Stavroula's Home Page
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Stavroula's Home Page

Hello! My name is Stavroula Theophanous-Kitiri. I was born on the 13th of July 1973 in Athens, Greece. I am from Cyprus. I live in Nicosia with my husband Evros. I am a Clinical Pharmacist. I really enjoy working with computers. I hope you enjoy my home page. Just take a look at my links.

Tasoula's Paintings
Tasoula is my mother in law. She is a wonderful person and a great artist too. You must see her paintings. They are great

My photos
Photos of my childhood. Some of them are animated.

Frendy's Home Page
My dog has his own homepage which is full of his animations. Visit it, you will enjoy it.

Zωνατανή ξενάγηση στο Ιντερνετ
Επισκεφτείτε την Εύβοια, το Sydney, το Hollywood

My Pharmacy Page
My Pharmacy page has many pharmacy links,and search engines.

Dr. Michael Theophanous page
My father's Page. My father is a the director of the Surgical department of Larnaca General Hospital

My family

A wonderful site

My Favorite Links

Cyprus Home Page
Your internet guide to Greece
Greek indexer
Clip arts, cartoons, bars, backrounds, animations........!!
Mednet Hellas

You can find everything you want here


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