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There's quite a few of you so be patient or just scroll down to your name and see whats wrote there. These are in random order. If I forgot to put ya on here it isn't cuz I don't luv ya its cuz I forget things easily. I'm sorry

Group Thanks or Shouts

My "real life" Family
My parents and my brother. Umm what to write. Thank you? Your the best family anyone could ask for. I love you all

Da Para Sisters w/ Attitude
You all are wonderful. I think I spent more time with you guys than the people in my "real world" life. You all are to cool. May all your dreams come true.

The Mock Family
My extended family. You all are crazy but I luv ya. You took me into your home and treated me like family. You all are to cool. Not only have I adopted 3 extra brothers but sisters too. Luv all ya guys.

Da Para Bro's who think they are playas
Oh my lord. You all are so funny. Ya probably went through every girl in that whole room. Except me!! I don't know if that's good or bad. I miss you all and your funny, dramatized lives. be good and don't be playin' anymore women!

Da Para Late Night Crew
You all will always have a special place in my heart and I will always love ya all. One day we should have a reunion. Miss you all. Much love

Pshyco City Family
We've all went our seperate ways. Even though we all met online more than half of us have met each other in real life and have had many experiences off line with each other to last a lifetime. We've all lost touch with each other becuase of the stupid fueds and love triangles but hey thats always going to happen in communities whether it is real life or online. I wish you all the best in real life and if any of you ever stumble back to this page please feel free to email me.

Out of all of them you all are the craziest bunch of people I've met and I love ya all. There's so much I could write on here but I wouldn't even know where to begin. I think that "The Real FuFamily" covers some of it. B+

The Get Back To Work Club (GBTW)
We had some great times. Times that we all will remember for the rest of our lives. I miss you all and wish you the best. much love

My Fellow fiction writers
Your stories give me something to read and keep me entertained for hours and hours on end. Leaving me with no sleep and lots of ideas. You all are very talented and one day the world will be picking up novels by you guys and I'll sit back and say I knew them when they were just as obsessed as I was. ha! Those of you that I have talked to or asked for advice are people whom I consider friends, mentors and above all kindred spirits. Don't ever give up your dreams

Real Life "Never Never Land" Friends
Oh god, you guys have put up with more than anyone can. from the great dramas I get myself into, family crap, and work problems to the online crap I always love getting myself into. I couldn't ask for better friends.

Now I have to put few other thanks on here and alot of my friends outside of the "fiction" world will not understand or laugh at it but it must be done

You guys will always be my boys. Why? Probably because I've followed some of you since I was 15 years old and can't help that I'm addicted to ya even if I can't stand to watch you on tv. You have beautiful voices and MOST of you write wonderful songs. you give us f.f writers inspiration and we love ya for that. Thank you! Special thanks to Chris K. for making the fumanskeeto website and forum for that I will always be greatful

Backstreet Boys
As I said before in a thank you thing when I did it on my page of stories, First I'm thanking you for Vaughn because when I think of Backstreet I think Vaughn. second for the music. Wonderful voices, songs, and being real even though you are superstars. Yes I do think she has converted me..

Individual Thanks or Shouts

What can I write in such a little space. As I said we've been through so much and your family is like my family and vice versa. I hope you and Jerry are always happy and wish you the best in life. PS I'm still thinking of "unique" wedding ideas. You've come to the right place. The queen of weird.. lol

I will never ever forget the times we have had. The fun we had. The drama we went through. Every weird little thing we came up with (yours: I'm to sexy for my mascara). Your emails from when you were in the army came at a time in my life that things were real bad and they cheered me up. It was the only thing. I looked forward to every single one from that time through you staying with Uncle Tony to you and shasta living together, etc. You were the one good thing about that damn trap we loved so much. I gained a real sister. I love ya like a sister always. we may not be blood but that ain't ever gonna stop us is it? I believe in you and all your dreams. they'll come true.. I'll keep on the look out for your album. Girl we are gonna take over the world. World look out for kas/tam aka foxybrown/sky.. We're coming!! **hugs**

Yet again I'm at a loss for words. We met through those idiotic boys we both love but hate to admit it and it has grown into friendship and even a sister bond. You are one of my best friends and always will be. You are a part of my family and I love ya.. Oh yeah and if you marry Timberfool then maybe we can try to get the rest of the "fiction" family into the equation..

What's upppppppppppppppppp my funny friend from the forum and real life. Girl, we started out by just randomly talking in the forum and then sending emails back and forth once in a while *when* we could get into FuMail. Who would of thought we'd talk on the phone at least once a month and write *real* letters back and forth now since you stopped working at lucky duck. As I have said many times I will always love and respect our fearless fu leader for making the chat and forum. We are gonna be friends forever. *fusisters forever* I love ya girlfriend and can't wait to hear from you soon. Hey don't forget about us fu's from gbtw when you move back to Florida. much love

We were always good friends in the chatroom and then "boys" came into the equation and real life problems came in and we lost touch. grew apart even but then we talked about it and became closer than ever again. I love getting your letters and miss you alot. I know you had a great time in Oz and wish you could go back there but you'll see you belong here... miss ya. sisterhood forever

I'm gonna steal something form one of your emails because I think it sums everything up right away. "We are so alike but so different,". Its weird but true. You are the only one I've ever met that can keep up with me! Good lord girl is that healthy? Are we normal? lol.


PoBaby-Damn girl..whatsssssssssss upppppppppp? I think you are the only one of us that actually got the message board to work where people would actually post and talk to each other. Well besides Vice but girl you keep us all still talking to each other. One of these days we'll have to meet up in para again.

Thumper.. lil bad boy. good lord. that was fun chattin with ya. you are such a dork. oh wellz still luv ya. heck you're the one that got runaway train on my page. *wink* now i have something to listen to when i'm bored. ~Hugs~ stop being a playa

andyman... in da jungle.. the mighty jungle.. the lion sleeps tonight.. o weeeeee um bumb awayyyyyy. you always make me laugh. you're good bro. luv ya

Kel, Ang, FoxyBrown, Gwendolynn, Bunnie, Po & Matthew (his name should of been SKY), Sugz, Jen, Cherub, RainbowBriteLives, FrootLoop, SpiritOrca, Andywear, PrincessCRUNK, Thumper, Leo, JiggaJean, Chocolate, Ginni, Soxy, FictionLyn, CrazyFuMom, Krymyth, FreeSpirit, CK, TruViceLord, MINNIEMOUSE, *Leets* (LeetahDaBitch), KrazieKrista, Shirls, SASSYCAT, Lanayah, SHAFT (Orlando Rules!), TyrantBeauty, LouisDaMan, VirginMary Recarnated, kramer, TESSEL, FairestofAll, JoHN7, Cher, Linds, Lizzie, Whisky & lilbit (the cutest married couple on da net), Jasmine (shelli), littlebit, scoobs, JARED, wakita, ORCHID, CATH, DOM, 38DD, Elvira, Raj, Dippa, Gretchy, StAr, GrimReaper, dayzed, TinMan, ivan27m, Goofy, poindexter, Babydoll, Babe, KPT, Renegade, JAS, Tayllor, dreams