A comedy set at St. Barnabas' Church, Dibley, about a female vicar, starring:









Geraldine is having trouble with writing her Christmas sermon. After getting a book about The Spice Girls from the verger, she is able to preach about the Virgin Mary compared to The 'Virgin' Spice Girls. While eating through the contents of 138 chocolate advent calendars, she soon faces a new dilemma. She's invited for dinner on Christmas Day, first by Frank and Jim, who have felt lonely when it comes to women since Letitia Cropley died. Then she gets an invite from David and Hugo Horton, whom David wants to show he is a leopard who has changed his spots, and finally, by Alice and her family, whom Alice says she'd cry if she didn't come. She decides to keep them all happy by eating three Christmas meals, so long as she asks for a tiny portion, and reminds people she's not a very big eater. However, they all know different, and there is no such thing in Dibley as a 'tiny portion'. With Frank and Jim it's turkey and 16 veg, followed by a whole Christmas Pudding each. At David and Hugo's (where she starts falling off her chair due to the weight she's put on), it's family sized pasta for starters, followed by a fish course, then the turkey and brussel sprouts, where she decides she has to beat David in a brussel sprout eating competition to help Hugo win a bet with his father (the first in his life, since every Christmas), and wins a prize of a King Sized Christmas Pudding. After having to take a taxi to Alices, (which is just around the corner), and vowing to kill Delia Smith for her recipes, she tries telling a myth about the woman who was let off eating Christmas dinner with her friend because she'd already had two meals just to keep people happy, but Alice tells her how different she is, and would cry if she refused to eat with her. After eating with Alice, her trouble is not over, as Owen, who thinks she has been dropping a hint to invite her to lunch (when she actually has been hoping for the opposite), does so., where she has to eat a whole tableful of food, including tripe. Then Owen and the community invite her to tea for a buffet, and she soon confesses all, and as she sits in the toilet, she says she hopes to be out by New Year.

At the end, she tells Alice this joke:
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting Sheep!
Interrupting Sheep....

After she explains the joke to her, she replies that she knows hundreds of those jokes, and tells her one with Interrupting Cow, and then Interrupting Rabbit, but the vicar gets a chnce to say "Interrupting Rabbit who?", before she can think what noise rabbits make.


When Geraldine struggles for news for her gossip column for the parish magazine, all Alice can give is about the man kissing a woman who wasn't his wife. And that woman was his mother. She later helps Alice to get together with Hugo, but David, Hugo' father disapproves, but when he decides to cut him out of his will, Hugo doesn't care. Meanwhile, Geraldine receives a proposal from Owen, but really wants to turn him down, only is worried about him kiling himself, especially after hearing about his family's past from Frank and Jim. But when he discovers she's been drinking, he is very glad she turned him down. Eventually, Hugo and Alice get engaged, and the vicar decides to use that for her gossip column in the parish magazine.

At the end, she tells Alice this joke:
What do you get if you eat too many Christmas tree decorations?

Alice then gets really worried in case she might get it, and won't believe the vicar when she assures her it is just a made up word.





At a church meeting, David Horton wants to call a new road 'David Horton Road', but the vicar disagrees, and everyone else agrees on calling it after someone no longer with them, and to Geraldine's displeasure, this is David's father's cousin, David Horton. Meanwhile, Alice is preparing for her wedding to Hugo, and at her hen night, she tells Geraldine, who is distracted by the thoughts of David's brother Simon (for whose attention she has dyed her hair blonde) that David Horton was her biological father. When she confides Owen about her close relation to Hugo, he tells her that it ws David's father's cousin who fathered Alice. Meanwhile, Jim prepares his speech, in which he gives the vicar some doubts when he compares it to 'Abba', and divorce. At the wedding, when Geraldine gives the congregation a chance to object, a woman suddenly storms in, claiming the groom is already married, then realises she has got the wrong church. Eventually, Alice and Hugo drive away for their honeymoon, unaware that Jim, Frank and Owen have all put a firework in the exhaust pipe. But before this, Geraldine announces she is leaving Dibley to live where Simon Horton lives, whilst Simon announces he is moving to Dibley.

At the end, she tells this joke (to David Horton):

She is relieved when realises he has understood it, whilst David begs her to stay.

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