My Favorite Genealogy Links

African Gen Web Project

American Civil War

American Civil War Archive

American Civil War Regiments

American Civil War Research Database

Asian GenWeb Project

Barrel of Genealogy Links

Battles Index of Civil War Info on Internet


Canadian GenWeb Project

Carribean GenWeb Project

Causes of the Civil War

Central American GenWeb Page

Chronology and Dates

Civil War Chronology

Civil War Archive

Civil War Archives and Libraries

Civil War Data Base Researching soldiers and events

Civil War Clip-art Gallery

Civil War Interactive

Civil War in Minature

Civil War Music

Confederate Regimental Histories

Confederate Troops at Gettysburg

Confederate Links

Confederate Pension Rolls

Connecting Family Histories Around the World

Corinth Data Information Bases

Cyndi Howell's Genealogy Links

FTHA Civil War Units

Index to Civil War Manuscript Collections

National Park Service

Naval Units:Confederate and Union

Next of Kin

Other Civil War Related Sites

Politicians Gravesites

Prisoners of War Camps




Resources on Slavery

Selected Civil War Photographs

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

South American Genealogy Links

Surname Web


Union Regimental Index

Union Regimental Index by State

United States and Territories Data Base

United States Genealogy--Easy Index to the States

U.S. GenWeb Site

Wheeler Genealogy Page

World War 1: Trenches on the Web

Genealogy Links By State--in Box Down Below

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