Monday 3rd August 1998

Simon, Chris, Tony, Teresa, Matthew and Mary are on their canal holiday in the Norfolk Broads. Mary makes it clear to Matthew that nothing's going to happen between them, but he's not put off. Beppe and Gianni set out to find Teresa and bring her back home. They know she lied about where she was going and Luisa has been asking for her in the hospital. Gianni's concern increases when Beppe tells him about Tony's history with Simon and when George calls to tell them about Tony's drug dealing days, Gianni insists they get the police to help find her. They have no leads so set up their tent. Simon was hoping to spend some time alone with Chris but when Chris finds out the truth about Simon's excuses for Ali not coming, he is angry with Simon for going out of his way to make sure Ali couldn't come with them. He accuses him of being jealous and Simon thinks Chris doesn't care about him. Teresa passes round a joint but Simon is not amused. Eventually they all begin to relax and the holiday begins. Mary befriends some guys on another boat and they meet up in the pub. She starts playing drinking games with them but Matthew thinks she's doing it to wind him up. Teresa buys some Ecstacy from them and then Simon goes off in a strop because he doesn't want to go clubbing. Tony goes after Simon and admits that he still has feelings for him. He hates him seeing someone else and misses him. Simon says he doesn't think Tony loves Teresa. Teresa goes to find Tony but finds them kissing.

Tuesday 4th August 1998

As Teresa packs her bags to leave, she confronts Tony but he denies anything happened with Simon. Simon tells Chris he had hoped he'd get to like him enough to be monogomous, but Chris admits he can't commit. Simon tells him they're even now - there's somthing going on between him and Tony. The police have had a report of a drug-dealing incident in the pub with a young female involved. Gianni and Beppe go with them to the pub. The barman recognises Teresa's picture. Matthew is getting increasingly agitated by Mary being chatted up, but she persuades him to leave. They go back to the boat and Matthew tries to kiss her. Mary gets angry with him and leaves the boat. She comes across the guy from the pub and he offers to help her find a B&B. They go off into the night and get lost. Then he tries it on with Teresa. Matthew and Teresa end up drinking away their respective problems. They kiss but Teresa says she's not going to stoop to that level. Everybody feels the worse for wear in the morning. Teresa tells Tony she's going home and he admits to kissing Simon. Simon overhears their argument and tells Tony he's lying to himself about his homosexuality. Teresa tells Simon he's blown it but Tony tries to talk her round. Matthew realises Mary's not on the boat and they're going to have to go back to look for her. Teresa agrees to stay until they've found Mary and they split up to look for her. Gianni and Beppe search the deserted boat. The holiday snaps confirm they've found them. Matthew finds the guy Mary went off with last night who says she ran off on her own. Matthew is frantic looking for her but she is lying in a ditch!

Thursday 6th August 1998

Gianni and Beppe search the boat for drugs but can't find anything. When Chris comes back they find out what's been happening. Matthew finds Mary badly injured and lying in the ditch. He goes for help and Gianni rings for an ambulance. Mary is taken to hospital where she begins to piece together what happened the night before. When Matthew brings her chocolates, she's not very happy to see him, even though he rescued her. Tony persuades Teresa they should live together, despite her family's prejudice. She agrees and they join Simon in the pub, looking pleased with themselves. The police arrive and ask them down to the station. Teresa passes the drugs to Tony. They turn out their pocket at the station and - Tony denies any knowledge of how he came into possession of the drugs. Tony and Simon wait in a cell while they test the drugs and Teresa waits for a female officer to search her. Simon tells him he's finished with Chris. Tony explains that he's going to take the blame because he loves Teresa. Simon is convinced Tony's gay. Tony accuses Simon of turning his friends and family against him. He hates him for that, it was only a phase he was going through. They end up fighting. The police tell Beppe that they're going to drop the charges because the drugs turn out to be paracetomol. Beppe keeps this to himself when he bargains with Teresa to stop seeing Tony if he gets them all off the drugs charge. He tells her about Nonna's stroke and they drive her off home. Gianni warns Tony off.

Monday 10th August 1998

Tiffany is expected back from her massage course today but as the day goes on, it looks as if she's not coming. Peggy is still upset with Grant for planning an escape from the Vic to a new wine bar with her grandchild. Grant approaches George as a possible investor in the wine bar. Gianni comes over to Louise's to take her out only to find Grant talking to Louise about getting Tiffany back. Grant leaves and Louise is offended by Gianni's attitude. She throws him out. Grant is waiting for him outside and in no uncertain terms, warns him off. George is pushing Frank to get the deal signed on Thursday and is getting sick of him stalling. Frank is detemined to get the money together one way or another but the pressure's mounting. The news spreads when Annie tells Phil and Phil tells Roy about Frank buying Manorwood. Tony tries to contact Teresa but Beppe and Gianni see him off. Rosa wants to know what's going on and backs up their plan to keep Tony and Teresa apart. Luisa is brought home from hospital and promises Rosa she'll come back to work in the restaurant. Tony tries to clear the air with Simon but Simon insists he meant every word he said. Simon confides in Louise about the disastrous consequences of their Summer holiday - Chris is moving out. The First til Last is closed and Sanjay finds a note from Neelam saying she's gone for good. Enclosed is a cheque for their share of the First til Last. Gita seems relieved to be moving back in with Sanjay without Neelam to answer to.

Tuesday 11th August 1998

Grant and George agree to keep the wine bar partnership quiet from Peggy, but when she catches Grant leaving the Market Cellar, he is forced to come clean. She is furious at the idea and thinks George is trying to get back at her for dumping him. Louise tells Grant that Tiffany phoned to ask for her passport. She's made new friends and is going to Spain for a couple of weeks. Grant thinks she must be leaving him for good. Louise is still angry with Gianni. Frank is still frantically trying to scrape the last few thousand pounds together but finding it impossible. When Roy confronts him and refuses to pay him back the money he is owed, Frank can't see a way forward. Meanwhile Phil is in a foul mood with Ricky because he's going to be leaving to work for his dad. Ricky thinks Peggy must have been spreading gossip but she denies it. She goes to see Frank and offers to go in with him on the Manorwood deal. Terry opens the First Till Last and explains to Sanjay he's buying the shop from Neelam. Louise is surprised to find Terry in the shop and they argue about the past, blaming each other for the way things turned out. She says she wants some of his winnings and storms off. Terry has a quiet word with Sanjay, asking him to keep quiet about the shop.

Thursday 13th August 1998

Tony and Simon agree to remain friends and bemoan what the Norfolk broads has done for their love lives. Chris has now left and Tony can't even get close to Teresa. Louise tells Simon that she's going to have a look at the wine bar with Grant and he can't believe she has been won over by him. Simon and Bianca agree that they're going to have to stop her. When Bianca tells Louise about Grant hitting Tiffany at Christmas, she changes her mind. When she doesn't turn up at the wine bar, Grant comes round demanding an explanation. She tells Grant she will do anything she can to keep him away from Tiffany and Courtney. Frank tells Ricky about Peggy's investment and he apologises to Peggy for accusing her of stirring it. Frank and Peggy look at the books as she wants to make sure this is a sound investment, being on her own now. Frank is impressed by her professional approach. When Peggy arrives at the Market Cellar as Frank's buisness partner, George puts up the price and the deal's off. Frank is more impressed by Peggy than ever. Not a good day for Mick when Lenny gives him his share of the profits from the band and Teresa then comes in to hand in her notice. Teresa tells him she's split up with Tony. She explains to Tony that they're finished. Gianni sees them together and attacks Tony. Tony assures him they're through and it's all Gianni's fault.

Monday 17th August 1998

Bianca decides to do some matchmaking when Beppe shows a keen interest in Tiffany's return to the square. Bianca tells Louise that they should set Beppe and Tiffany up together but Louise snaps back. Ruth breaks the news to Louise that she's going to have to find somewhere else to live when Tiffany and Courtney come back to the Square next week. Louise is worried that she's upset Ruth but she understands Ruth anxiety about sharing with families and babies all the time and decides she needs to make some changes of her own. Terry signs the papers for the First 'Til Last and Irene wants to tell the world about their move up in the world. Louise decides to get the divorce settlement moving and goes to confront Terry. She finds Irene in the First'Til Last because Terry has gone to see his solicitor. Irene brags to Louise about owning the lease on the shop and Terry arrives back saying they've got to keep it quiet for now. Mary comes out of hospital and moves into Phil's house with Conor. Matthew hears she's back from Robbie and goes round to see her. Mary asks Phil to cover for her and he sends Matthew away.

Tuesday 18th August 1998

Louise comes over to the First 'Til Last and Terry tries to physically remove her. Grant, Gianni and Simon all rush to her defence and Simon advises her to talk to her solicitor. Her solicitor thinks there may be a way forward but meanwhile Terry's making plans of his own to put the shop in Irene's name to avoid any payout to Louise. Louise manages to intercept his plans when Terry is served a court order to have his assets frozen. Rosa arranges to meet Annie in the Vic and hints that George would like Annie to move in with him but he's too proud to ask. She has arranged to meet George in the pub as well and leaves them together to talk. They agree that Annie will move in. Mary asks Phil to help her with her exercises but he's embarassed. Matthew catches up with Phil and asks after Mary but he sees him off. Susan visits Mary to find out why Matthew's so down when he was the one who found her injured in Norfolk. Susan manages to sell Matthew to Mary who is then disappointed when Phil says Matthew won't be bothering her again. Pat and Roy talk about Manorwood and Peggy going in on the deal.

Thursday 20th August 1998

Terry and Irene go to court and Terry's assets are frozen. Irene is waiting at home but Terry turns up late and drunk. He marches off to confront Louise who is at home celebrating with Ruth. He drags her to the telephone to call her solicitor. Grant bursts in followed by Irene. Irene takes Terry home and threatens to leave him if he doesn't stop drinking. Louise is left distraught and Grant reassures her. They end up kissing. Huw arranges a night in the Vic for Ruth's birthday. Mark sends a present and Ruth is touched. Conor tentatively asks Ruth if he can join the birthday celebrations and they bury the hatchet. Huw's crush on Ruth gets bigger when she gves him a kiss in thanks for arranging the night out. This doesn't go unnoticed by Polly. Mary is getting bored laid up at Phil's. Matthew comes round with fish and chips as a peace offering.

Monday 24th August 1998

Grant visits Louise to discuss their kiss the other night. Louise doesn't appear interested in Grant, she tells him she was drunk, "it could've been anyone". Tiffany has returned to the square after her holiday in Spain and is looking and feeling great. She and Louise plan to move into Annie's old flat above the bookies. Peggy warns Grant that if he is not careful Courtney will grow up calling some other man her Daddy. A confident Tiffany tells Grant that she will arrange formal visitations for him with Courtney until their divorce comes through. On leaving the Vic she meets Beppe who asks her out on a date. Aware that she is being watched by Grant, Tiffany accepts. Beppe admits to Rosa that he is interested in someone, though he doesn't say that it is Tiffany. Rosa advises him to have some fun and ask her out. Back from his business trip, Frank tells Ricky that his manager in Manchester has been robbing from the business and he's unlikely to see any of the money back. He's going to have to put off expanding the business which means that he can no longer offer Ricky a job. Ricky will have to ask Phil for his job back. Ricky passes the news on to Bianca who urges him to speak to Phil as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Frank meets Pat who has a go at him for trying to buy Manorwood. Irene tells Terry that they will have to settle with Louise to get her off their backs. Since he has had his assets frozen she has been making their lives miserable. If they settle they can start to get on with their lives again. Annie, who hasn't been herself since the attack, sacks Lenny for no apparent reason.

Tuesday 25th August 1998

Annie moves out of her flat into George's. Meanwhile, Rosa and George worry that Annie and Gianni may be forming a relationship together. However, although George believes he is his father they do not know for certain if Gianni is his son. Peggy tells George that Annie needs to be taught a lesson for the way she treats people, referring to the way Annie sacked Lenny. There is animosity between the two and Peggy warns George that neither he nor Annie scares her. It is obvious that any feeling Peggy may have had in the past for George is well and truly gone. Later in the Vic, Frank tells Peggy that he's been doing a lot of thinking and he'd like to ask her out on a date. Their relationship looks set to blossom as a date is arranged for tomorrow night. Although they try to hide their feelings from others, Bianca is amused when she overhears their conversation. Jimmy and Alex discuss Sarah's ability as a teacher. Jimmy becomes concerned that people are talking about him as a "sad case" behind his back. Tiffany and Beppe go to Guisseppe's on their date, much to the amusement of Gianni and Teresa. The date goes well and Tiffany tells Beppe that she likes him, perhaps they can do this again but it is too soon for her to make any commitments. On an errand for change for the restaurant, Gianni discovers the illegal gambling in the market cellar. George and Annie come to blows over the running of the club - Annie loses control. Mick's mum, Josie, turns up unexpectedly at the night café with Mick's cousin, Kim. (There appears to be some secret between Josie and Kim). Later that night, the café is raided by the police who have a warrant to search the premises, believing drugs are being dealt there. Mick is found in possession of drugs found in Teresa's purse, which he was holding for her. The drugs are not his but Teresa's. Mick is arrested and taken down to the station for questionning.

Thursday 27th August 1998

Pat decides to close the night café after Mick is taken down to the police station and cautioned for possession of cannabis as she feels she can no longer trust him. When Teresa learns about what happened to Mick she is racked with guilt, as it was her drugs he was found with and now he's lost his job and is in trouble with the police. She apologises to Mick and goes to Pat to tell her the truth. Pat chastises Mick for his misplaced loyalties but reinstates him at the café. Teresa is also back working in the café. Both Mick and Teresa wonder why the café was raided. Teresa suspects that Beppe had a hand in it somehow, which he vehemently denies. Gianni tells Rosa about the illegal gambling in the market cellar. Rosa is not surprised, but disappointed. They both decide not to tell Beppe for the moment in case it affects their business, as George is a partner in Guisseppe's. Later Annie and Gianni meet up, she is worried that he may have told Beppe about what he saw the other night. Gianni tells her that if she closed the gambling den down today there would be no need to tell Beppe anything. Annie, who previously admitted to George that she felt she couldn't cope with the business anymore and fears being attacked again agrees, with some relief, to close the club. When Rosa confronts George about the gambling he opens up to her about how bad things are with Annie at the moment. Rosa softens. Although she is still angry that George lied to her, she is compassionate and offers her support. George takes this opportunity to reach forward and they kiss. Ricky finally plucks up the courage to ask Phil to keep him on as Frank's Manorwood deal has fallen through. Phil tells him that he had already promised the job to Conor but Ricky could have Conor's old part time job. Ricky reluctantly accepts the part time position. A bitter Ricky later falls out with Conor. Bianca is furious with Phil, after all that Ricky has done for him in the past. With spite, she tells Phil about Peggy and Frank's date. Phil reckons that Peggy is not that desperate but finds Frank to warn him to stay away from his mum. Cruelly, Phil tells Frank that he always ends up hurting the ones he loves and he doesn't want to see that for his mum. Frank's a failure and he should keep away from the people who love him because they deserve better. Something about what Phil says rings true with Frank and he breaks his date with Peggy, believing it to be for the best. Peggy is hurt by this rebuff. Kim calls Josie "mum" to which she quickly quietens her down. There is obviously more to their relationship than they are letting on. Tiffany and Louise have moved into Annie's old flat. Louise reminisces with Simon and Tiff about the good times she had with Terry before everything went sour. Later, Louise asks Tiffany if it was true what Bianca told her, that Grant had hit her at New Year. Tiffany denies the accusation, saying that it was she who hit him; she hurt herself when Grant pushed her off him. They had fought because Tiffany believed Grant didn't love her enough - they don't have the relationship that Grant had with Sharon!

Monday 31st August 1998

Teresa, Lenny, Josie and Kim go to the Notting Hill Carnival. Later, Kim tells Teresa that Mick is her brother but it's a secret. Teresa is confused. Lenny has been reinstated at the market cellar by George and Annie is apologetic when she sees him and tells him that she shouldn't have treated him as she did. The two make peace. Tiffany has established a timetable of visiting times for Grant to see Courtney. Grant makes the first of these today and tells Peggy that he is not bringing Courtney back to the Vic as he wants to spend some time just the two of them. Peggy worries that she will lose touch with her granddaughter. At Louise's flat, Grant and Louise share an uncomfortable moment as Tiff busies herself getting Courtney ready for Grant to take out. Peggy has been in a rotten mood ever since Frank cancelled the date last week. When Grant asks her for some help with his wine bar application she reaches the end of her tether. Upset, she rushes out of the Vic bumping into Frank. They go back to Frank's flat and talk about Frank's reasons for leaving. Frank tells Peggy that Pat is history and it is her that he wants now. They kiss passionately. Phil and Peggy receive paintings from Ben. Phil laments how he hasn't seen Ben for a long time and is concerned that Ben will forget him. Roy has an interesting offer from an old friend to manage holiday cottages in Cornwall. He is all fired up about the idea but Pat will take some convincing. Frank spends much of the day discussing his plans to return to Manchester, admitting to Pat that he feels like a failure. Ricky is upset that Frank is running out on him again.

Tuesday 1st September 1998

Peggy is in a good mood after her night with Frank. The pair act like a couple of lovebirds. Frank has decided to stay and move his Manchester operation to Walford. He admits to Peggy that Phil had tried to talk him into leaving and Peggy is furious. The pair keep their affair a secret. Phil has phoned Kathy - she doesn't want him to visit them in South Africa yet. Peggy tells Phil that he should just jump on a plane and never come back. She confronts him about his interfering and tells him that nothing is going to come between her and Frank. He's ruined his own life but she's not going to let him ruin hers! Teresa has told Mick about what Kim had said about him being her brother. He tells her that Kim must have been lying - he'd have known if he had a sister. Mick then finds his mum and tells her what Kim had been saying. His mum tells him that Kim is no liar - it is true she's his sister. She is his father's daughter to another woman, she had not wanted to tell Mick because she knew how much he idolised his father. Everyone seems to be a lot more relieved now that the truth is out. It's Barry's 38th birthday which he celebrates in typical style by getting drunk down at the Queen Vic. Pat and Roy give him a personal organiser and he is feeling very much the business executive. He is pleased to hear that Pat and Roy are thinking of moving to Cornwall, as he believes it will be good for them both. Tiffany's massage table arrives and dominates the front room. She is excited to see her plans for the future start to take shape. Pat tells Bianca about Roy's plans for Cornwall and that she thinks she's going to be bored. Matthew confronts Jimmy when he is shopping at his stall and tells him that, as he's from Bridge House he's a criminal bound to steal something and, as Jimmy can't even read how does he know what he wants to buy? He can't read the names on the CDs. Angry and humiliated, Jimmy storms off. Later, Alex tells Sarah that Jimmy doesn't want to see her anymore. Grant tells Phil that he's met someone else and he can't stop thinking about her. Phil advises him to try again with Tiffany and with the wine bar or he risks losing Courtney just like he has lost Ben. Later, Grant and Louise share an uncomfortable moment together when he calls around unexpectedly to see Courtney - there is obviously still something brewing between the two. Does Louise share Grant's feelings?

Thursday 3rd September 1998

Sarah discovers that Matthew had a go at Jimmy about his reading and wants to make it up to him. Jimmy tells her of the pretences he has made in his life because he cannot read, because he is ashamed of it. Alex had made him realise that if he really wanted to learn there were people there to help, so that's why he's now signed up at an adult literacy centre. He feels that Sarah betrayed his trust when she went out mouthing about Jimmy/her achievements. As Roy is calling up the estate agents to put the house on the market, Pat is telling Frank that she doesn't want to leave Walford. Ruth visits Gita and the baby. They talk about Cindy and how she doesn't want her kids to visit her in prison. Gita feels sorry for Cindy as she's all alone. Grant and Tiffany go to the wine bar to discuss their future. Grant wants to get back together, make a new start. He tells Tiffany that he loves her, he always did - he just didn't know it until now. Tiffany tells him that she'll think about his proposal but she's not promising anything. Frank helps Peggy out behind the bar. When Roy and Pat enter there is an uncomfortable moment between Frank and Pat as she suspects that something might be going on between him and Peggy. Her suspicions are confirmed when she later discovers Frank and Peggy kissing at the back of the pub. She is upset.

Monday 7th September 1998

Louise visits Grant, challenging him about his proposed love of her. Grant asks her why she really came to see him - perhaps she's the one who's not sure of her feelings for him. Louise assures Grant that she has no feelings for him, she's perfectly happy with Gianni. Louise learns about Grant's affair with Lorraine from Simon who says that Lorraine was wise to leave Walford in the end. Louise suggests that perhaps she should leave Walford and let Tiff make her own decisions about her future. However, Louise later advises Tiffany to go back to Grant. To take a chance; things can go back to how they used to be. "But how many chances can I give him?" asks Tiffany. "When you love someone as much as you love Grant I don't think it's even worth counting". Frank is concerned when he sees Pat and Roy's house up for sale and thinks this may have something to do with Pat discovering him and Peggy kissing the other night. After all, only recently Pat was telling him how much she wanted to stay in Walford. Meanwhile, Pat worries that the plans for Cornwall are moving too fast with both the house and the business now up for sale. Sonia makes a visit to the square. She is being bullied at school and wants to move back to Walford. Ricky covers Bianca's stall to allow the sisters to catch up. The only thing is that he was supposed to have been doing some urgent work for Conor and when Conor comes back to a disgruntled customer he is furious with Ricky. Beppe calls round for Tiffany with a present for Courtney. Tiff thanks him but turns down his offer of a date. Meanwhile, his brother Gianni is having more luck. Louise, in an attempt to get Grant out of her system makes a date with Gianni. Tiffany takes Courtney to visit Peggy only to discover that Grant has told her that Tiffany has already accepted the offer of the wine bar. She has done no such thing and is annoyed at his presumption. It is to be expected, supposes Peggy, after all Grant has been feeling a bit pushed out of the Vic since she started seeing Frank. Tiffany is furious, is this the real reason why Grant wants to leave the Vic? As she is leaving she bumps into Grant who asks her if she has come to a decision yet about the wine bar. "It looks like you've made my decision for me" she retorts before storming out of the pub. After her offer of a date to Conor is turned down, Ruth is asked by Sharmilla where Mark is. Upset, Ruth replies that she doesn't know. Challenged by Gita, Ruth admits that she doesn't know what is happening to her.

Tuesday 8th September 1998

Bianca convinces Ricky that Sonia can stay with them during the week. Things are looking up for Polly as she tells Ruth about a possible job opportunity with one of the top national newspapers. However, it is not so bright for Ruth when she bumps into Mark and he is offhand with her - they drift further apart. Gianni and Louise go out on a date. Louise is really making an effort and they seem to be getting on okay although Louise is obviously nervous of his advances although they do kiss. Back at Louise's flat, Gianni puts his foot in it when he tells Louise that Tiffany should find someone more her age, someone she can have fun with. The age difference between Gianni and herself is not lost on Louise. His attempts to backtrack misfire and Louise kindly asks him to leave. Tiffany and Grant discuss their future and Tiff gives Grant the terms under which she will move back in with him. He promises not to make the same old mistakes. They agree to make a go of the wine bar, Tiffany will carry on with her massage work and they'll share a room together above the wine bar. Then Tiffany adds the bombshell that she wants her mum to move in with them! In the Vic, Roy tells Pat about his plans for Cornwall and asks if she knows of anyone who would like to buy Deals on Wheels. Peggy suggests Frank might be interested now that he is moving back to Walford. In fact, she and Frank are an item but of course he knows that already because Pat caught the pair of them having a "kiss and cuddle" last week. Roy covers, pretending that Pat had mentioned it to him. However, he is left wondering why Pat kept it a secret. There is still animosity between Conor and Ricky. Conor leaves Ricky with the work as he makes off in Phil's jaguar for a night out on the town. Sanjay and Gita decide to have a small party at their house for baby Arjun. They are getting on well.

Thursday 10th September 1998

Irene notices the For Sale sign outside Pat and Roy's. Pat frantically tidies the house in preparation for the first potential buyers. She is shocked to find that the first to view the house is a very inquisitive Irene Hills who takes great pleasure in snooping in all Pat's nooks and crannies. Later, in the Vic, Irene enjoys telling Peggy what she found. "What was the bathroom like?" Peggy enquires, "Limescale city, my dear, I suggested some stuff to get it off but was she grateful?' Pat is in an awful mood about Cornwall and Peggy thinks some of this might be down to Frank. Pat assures Peggy that Frank means nothing to her. Roy has begun to hear talk that Pat doesn't want to move to Cornwall and asks her to tell him the truth. Pat admits that she doesn't want to leave Walford and they decide to stay. Conor turns up to work late and with a hangover to discover that Phil's jaguar was not where he left it. Unbeknownst to him, Ricky leant the car to Frank for an important business meeting. Ricky feigns ignorance of the cars whereabouts and Conor believes it must have been stolen. When Conor later discovers the jaguar outside the Arches he asks Ricky how it got there. Ricky admits that he lent it to his father to teach Conor a lesson. Conor is not amused and, after a violent tussle, sacks Ricky. Louise and Grant meet. He says Tiffany doesn't want him anymore so they can be together. He was willing to play the dutiful husband but Tiff wanted too much. He should have been gutted when Tiffany left him but he was pleased. Louise replies that she wants nothing more to do with him - the bottom line is that he is married to her daughter. Peggy tells Tiffany that Louise visited Grant the other day and Tiffany's suspicions are raised. On finding Grant and Louise return to the square together she challenges them: "I know what you've been up to", but Tiffany thinks only that Grant had been using Louise as a means of getting to her. She is disappointed in her mother but she won't go back to Grant. Grant and Louise remain a secret. Aware that she had a lucky escape this time, Louise later tells Simon and Grant that she's thinking of leaving Walford. Simon, Tiffany and Louise have a drink in the Vic to arrange the forthcoming birthday party. During this time Grant overhears Gianni tell Beppe that Louise has been giving him mixed signals and blew him out the other night. In an effort to make Louise jealous, Grant flirts with a customer. The watchful Simon and Tiffany interpret this as an attempt to make Tiff jealous. Tiffany says that she is fine, she will have to get used to it. Outside the Vic, Grant confronts Louise about her relationship with Gianni - she lied to him, she doesn't love Gianni she wants him. Louise protests and tells Grant that she plans to leave Walford, she loves her daughter and this just isn't right. "What isn't?" asks Grant "This?". "Us" replies Louise. "Us? So you wonder what it'd be like too don't you?" "Do you want the truth? Yes. I think about you every minute of the day. Is that what you want to hear?" Louise walks off after their exchange and Grant is left looking very smug indeed.

Sunday 13th September 1999

The day of Louise's 40th and Tiffany's 22nd birthday party. Terry gives Simon a projector and film of Tiffany's 4th birthday party. The family is reminded of happy times together. Grant sees Louise in the street and asks if she was really intent on leaving. Just as they look as though they are going to kiss - Simon passes by and thinks that Grant is threatening Louise. When Grant has left, Louise asks Simon not to tell Tiffany about the incident. The Vic is quiet. Beppe and Gianni pop in for a quick drink before the party and Gianni winds Grant up about Tiffany and her mum - Frank has to step in to prevent a fight. Frank advises Grant to pull himself together - "sometimes people let things go and they never get a second chance". Pat and Roy play Frank and Peggy at a game of darts throughout which Peggy and Pat make digs at each other. Pat lets it be known that she and Roy are not going to Cornwall. During a game of truth or dare, Tiffany tells Louise that she thinks she is a good mother and Louise is coerced into saying that she really likes Gianni (when in fact she likes Grant). The party falls silent when Grant arrives with cards for Louise and Tiffany. The message in Louise's card reads "Don't leave. I need you"; she returns the card to Grant and flirts with Gianni as he watches on. Bianca feels a kick in her stomach and makes her excuses to leave the party. She has her pregnancy confirmed at the doctors and worries that as she has not been taking folic acid the baby might have spina bifida and hydrocephalus like the last time. Ricky and Bianca worry for the health of their unborn child. However, Bianca decides that even if there is something wrong with her baby this time she is going to have it. Tiffany overhears Louise tell Gianni that she is leaving Walford and tells her that she is a sad cow who she hopes never to see again. Tiffany leaves the party in tears with Beppe in tow. Tiffany goes back to Beppe's flat. She tells him that things are over between her and Grant and they start to fool around ending up kissing. In the meantime, Simon goes looking for Tiffany at the Vic, alerting Grant to her disappearance. Simon tells Grant that after he left the party Louise and Tiffany had a fight. Thinking that Louise has told Tiffany about them Grant races around to Louise's leaving Simon to discover Grant's card with its message to Louise - he wonders what it could mean. Grant catches Louise packing to leave and tells her that he will go with her. Louise points out that Grant would never leave Courtney and is only interested in her because he wants what he can't have. He says that this is not true and the two kiss passionately. Meanwhile Tiffany has ended up in bed with Beppe, they kiss but nothing more. It doesn't feel right for Tiff and she tells Beppe that she still loves Grant. Back at Louise's however, Grant has swept Louise into Tiffany's bedroom and they end up in bed. They sleep together. Louise tells Grant that they will have to tell Tiffany about what has happened between them. Worried about losing Courtney, Grant does not think this is a good idea. As far as Louise is concerned, he should have thought about that before. Tiffany is going to know what a terrible mother she is and what a slimeball Grant is. Although Grant pleads for her not to say anything Louise just tells him to leave. After Grant has left, Tiffany arrives back. She apologises to Louise and hopes Louise can forgive her. Louise is guilt ridden. Tiffany explains that she loves Grant and wants him back. Louise knows that she has a way to stop Tiffany from loving Grant but she cannot bring herself to tell her of the affair. Grant has returned to the Vic a broken man. He tells Peggy that he is "destroying everything". Tiffany appears and at first Grant thinks that Louise must have said something to her and pleads for her forgiveness. Tiffany tells Grant that she loves him and wants to give it one more chance. When Grant is unable to tell her that he loves her she moves to take Courtney and leave. With tears in his eyes he asks her not to go and they have an emotional embrace.

Monday 14th September 1999

It's the morning after the night before… Louise and Grant are both reeling from what has happened between them. Louise feels sick and betrayed when she hears Tiffany and Grant are back together - she tells Tiffany she's going to leave, but Tiffany begs her to reconsider. Ricky confides in Frank that Bianca is pregnant and that he is worried that the baby might have spina bifida again - Bianca doesn't appear to share his fears. Frank promises he won't tell anyone but is concerned for them both. Bianca is in denial - she tells Tiffany she's pregnant and that she knows that everything is definitely fine with the baby. Tiffany is pleased for her. Ricky is angry that Bianca has been telling people the baby's fine - he's booked a scan. Bianca is upset but eventually agrees to go ahead with it. Louise and Grant encounter each other and are extremely awkward - an upset Louise tells Grant he needn't worry, she didn't say anything to Tiffany, but she is going to be staying around the Square. Her misery is compounded when Gianni is cruel to her when they split up and when she and Simon watch Tiffany moving back in with Grant.

Tuesday 15th September 1999

Motivated by a stern talking to from Frank, Ricky goes to ask Conor for his job back. Conor tells him to forget it when Ricky won't tell him why he can't start immediately - he's actually going to the scan with Bianca. Tiffany, not realising anything is amiss with Bianca, has been spreading the news of her pregnancy. Frank tells her off. Tiffany is shocked when she discovers that Bianca hasn't been telling the truth about her baby being given the all clear. Mick asks Josie to consider investing in the café - he has plans for it. Meanwhile Teresa has plans of her own - she sounds Mick out about an art exhibition in the café. Tony feels isolated. Mick realises Teresa has the hots for Lenny and tells him. After being let down by Ian, Sanjay is taking the catering into his own hands - and into the Roses' kitchen. Meanwhile, Tony arouses Polly's interest with conspiracy theories about where exactly Gita got the baby from in the first place. Bianca goes for the scan, but a combination of bad memories of her last baby and fear means she panics. She doesn't want or need the scan - she's having the baby whatever.

Thursday 17th september 1999

Bianca storms out of the scan, believing that everyone will pressure her into an abortion if the scan shows spina bifida and leaving a distraught Ricky. Josie admits there's no way she can help Mick with his dreams of the café - she's actually totally broke. Ashamed, she wants to leave with Kim, but Mick persuades her to stay. Louise's job worries are over when Ian hires her to keep an eye on building work at the Meal Machine - so long as she'll keep quiet about what he's turning it in to. It's the day of Sanjay and Gita's party for baby Arjun and things appear to be going with a swing. But Polly is on the case, cleverly manipulating Sanjay to open up about Arjun's origins. As Ruth and Polly chat about what Polly has found out - Polly's interest becomes more dangerous and devious. Ricky's search for a devastated Bianca ends at baby Natasha's grave, where Bianca opens up to Ricky about her continuing grief for her lost child. She's scared, but feels she gave up on her last baby - this time she doesn't want to do the same again. An emotional Ricky concurs that he won't force Bianca to have a scan, he'll support her decision. But it this what he really wants?

Monday 21 September 1998

Polly rushes for the morning papers and is overjoyed to find her article about Sanjay and Gita printed in a national tabloid. As news of this spreads around the Square, Sanjay is devastated to find out what Polly has done. Mark advises him to get to Gita before she finds out from someone else. Mick decides to throw a housewarming party for Josie and Kim and tells Lenny to do something about Teresa - it's over between her and Tony. Lenny is torn and ends up guiltily inviting Tony - something Teresa's not too happy about. Pat, having been told by Frank about Bianca's pregnancy, advises Bianca to have a scan. Bianca is extremely resentful feeling Pat is interfering. Ian goes on holiday leaving Louise to manage both the builders and questions from those on the Market worried about a possible effect on their trade. Gita is doorstepped by journalists but Sanjay sees red. He cannot be held back from attacking them. The journalists have a field day.

Tuesday 22 September 1998

Ricky tells Bianca that, what with the baby coming, he'll try Conor again. But it's too late - the job has already gone. Conor regrets his decision when he finds out about Bianca's pregnancy but Ricky turns him down - he'll only come back when Conor's gone. Lenny apologises to Teresa for inviting Tony to the party; he really likes her. He asks her out but she teasingly tells him she'll think about it. Gita has become a recluse. Meanwhile Mark takes Sanjay to see the solicitor. Sanjay is horrified to discover that the most he can expect from the paper is an apology - everything they printed was true. Polly makes Tony come and meet her away from the Square. She's leaving - she's got a job on the nationals now. But Polly wants Tony to do her one last favour - get her stuff for her to pick up. Tony is reluctant to help as he's disgusted with her, but agrees. Polly arrives for her stuff but Tony has a surprise for her - Ruth and Gita. They all run Polly out of Walford. Meanwhile neither Grant nor Louise is comfortable with the idea of a family tea party organised by Tiffany. And indeed it's a fraught affair for them both. Louise tells Grant they have to try and get on for Tiffany's sake - but it's clear it's not going to be easy.

Thursday 24 September 1998

Phil returns from South Africa. He tells Grant how cut up he was to see Ben and how everything has changed. He wishes he'd never had that stupid affair with Lorna, then he'd still have Ben and Kathy now. This strikes a chord with Grant, who tells Phil it's all over between him and the other woman. Peggy tells Phil she'll only accept his apology if he says sorry to Frank which he does, but the minute Peggy's back is turned it's apparent Phil doesn't mean it. Frank puts his foot down - he's not going to take this any more. Teresa's art student friend Carrie brings some paintings and successfully persuades Mick to go ahead with the exhibition in the café. Teresa manages to wrap Rosa round her little finger and convince her to release her from restaurant duty. (Gianni had asked her to cover for Rosa while she goes to visit a relative.) Lenny and Teresa finally get it together but are caught by Gianni and matters are made worse when Lenny ends up mistakenly giving Tony the impression that Teresa is still interested in him romantically. Mark and Ruth are planning a night in the Vic to show Gita and Sanjay that everyone around the Square supports them. But little do they know that Gita is trying to persuade Sanjay to leave Walford for good. Sharmilla has been bullied at school and this crystallises the decision for Gita - they have to get out of Walford. Mark and Ruth are waiting in the Vic in vain for Gita and Sanjay - they are shocked and upset to discover the Kapoors are leaving to make a new start elsewhere.