has a word with Huw, telling him that word has got back to Mark. When Huw tries to explain to Mark, Mark loses his temper. Ruth wakes up to find Conor gone but he returns to the bedroom with breakfast. They have obviously had a great time and arrange to meet in the Vic for lunch. Things turn a bit awkward when Mary and Mark are both in the Vic and when Ruth clears the air with Huw, Mark wonders if there is something between them. Ruth is left waiting for Conor and thinks she's been stood up. Phil has also been stood up by Louise. Robbie tries to keep Sonia sweet so he can go ahead with the forthcoming party at Ricky and Biancas but she knows what he's up to. Huw suggests a toga party. Roy's plans for Deals on Wheels are going well and he tells Pat he may have a big deal with an old contact - Vince Watson. Susan sees Martin and his mates looking at the top shelf material in Terry's shop and chases them off. Susan tells a defensive Pauline what she saw and Pauline asks her to leave. Ruth lets slip to Mary that Conor wants to find a place for them both. Mary's delighted at the idea but Conor is not too keen. Conor ends up staying at Ruth's again.

Thursday 15th October 1998

Phil wants to know why Louise stood him up last night but she genuinely forgot and took Simon out to celebrate her settlement with Terry. Phil is not convinced. Conor tells Mary that Mark thinks Huw and Ruth are having an affair. Mary then tells Mark that Conor was there that night and there's nothing in the rumour. Mary has a go at Huw and tells him to set the record straight or she will have to do it for him. Conor reassures Mark that there's nothing between Huw and Ruth but questions Marks feelings for Ruth. Mark says he's just looking out for her, however, he later admits to Mary that he still loves Ruth. Huw tells Ruth that Mark had a go at him last night but doesn't get the chance to say why. Ruth tells Mark what she does now is none of his business. Conor explains to Ruth why he couldn't make it last night and tells her that Mark still loves her. She assures him that she's interested in him now and Mark is left out in the cold while Conor and Ruth get it together. Peggy wants Frank to stay at the Vic when Grant and Tiffany return but he won't be pushed into moving in. He tells her that they shouldn't rush into anything. Frank tries to give Roy some advice about Vince Watson but Roy is defensive and tells Frank he knows what he's doing. Roy goes to make the deal but to get the cars for the price he wants, he has to close the deal that day. He tells Pat that they're back on top and Deals on Wheels will be expanding. Pat tells him she's quit working in the café.

Monday 19th October 1998

Roy's new stock arrives - and he's sold a car by lunchtime. Frank is impressed by Roy, but Roy is suspicious of Frank's questions, thinking he's jealous. Peggy pushes Frank to move in with her but he is still resistant. Ian's mystery shop is opened and he reveals 'Beales Market'. But the market traders are up in arms when they find that Ian is undercutting them. Melanie comes into the shop asking for a job. Ian thinks she's overqualified but gives her a go and tells her she should start tomorrow. Robbie plucks up the courage to invite Melanie to the toga party and Barry tries to chat her up in the pub, but Louise tells her that Barry is the local 'octopus'. Huw suggests Robbie make some vodka jelly for his party - but Sonia finds the jelly in the fridge and innocently offers some to Martin and Nicky. They get drunk and start throwing paint around the flat. Robbie is distraught.

Wednesday 21st october 1998

Sonia, Martin and Nicky are suffering from hangovers after eating Robbie's vodka jelly. Susan continues canvassing against the sale of pornography in Terry's shop. Roy discovers that he's been sold some 'ringers'. An irate customer returns a car when he discovers that it is a "death-trap" as it is 2 cars that have been made into one. He tells Roy that he is lucky he doesn't report him to Trading Standards. Roy asks Phil to check over the cars he has in storage to see if the rest of them are illegal. To his distress, Phil confirms that this is indeed the case. Roy goes to the Vic to find Pat to tell her about the cars only to find her joking with Frank. Feeling like the spurned lover, he leaves. Peggy is also painfully aware of the good time that Frank and Pat are having together. Pat returns home to a drunk Roy. He confronts her about still loving Frank ("He's the reason why we're still here"). Frightened of his threatening nature towards her, Pat leaves the house and finds solace in Frank who has fled the Vic to escape Peggy's nagging. Frank invites Pat back to his for some tea and sympathy, which, with some trepidation, she accepts. Ian's decree nisi has arrived. He tells Pat that Cindy's trial is not taking place until after her baby is born. He is worried that everything is going to drag on. He starts to feel sorry for himself; everyone's against him - not only Cindy but also the people on the market have been against him since he opened up his new shop in direct competition with them. Pat advises that he walk away from it all, which he does. Pat tells a delighted gathering that the resident's meeting is cancelled as Ian, wanting to simplify his life, has resigned as Chairman. Peggy tells Louise that Tiffany and Grant are due back tomorrow. Beppe overhears as Peggy enthuses about the romantic time the couple have had whilst away. Louise talks to Beppe about his feelings for Tiffany. He tells her that he can't understand what she sees in him but he's going to keep an eye on her: "If Grant so much as raises an eyebrow at her he'll have me to deal with". Robbie gets ready for his toga party. Worried that no one is going to come to his party he goes to the Vic and makes an open invitation for anyone to come. With a rowdy lot in that night, he is obviously inviting trouble. At the party, Robbie and Barry try to chat up Melanie and Sonia gets drunk. The rowdy crowd from the pub crash the party and Huw and Lenny decide to escort them off the premises, but not before they have disrupted everyone's fun. A drunken Sonia goes to her room to sleep off the alcohol only to have one of the drunken louts' lock himself in her bedroom with her. Her screams for help are answered by Matthew, Mary and Sarah. Matthew kicks the door in and then chucks the lad out. Conor visits Ruth, he tells her that perhaps the reason why Ruth didn't tell Mary that she couldn't move in was because that's what she really wanted, an "instant happy family". Ruth is upset by the suggestion that she has masterminded Conor into living with her. Conor later apologises for his remarks and they kiss and make up. Sonia has had a lucky escape - nothing happened with the boy - but she is left feeling very shaken by the event.

Thursday 22nd October 1998

The morning after the toga party and Barry has spent the night in the video shop with Wellard. When letting Wellard out, Barry spots Pat leaving Frank's flat, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. The aftermath of the party and Robbie furiously tidies up before Ricky and Bianca return from their holiday. Sonia is still upset from her fright last night and is too emotional to help. When Robbie finds out that Sonia was almost attacked at the party he feels guilty and vows to Sonia that from now on he's going to be the best brother in the world, "I won't let anyone frighten you ever again". Mary tells Mark that Conor wanted nothing to do with moving in with Ruth. Neither seems to have a clue why. Grant, Tiffany and Courtney return from their holiday and it is obvious that things didn't go too well. Phil tells Grant that he blew Louise out. Grant tells him that Phil could do better than her anyway. Mark hides the fact that he has an appointment at the HIV clinic from Pauline. He apologises to Ruth for over reacting about Huw taking an interest in her, which only makes Ruth feel guilty about her affair with Conor. Mark explains that he's had a lot on his mind lately but Ruth can't draw him to give her any details. Mark confides in his counsellor, Tim, that he's scared for the future. His doctor has told him that it's likely he has become resistant to the drugs he is currently taking and has put him on another drug combination. He worries that he will also develop a resistance to this second drug combination but is reassured by Tim that he still has plenty of options. Mark says that he hasn't told anyone about his new circumstances because they'd only worry about him. He fears his mum wouldn't be able to handle it. Pauline tries to sort out Mary and Conor's housing problems by offering them each a bed at her house. It is obvious that neither of them is pleased with the idea but they hide their displeasure. Conor then decides to stay on at Phil's whilst Mary is to move back in with Pauline. Ricky and Bianca return to the newly decorated flat. Bianca loves it but Ricky is not so sure and complains about the damage to Sonia's door. Sonia tells them that it was her moving the furniture for Robbie to paint that caused it. Peggy and Frank announce they are engaged to be married. Phil and Grant are not amused. Pat tells a hungover Roy that she spent the night at Pauline's. He does not tell her that he can't sell any of the cars. Roy visits his bank manager who tells him that there is no question of Roy getting a loan - he has nothing as collateral. He suggests that Roy declare himself bankrupt, at least that way he won't go on gathering more debts. Roy is mortified - he can't do that to Pat - that's what Frank did and it nearly destroyed her. A defeated Roy returns to a closed down forecourt where Barry later finds him. Barry tells Roy that Pat has made a mug out of him. He shouldn't be the one feeling bad about the way he has treated her - she spent the night at Frank's last night. Roy doesn't believe him. "It's true. I saw her leave his place first thing this morning…they were kissing on his doorstep". Roy's world collapses around him. He's not only lost his business and home, now he believes he's lost the woman he loves to his greatest rival.

Monday 26th October 1998

Frank and Peggy's engagement party continues. Barry comes back into the Vic, having told Roy that Frank and Pat are having an affair and is stunned to find out about the engagement. Roy, on the other hand, feeling like a broken man, takes out his anger on the portacabin and begins to smash the place up. Melanie spends the evening with Robbie and Barry who both want to impress her. But their childish banter drives her away. Grant and Phil are not too pleased at the prospect of calling Frank 'dad' and Frank senses their displeasure. He decides to clear the air but the Mitchell brothers want to know what his intentions are. Peggy asks Barry where Roy and Pat are and insists on ringing them to get them over to celebrate. But Barry passes on the news that Frank and Pat are having an affair. She confronts Frank who admits that she stayed the night but nothing happened. Peggy, feeling insecure about Pat, calls the engagement off. Frank goes to find Pat and Roy to get the truth. Peggy finds Pat and Frank together in the portacabin and jumps to conclusions. As she storms out, Roy's car comes screeching round the corner towards Pat.

Tuesday 27th October 1998

As Roy comes screeching round the square, Frank pulls Pat out of the way, just in time. Peggy is still angry with them and wants to go home but Frank orders her to take Pat home and stay there until he comes back. He goes off in pursuit of Roy and Peggy leads a shaken Pat home. Pat thinks that Roy tried to run her over and Peggy puts her in the picture - they all know about the affair, Barry saw her coming out of Frank's flat. Peggy doesn't trust Pat and Frank together but Pat maintains that they're just friends. Peggy thinks Pat is still in love with Frank and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Pat asks Peggy to stay with her while they wait and as time goes on, they wonder what's happened to Roy, if Frank has found him and convinced him there is no affair. When Pat finds the note from Roy saying it's all over and she'll never see him again, Pat assumes that he's left her, a repeat performance of what happened with Frank. The police arrive and report that Roy's car has been abandoned in a multi-storey car park, after an incident where he crashed into the wall. The police tell Peggy that they found blood at the scene. Pat is now really worried and Peggy tries to keep her calm. When they start talking about Frank again, their conversation escalates into a row and Pat ends up telling Peggy that Frank will never love Peggy the way he loves her. Peggy and Pat slap each other round the face, then stand there stunned as the doorbell rings.

Thursday 29th October 1998

Picking up the same screech of tyres as the last episode, Frank goes in pursuit of Roy's car as he drives out of the square. Roy, distraught, stops the car wondering what to do next. He sees a sign for 24-hour parking and enters the multi-storey car park, Frank now hot on his heels. Roy nearly runs into a motorbike and crashes the car. He runs up to the top of the car park and is about to throw himself off when Frank appears and tries to talk him down. He tells him there's nothing between him and Pat; Barry's blown it all out of proportion. Roy says he's lost everything and can't see any other way out. Frank gets onto the ledge with Roy and wants to jump as well. Peggy's called off the engagement and he has nothing to live for either. Frank eventually persuades Roy to give him an hour to convince him that Pat is only interested in Roy. They find a bar where Roy makes Frank work very hard to convince him that he's over Pat. Frank manages to talk Roy round, saying that he left Pat and didn't go back but Roy still has time to put things right, it's not too late. They go home to face the music and Frank announces that him and Roy are going into business together.

Monday 2nd November 1998

Frank is back doing what he does best - selling cars at Deals on Wheels. Barry is shocked to see him there and thinks Roy is mad going into partnership with him. Roy is angry with Barry for jumping to conclusions about Frank and Pat. Barry asks if things are okay between them now, Roy says they are - "no thanks to you". Frank gives Roy a cheque for the first instalment of the loan - Roy is overwhelmed with Frank's generosity. Frank takes time off to move into the Vic. Friction continues between Pat and Peggy when Pat sees Frank and Peggy moving his gear in. Frank and Roy worry about Peggy and Pat's relationship, so Frank decides to 'set up' a foursome at Guiseppes. Pat and Peggy are annoyed to find who their dinner partners are, but go along with it, to please their partners. George turns up during their meal, and Pat and Peggy momentarily unite in their dislike for him. Pat and Peggy later meet in the Ladies loos. Peggy tells Pat she's tired of being civil to her. Pat tells Peggy that she'd better watch out for Frank - he'll get what he can out of her then move on - he's done it before and he'll do it again. They return to the table to find Frank and Roy proposing a toast toward Friendship - as they toast, Pat and Peggy glare at each other over the remains of their meal. Pat decides to go back to work at the Café. Barry comes in to apologise to Pat about the trouble he caused between her and Roy. Pat is angry with him and when Barry asks Pat to look over the books for the Video shop she refuses. Melanie overhears and tells Barry she used to run her own business. Barry convinces her to help him with his books. Melanie agrees to meet him at the Video shop in her lunch hour. Melanie sorts out Barry's books, and tries to ignore Barry's flirting. Ian spots Melanie in the video shop, and is angry at her apparent moonlighting. Ian later finds Barry and questions him about Melanie in the video shop. Barry tells him that she was helping with his books and he now has the best set of books in Walford. Ian receives a letter from his solicitor and looks at it worriedly. Pat gives Ian a package she received from Cindy in Prison. Ian tells Pat he doesn't want it - he knows why she sent it - it's to make herself look good in the eyes of the court - Ian tells Pat that he received a letter today telling him she's applied for a contact order to see the kids in prison. Pat tells Ian to take the things from Cindy for the Kids sake, and promises to go with Ian to the court tomorrow. Irene is back up and about after her injured back. Susan tells a shocked Irene about her campaign about Terry's Pornography. Irene now realises why no one visited her while she was laid up with a bad back - and is livid with Terry. Pauline is away to see Aunty Nellie for a few days - and has left Mary and Mark in charge. Mark washes Martin's football boots in preparation for Martin's football trials tomorrow. Bianca reminds Ricky that Frank once offered him a job and now that he's settled at Deals on Wheels it's time for him to get his job. Ricky tells Bianca he's happy at the Arches now he's on equal footing with Conor, and doesn't want to move on. Bianca and Pat call a truce … until Bianca mentions she's having the baby at home - Pat tries to tell her it's not a good idea. Bianca is annoyed at Pat for trying to tell her what to do, so the two are back to square one. Bianca tells Ricky that Pat upset her trying to interfere with the baby - Ricky tells her he'll have a word with Pat, and tell her it was both of their decision not to have a scan. Bianca looks guilty, knowing this isn't the real reason why she argued with Pat. Gianni looks at a nice little sports car on the Deals on Wheels lot. Gianni later tells Annie he wants a pay rise, but Rosa has said no. Annie guesses he came to her as a major shareholder to see if she can 'influence' Rosa's decision. Annie refuses to do Gianni's dirty work for him. Rosa is busy and fraught at the Café. George is worried about her and tries to convince her to take time off, but to no avail. Phil and Grant's 2nd cousin Billy turns up, to tell Grant the news that his brother Charlie died over a month ago. Grant and Phil are upset and Phil is guilty that he hasn't been in touch with his Godson, Jamie (Charlie's son) for years.

Tuesday 3rd November 1998

Ian and Pat return from court - Pat tells Mark that Cindy won and she can see the kids every two weeks. Pat asks Mark to speak to Ian. Ian sits at home, forlornly staring into space. Mark calls round, but Ian is too upset to answer the door, instead turning to the bottle of whisky he finds tucked away in a cupboard. Later in the evening, Mark calls round at Ian's - and is let in. Ian is drunk. He tells Mark he's not going to take the kids to prison. Annoyed, Mark tells Ian if he doesn't, he'll be put away, then the children will have nobody. Mark also tells him that he has to act responsibly, if he doesn't let the kids see Cindy, they'll end up hating him. Ian gets angry and tells Mark he should look at himself - he caused Pauline and Arthur no end of grief - disappearing for years on end and getting involved with drugs and the police, Ian tells him he's got no right trying to tell him about responsibilities. "You don't even know the meaning of the word". Phil arranges with Grant to visit Billy and his Godson Jamie, on Saturday - they can watch a home football match and see Jamie on his 16th birthday. Peggy and Frank are away for the day so Grant has to ask Tiffany to cover in the Vic. Tiffany isn't pleased, but does it to please Grant. A pleased Tiffany tells Grant she's booked the theatre and a meal Up West for Saturday. Grant tells Tiffany it sounds good, but doesn't tell her that he's already arranged to go out with Phil on Saturday. Mark and Mary decide to cook Martin a special meal to celebrate his success at his Football trials. Mark and Mary sit down to eat Martin's celebratory meal, minus Martin. A sullen Martin then turns up and runs off to his room, telling Mary "to mind your own business" when she asks how the trials went. Mark asks Martin what happened - Martin tells him he doesn't want to talk about it. Mark is upset that it seems there's no one Martin can turn to. Mark takes some pills, Mary questions what they are Mark tells her their his medication for his HIV. Gianni returns to Deals on Wheels to drool over the sports car he's after. Annie goes through the books at Giuseppe's, and suggests to Rosa that, due to the busy Christmas period, she give her staff a pay-rise. Rosa sees right through this, saying "and what else do you suggest, a company car for Gianni?" Rosa is annoyed at Gianni for sending Annie round. Gianni tells Rosa that he had no idea that Annie was going to come round. Gianni and Annie later meet at the Vic and Gianni thanks Annie for trying to help. Annie jokingly replies that he can always come and work for her at the Market Cellar. Ian asks Melanie to help out with the accounts at Beale's Market. Melanie tells Louise about her promotion and tries to convince her she's not trying to muscle in on her job. Louise bitchily tells Tiffany about Melanie's promotion, and says she doesn't like her, but later tells Tiffany she's meeting her for a drink, and she's okay really. Leaving the Vic Melanie sees Alex across the Square, and ducks into the doorway, obviously with something to hide… Susan and Irene meet to discuss their plan for getting Terry back. Susan shows Irene a magazine in a paper bag and they both giggle at its content. An impatient group of women including Irene and Susan lie in wait for Terry at the Vic. When he arrives he is shocked to see Irene looking through a woman's pornographic magazine and tries to make her put it away "it's obscene". Susan tells Terry it's no different from the men's magazines he sells in his shop. Terry, sensing he can't win with all the women in the Vic, leaves, with Irene shouting "no more secret's, you said, Terry Raymond!" Terry retreats to his shop. Barry chooses this inopportune moment to enter the shop, and Terry lets him have it, blaming him for starting all the trouble - "If you'd faced up to your responsibilities in the first place and hadn't passed the buck to young Matthew…". Alex saves Barry's day by choosing that moment to come in and tell Terry about the Community Bonfire. Pat demands to know why Ricky is being so stand-offish toward her. Pat is shocked when Ricky tells her it's about what she said about the scan to Bianca.. Pat explains to Ricky it wasn't about the scan, it was Bianca's refusal to have the baby in hospital. Pat is surprised to see that Ricky obviously knew nothing about this. She tells Ricky it's his baby too, he should have a say in where Bianca has it. Ricky confronts Bianca about her having the baby at home. An upset Bianca tells him he knows why she can't have it the hospital, and she needs him on her side. Ricky tells her they'll wait to see what the Mid-wife says and whatever she says they have to agree to go along with it.