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All about me

Name: Tam
Birthday: October 3 (Same day as Kevin Richardson from BSB-so you bsb fans better not forget it!)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: originally blond; currently bright red
Height: 5'6
Shoe: 8 1/2
Living arrangements: With my family
ICQ#: I dunno
E-mail Address:
AIM: hamsterr23
Yahoo messenger: hamsterr23

-Have I Ever-
Broken the law: nope..innocent angel here
Ran away from home: never saw the point in it.
Broken a bone: yes
Cheated on a test: uh huh
Played Strip Poker: No
Skinny Dipped: Nope

^Whats My . . .^
Favorite TV show: Friends
What's on my mouse pad? the mouse
Favorite smell: ocean
Most prized posession: my family, my friends, my cds, journals, collectables,
Good luck charm: my tink necklace
Favorite disney movie: aladdin
Bedroom like: a mess
Biggest fear: mice
Family like: cool
Most humilating moment: no comment
Favorite thing for breakfast: chips, cashews, mountain dew
Favorite thing for lunch: salad or sandwich
Favorite thing for dinner: mom's lasanga
Favorite number: 7
Favorite Ice Cream: orange sherbert, vanilla with carmal or chocolate topping

`Do I Believe In . . .`
Love at first sight: yes and no
Luck: yes
God: yes
Aliens: yes and they all reside in paracrap
Horoscopes: yes
Ghosts: yes
Heaven: yes
Hell: yes aka paracrap
Myself: yes

**Which Do I Prefer?**
Coke or Pepsi: mountain dew
TV or Reading: reading
One pillow or two: As many as possible
Pools or hot tubs: both
Tall or Short: don't matter
TV or Radio: MUSIC
Favorite Board Games: monoploy
Hair curly or straight: either
Hair long or short: either
Rollar Coasters scary or exciting: scary
Pen or Pencil: pen
Backstreet Boys or NSYNC: I want to play with them both

Abortion: depends
Pre-martial sex? depends on the people and whats right for them
Religion: I don't believe in organized relegion but I do believe in god. I do not like it when people "FORCE" their beliefs on people

Alternative music: like it
Country: love it
Classical: don't care for it
Oldies: like it
Hip hop/rap/rnb: LOVE IT!
Pop: Live for it
Everyday: Bring it all to me Blaque & JC Chasez
Love song: Leaving on a jet plane by anyone & The One by Limp Bizkit
Fun: Digital GetDown by NSYNC or The Call by BSB
Rock: Full Nelson by Limp Bizkit
Song in High school was on repeat: Runaway Train by JC Chasez

More than you ever wanted to know right?