Tuesday 19th February 1985

Ali, Den and Arthur break open the door to Reg Cox's dingy upstairs flat at Number 23 where they find old Reg slumped unconscious in a chair. They have been alerted that something might be wrong with Reg by Saeed after Naima has noticed that Reg hasn't been by for his usual bottle of milk for the past three days. Ali, wearing a dressing gown, shouts "he's dead!" as Arthur opens the window curtains and checks Reg's pulse. Den replies "dead drunk!". Finding that Reg is still alive, Arthur covers him with a blanket, sends Den to get the doctor and tell Ali that the best thing he can do is to go get dressed. Arthur trips over a whisky bottle when they enter the darkened room and is sniffing at its contents as Den and Ali leave the room. Dr Legg is in his office with Pauline when Den bursts in to tell him about Reg. Dr Legg tells Den to phone for an ambulance as he hurries out the door. Pauline starts to leave and Den asks her what she is there for. Laying a finger to the side of her nose, she tells him it is confidential, adding that it is a good thing she wasn't undressed when he came in. He says "It wouldn't have bothered me, I'd have kept me eyes shut." Dr Legg enters Reg's room to find Arthur taking a nip from Reg's whisky bottle. Dr Legg asks him to open the window, which is stuck shut. As the doctor tries to rouse Reg, Ali and Den return to announce that the ambulance has arrived. Lou and Ethel observe the commotion from across the square as the ambulance takes Reg away and wonders what it is about. Saeed has stepped out of the foodshop to watch and tells them that it is Reg going to hospital. Ethel wants to go over to have a look. Saeed starts to follow them, but Lou stops him saying, "No! We take care of our own, thank you very much!" She then follows after Ethel, mumbling her displeasure with 'bloody parishioners' as Saeed returns to his shop. After the ambulance leaves, Ethel goes about her cleaning job at the pub and gets into a heated discussion with Den about the good old days when 'everybody cared for each other'. At the shop, Saeed and Naima lament at being new in the square with no experience running the shop. Naima tells him that he should write to his dad, who owned the shop, about Reg because his dad knew Reg and it would show him that Saeed knows what is going on. Saeed laughs at this, saying he doesn't know what is going on! Nick comes into the café, calls Ali "stupid Turk" and asks about old Reg. Then he asks him if he'd like a game of darts that night. Ali grins and says "if you don't mind playing with a stupid Turk". Sharon gets a locket for Angie in the market and gives it to her in the pub as she and Den are rushing to keep up with the dinnertime trade. Even though her daughter has picked an inopportune time, Angie takes a moment to admire the locket and thank her. Sharon feels that she and her gift deserve more attention. After a meeting with Dr Legg, Arthur and Pauline tell Lou that Pauline is expecting a baby. Lou hits the roof. She is even madder when Michelle enters the room and she finds out that Michelle knew about the pregnancy before she did. Then Mark enters looking for the toilet roll and when Lou asks him what he thinks about having a little brother or sister, Mark replies that he hopes they have better luck finding the toilet roll. That afternoon, Dr Legg receives a phone call and learns that Reg has suffered injuries which have not been noticed during his examination and that police have been notified. That night at the pub, Ali and Nick get into a fight. Den jumps in to break it up and throws them out saying "you're barred!" With blood on his shirt, Den says "look at my bleadin' shirt" as Nick shouts from outside, "Barred? Stuff your poxy boozer" and smashes his fist through the door window.

Thursday 21st February 1985

Angie tells Arthur that she is going to get him tiddly during the anniversary party but first she is going to beat him at darts. Pauline leaves the party early leaving Arthur to tell Pete and Kathy the news about the baby. Pauline finds Lou at home waiting for Mark to free up the bath and listen while she continues complaining about the baby. Lou says Pete and Kathy have a bit of sense and a nice flat, TV recorders, etc. Pauline says that she'd rather have a baby any day than things. By closing time, Arthur is drunk and after telling Pete and Kathy the news about the baby, decides to go home and have it out with his mother-in-law, but, hoping to prevent such a confrontation, Kathy invites him to go home with them and kip on their couch. Angie is legless and Den carried her up the stairs over his shoulder. As he hauls her off to bed, Sharon gives a look of disgust in her mother's direction. The next morning, Ali is at the surgery to have Dr Legg look at his right arm, which he injured in the fight with Nick and asks Dr Legg if he has any news about Reg Cox. Ali feels at fault for not having noticed Reg was missing earlier. As Ali leaves, he spots Nick standing on the corner by the pub, and turns back to avoid him by going a different route. At the café, Sue speculates that they might put Reg in a home somewhere when he comes out of hospital and they could put in for his room. She tells Ali the extra room would mean a lot to them. Arthur goes by the launderette and Pauline suggests that he get Lou a box of chocolates as a peace offering . He buys a box from Saeed and gives them to her but she tells him he can keep his peace offering and starts complaining again about the forthcoming baby. She tells him he has three alternatives but if they chose to keep the baby, "every man Jack of you are out. Either you get rid of it or I'll get rid of you!" While Den is out to get some off-brand scotch, Mr Chumley, the brewery area manager, shows up to discuss the pub alterations Den has called about earlier. Angie tells him Den will return soon so he decides to wait. Angie sends Ethel outside to watch for Den and tell him to leave the scotch in the car. She explains that they are supposed to buy all of their scotch from the brewery and Mr Chumley shouldn't know about it. As Ethel stands outside, a grumpy Arthur comes by and gives her Lou's chocs, distracting her from her mission. Den comes in with the scotch just as Mr Chumley is about to leave and has to quickly provide a story about the scotch being for a private party [upstairs, of course] on Wednesday at 8 o'clockish and invites him and his misses to join them. DI Marsh visits the surgery to tell Dr Legg that Reg Cox has died, and that the police are considering his death a homicide.

Tuesday 26th February 1985

Det. Sgt Rich tells Ali that since he was the first to find Reg Cox, they need him at the station for a statement. Ali complains that he works driving a cab all night and wants to know when he is supposed to get his kip. Det. Sgt Rich smiles without replying. Next, DS Rich visits the surgery in the basement of Number 1 to get a statement from Dr Legg as he tries to determine exactly how Reg Cox had died. Meanwhile, Den is in a panic at the pub. This is the weekly delivery day and he's just found out that the brewery drivers are on strike. As usual for a delivery day his stock is dreadfully short so he spends most of his morning telephoning everyone he knows trying to borrow a barrel. At the Fowlers, Mark is busy nicking Pauline's fags when her back is turned. She carries Lou's breakfast to her bedroom and tells her mum that she is going for her pregnancy tests. Lou resumes complaining about the baby and tells Pauline that they'll all be out of her house when the baby comes. That afternoon, Lou manages to get out to play bingo. Her spirits are lifted when she manages a win.

Thursday 28th February 1985

Tony Carpenter gets out of his truck to start a morning's work on his house at Number 3. Det. Sgt Rich stops by to ask him a few questions about Reg Cox. Tony quickly explains that he has been working in Basset Street on the day of the murder. DS Rich moves on to the café to question Lofty and Nick. After Rich leaves, Tony comes in to find out who else he's talked to and Sue tries to sell him a 'golden circle' contract, which she and Ali bought from Al's brother, Mehmet. At Number 45, Lou announces that she is going to shop and cook for herself from now on and would appreciate it if everyone would respect her privacy. Dr Legg has a word with Lofty on the doorstep to Number 1 about his taking advantage of Ethel. She's been doing Lofty's washing and ironing and Dr Legg tells him that is not right. He tells Lofty to sort out his gyro and pay something on his rent, as well. Tony gets the renovation job for the Vic and cons Den into letting Nick back into the pub since he's been hired to help. Tony has also hired Arthur, who insists on being declared on the books instead of 'cash-in-hand'. Pauline takes the edge off of Arthur's jubilance at having found some work by reminding him that it is only for a couple of weeks. Mark is working the fruit and veg stall for his uncle Pete and tries short-changing Dr Legg. When Legg questions the change, Pete appears and gives him the correct change saying that Mark has problem with his maths. After Legg goes his way, Pete explains the 2nd rule of the market to Mark.. "you don't cheat your regulars", and the first is “anything you do swindle goes to the guv’nor”. That evening, DS Rich visits the Fowlers to question Mark about the death and robbery of Reg Cox. Den tries restoring his whisky supply to the proper bottles in case Mr Chumley attends that night's party, but Angie tells him that he is wasting his time as Chumley will figure it out after one sip. It seems the area manager is something of a whisky expert. That night at the party, Lofty is down in the bar getting some mixers up, when Sharon follows and approaches him in a seductive manner. They are about to kiss when Angie enters saying "Aye aye.. what's going on here?" She sends Sharon back upstairs with instructions to circulate, then she asks Lofty if he'd like a dance. Den leaves the party to answer a telephone call from Chumley, who tells him he won't be coming to the party after all. On returning, Den sees his wife kissing his barman in front of all the guests. Angie has a big laugh over it. But Den has a serious word with Lofty after the party telling him "take more water with it in future!" Next, Den haswords with Angie about her being out of order with Lofty. She mentions his mistress, saying how he thinks nothing of spending £20 on her, and returns upstairs. He follows and she resumes her complaint about his behaviour. Angie pleads with him to promise that he'll finish with the other woman, but Den turns and walked away without answering, driving Angie to a bottle of gin.

Tuesday 5th March 1985

Pete arrives at Number 45 with Lou's Clacton vacation package and leaves the Fowler family a box of Egyptian new potatoes. When Lou comes downstairs and finds the packet, she reads it aloud. Michelle is shocked to learn that she's accompanying Lou for the week of 13 April. Lou doesn't care for the idea of a holiday and tells Pauline that she isn't going! DSS delivers single mum Mary and her baby Annie to Reg's old flat. The first time she goes out she locks herself out of the main door as she forgets she needs both keys to get in. Mary frantically tries to telephone her caseworker, Mrs Weston. Unable to reach her and not knowing what else to do, Mary snuggles her baby to keep it warm and watches her house from the garden. When Mary's downstairs neighbours arrive home from work, she is relieved to get Annie indoors and out of the cold. Pete notices that deliveries are back to normal at the pub and comments that the drivers strike must be over. Dr Legg notices Lofty wearing an unusual badge on his jumper and notifies Detective Sergeant Rich. Legg recognises it as one from Reg's collection of German badges from the war. Rich visits Lofty at his barman job and learns that he has paid Mark Fowler £5 for it. Rich then goes to Number 45 to question Mark about the badge.

Thursday 7th March 1985

Mark lies to DS Rich that he found the stolen badge on Tony's skip in front of Number 3. When Rich hints that Mark might know more about the murder of Reg Cox than he was telling, Lou goes into a rage and herds the detective out her front door. Next morning, armed with a new clue, Rich takes a team of policemen to Number 3. When Tony returns there to start his day's work, he finds them sorting through his skip and Rich wants to ask him more questions. Tony invites him inside the house where Rich's interest in Tony as a murder suspect quickly fade. Tony points out the obvious that he had little control over who tossed what into the skip. Lofty tries to get the money he paid for the badge back from Mark. And Ethel developed her own theory about the murder when she hears about Reg's collection of German badges. She reckons he was killed by a German for something he'd done during the war. She holds the Germans in low regard and starts to whimper as she recalls what they did to her William during the war. Lou overhears a scheme to get her to accept the holiday in Clacton and tells Ethel that she's be getting an invitation to Sunday dinner at Number 45. It is to be a surprise for Lou and the intent is to soften her up a bit about Pauline's pregnancy and to persuade her to take the Clacton holiday as well. Arthur goes to a meeting at Mark's school and returns to tell Pauline that Mark has been stealing other kid's lunch money. They decide that he's been using the money to buy cigarettes. Pauline knows he smokes as she's noticed him nicking hers. Arthur goes round to the foodshop and has a sharp word with Saeed about selling cigarettes to children. But when Saeed asks how old Mark is and Arthur tells him 16, he explains there is nothing he can do about it. This discussion of the law causes Naima to worry as they have neglected to read the stacks of books they'd been given when they took over the shop. Arthur goes home and argues with Mark about his smoking. The argument ends when Mark speaks disrespectfully and Pauline slaps him. Later Nick finds a dejected Mark sitting alone in the launderette and invites him to go to the west end. Mark says he is skint. Nick says it is "his treat."

Tuesday 12th March 1985

Pauline tries to awaken Lou who is sulking in her bed. Arthur announces to the family that "this is going to be a perfect Sunday" and everyone is going to be dedicated to making Lou happy. The dinner goes well and afterwards they all cue Ian (Lou's favourite) to bring up the subject of her Clacton holiday. Lou holds them in suspense for a while and then tells them that she's given in and will go to Clacton. Then she and Ethel go up to her room where she writes a letter to her sister while Ethel takes a nap. Finishing the letter, Lou gets Ethel up and they go off to bingo. Tony meets his son, Kelvin, in the launderette and they are off to spend the day together far away from Walford. Tony thinks it is going to be "A Perfect Sunday!" for him and his teenage son but Kelvin has some serious questions for his dad. Kelvin has lived with his mother since she and Tony separated but he is beginning to find the situation difficult and wants to move in with his dad. Sue tells Ali that they will try to get him back into the Vic that night. He asks how. and she replies that she'll think of something. At the pub, Sue tells Den and Angie that since they've allowed Nick to return to the pub, Ali's ban should be lifted as well. Angie asks Ali if he intends to behave in future and he meekly agrees. So Ali is readmitted to the Vic on a temporary basis. Then Angie says to Ali "it's a good thing you gave the right answers. Else the points on your darts would have rusted and dropped off! Now we couldn't have that could we?". Lou, meanwhile, surprises the family by toasting her new “grandson”, which she says it’s going to be.

Thursday 14th March 1985

Den asks Pete for help with an alibi for tomorrow night so he can visit his mistress, Jan. Knowing that Angie is upset over their car being out of order, Pete comes round the pub that night with a story about a good deal on a Bentley (50% of the going price). Angie is very interested and insists that Den go have a look at it. So Pete makes a phoney telephone call to "Eric" and sets up the meeting for 8 o'clock tomorrow night. By the reaction of Den and Pete to her interest in the Bentley, Angie senses something is odd, but says nothing. Jean Hancock, the health visitor, calls on Mary, but Mary is afraid to let her in. After some coaxing by her downstairs neighbours, she finally opens the door. Sue Osman, who lives downstairs, has told Mary that old Reg had been murdered in the room and she reacts with horrorous panic. Mary imagines that there is blood in the room and pleads with Jean to find her another place to live. Knowing that finding another room will be difficult, Jean asks Ali and Dr Legg to keep a close watch over Mary.

Tuesday 19th March 1985

Pete wants to go out that evening but Kathy reminds him that he is supposed to be with Den having a look at the Bentley. Before leaving for her barmaid job at the Vic, she tells Pete that since she is involved in the alibi he is to stay in their flat but agrees to bring some lagers home for him. Angie has guessed that Den is off with his mistress and puts the pressure on Kathy about the Bentley story. Even though they are best mates, Kathy manages to avoid telling Angie the truth. When Kathy starts to take the lagers home for Pete, Angie asks what those are for as Pete surely will have had enough to drink after being out with Den. Kathy thinks better of it. Mary starts looking for a job. She asks about work in the foodshop, launderette and café without success. Nick Cotton overhears and sits with her in the café to discuss helping her find work. He suggests an "entertaining" job at home. When Mary mentions Nick is coming round to discuss a job for her, Ethel thinks she'd best visit Mary to find out what Nick is up to. Ethel stays until Nick arrives and asked a few questions about the exact nature of the work. Mary is shocked when Ethel's query reveals that Nick has work as a prostitute in mind for Mary. Kelvin buys some second-hand carpentry hand tools and gives them to Tony. He hopes that showing an interest in his dad's work will help his efforts to persuade Tony to allow him to move to the Square. DS Rich happens to see the tools in Tony's house and identifies them as stolen goods. Tony claims he had bought the tools in good faith and denies knowing they were stolen. After Rich leaves Tony has strong words with his son buying "bent gear" and finds out that he's bought the tools from Nick Cotton. In the Vic that evening, Tony grabs Nick and warns him to lay off Kelvin! He adds that if he doesn't he'll have him right down to the cop shop by telling Rich exactly where those tools came from. About that time Rich walks into the Vic for a packet of fags and a sudden hush falls over the room. Rich says "Has it gone quiet in here or has the battery gone in my hearing aid?". Den arrives back at the pub after closing and tells Angie the car was useless. She questions him about where they were for such a long time and he lies that they’ve had a meal at the "Chop House". The next morning, she asks Pete the same question and when he can't remember, she says "It was Carriers, wasn't it?" Thinking that is where Den has told her they've been, Pete pretends to recall and agree it was "Carriers". With her suspicions that the whole thing is a hoax confirmed, Angie confronts Den in the bar that night. When she shouts "You were with that bloody woman!", Den replies "prove it". Next she turns on Kathy for lying to her and Kathy turns on Den and Pete for getting her involved in their scheme. Angie and Kathy get their coats and storms out to go up west.