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A person whom one knows well and is fond of; Intimate associate; Close aquaintance; A person who is on the same side of a struggle, not an enemy or a foe; A supporter or sympathizer.

This is my GREAT Friends, Dan and his girlfriend Nicole.
Taken during thier visit with me in March of 99 :)
Dan is also known as Kinger at the chats!
Beware ladies, he can be a real CHARMER!

Dan, my puppy Jetta and I going for a walk at Nolde Forest.
Question is... who was walking who. *SMILE*

Nicole and I at Nolde Forest.

This is Jason, a friend of mine also from Canada!
Never met him personally, but hes a real sweety!
You can catch him at the chat under the name of JAS.
He is a hockey fan also, but routes for the OILERS! :)

Swedish Facts

This is my newest and most dearest Friend, Anna.
She is From Sweden & also known as Andie at the chats!
Dont be surprised to find her wearing a Flyers jersey,
as she is a big time Philadelphia FLYERS fan! *HUG*

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