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I'll update this regularly when good stuff happens or when crap stuff happens and I wanna complain about it.

Feb 2001
Well, I haven't updated news for a while because we now have a mailing list for such things. Join it at

Well, I reckon rock, as we know and love it is dead. We entered a battle of the bands and maybe it's sour grapes, but at the semi-finals, we were the band of the night. The whole room agreed including many of the other bands and 6 bands went through and we weren't one of them. The crew and organisers were stunned and I guess the judges had a little to answer for. Anyway, goes to show, 'They don't (and it would seem won't ever again)write like that anymore!' 19-4-00
We finished our Choirboys tour. It was a whole heap of fun and the guys agreed to do the cancer benefit concert that is being planned by myself over the next year. 'Sick of Cancer' will be a way of saying thanks to the Queensland Cancer Fund and hopefully will be a huge success. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. As I said the Choirboys tour was very encouraging with both the band and the crew giving us some VERY positive feedback so it has re-newed my confidence and enthusiasm for our little rock venture, The Hardways.
The new album will probably be called simply - 'ROCK'. Maybe by Christmas, fingers crossed. Thanks to all who came to the gigs, catchyas soon.
Tony 'The Knife' Scarcia and The Choirboys have decided that the Hardways will accompany The Choirboys for the SE QLD leg of their tour. How cool. Dates thus far -
Sat 15 April 2000 - Raceview Tavern, Ipswich
Sun 16 April 2000 - Nambour R.S.L., Sunshine Coast
All Hardways excited except Al who can't be unnerved by anything. Thanks a million to Tony and Ian Hulme.
I went to the Ultimate Rock Symphony the other night. I went backstage and met Roger Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton and the whole gang. This was all thanks to a performer from the show, Nikki Lamborn, who is Roger Daltrey's protege. I owe this her so much. I've wanted to meet Roger forever and thanks to her I did. Keep your eyes open for this girl. She is RED HOT. She got me a backstage pass and said she'll do a duet and/or some backing vox for the next album, so we are currently trying to pen an epic rock duet. Fingers well and truly crossed Nikki will run into us again.
We just finished a recording session with Phil Emmanuel. Four songs were recorded and hopefully we can polish our parts up enough to include them on the next album. Tracks recorded were called - Love & Peace, Dirty Woman, and an unnamed rag. Phil and I also did a duet of Apache but that'll probably only ever get heard by Ma Twiddle. Not commercial enough but if ever The Hardways get big, it'll be worth a fortune, hehe. Major thanks to Phil, one of if not the best guitarists in Australia and even the world. The guy simply amazes me.