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Heraldry and Knighthood Links

Knighthood, nobility and royalty

British Orders of Chivalry
Chivalric Research 2000
Great Orders of Chivalry
The Virtual Order of St Isidor
Order of St. Stanislas
The Grand Castellan of the Order of St. Stanislas
Marivi's Royalty Page
The British Royal Family
Royal Family
German Nobility database
Gathering of the Clans
Sovereign Order of Malta
British Titles of Nobility
Cyndi's list of Genealogy Sites
Saint Lazarus Net International
The Patriarchal Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem
Constantinian Order of Saint George
Constantinian Order of Saint George
Constantinian Order of Saint George


What's New at F.Velde's Heraldry site
Heraldry on the internet
British Heraldry Archive
The Baronage Web
Official home page for The College of Arms
The Heraldry Society
American College of Heraldry home page
Heraldry Today
Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society
Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra
Heraldry and Vexillology Page
Blazon-to-PostScript form
Ecclesiastical Heraldry
Canadian Heraldry
Heraldic Media
Guide to Massachusetts towns, with seals
International Civic Arms
Some Crosses and their Forms
An American Benedictine Armorial
Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovenia
The Arms of St. Benedict
Die Wappenrolle v. Zurich
Heraldry in the SCA
BLAZONS! program for MS-DOS
BLAZON 1.61 and BLAZON95 for Windows
"Keltic Heraldry"
Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
Royal Genealogies
Ancestors of King Edward and Queen Philippa
Heraldry Unlimited