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My Music Page

This is Tony Lucca and JC Chasez taken during the years of MMC. The time period most of these songs came from.

This is Tony Lucca, JC Chasez and Marc Wordon from the days of MMC

The younger looking JC and Justin. Weren't they just adorable. Justin looks like he needs to wake up!

This is one of the cutest pictures of JC.. ahhh

Ricky Luna, JC, and Tony Lucca from MMC days. Isn't it strange how Tony and JC were always in the same pictures. Probably cuz they were good friends according to most interviews both did during that time.

here are the links to my pages that have JC's songs on it.

Runaway Train
Mercy Mercy Me
Now and Forever
When Can I see you again
Love and Affection
Bring it all to me
Two princes
Thinking Back