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Enheduanna has been thoroughly described on several websites out there. So, I'll just circumvent that typical intro scene and get to the personal, cosmic interests that drew me to her.

I first encountered Enheduanna.....

in January of 1996, while reading "The Sacred Prostitute archetype" by Nancy Qualls Corbett . This is an excellent book: succint, accessible and enlightening. It inspired me to learn more about Enheduanna and I have been compelled to do so ever since.

Corbett analyses excerpts from Nin-me-sarra, "The Exaltation of Inanna", Enheduanna's most well-known poem, to shed light on the importance of the Love Goddess in Enheduanna's life. Inanna was also known as the sacred servant/mistress or hierodule of An, the sky god in Sumerian mythology. She originated the "sacred marriage" rite which instituted the practice of sacred sexuality. I am grateful that in my study of the "sacred prostitute" and sacred sexuality, I was led to Enheduanna.

I was also drawn to the personal quality of Enheduanna's writings. It amazed me that a writer from so far back would write so personally- a style which I find so familiar and most appealing.

As high priestess of the moon god, Nannar, I assume Enheduanna was endowed with esoteric knowledge. However, the study of this sacred knowledge remains somewhat mysterious and continues to be an important area of my "internal and external" research.

I believe Enheduanna is re-emerging as an archetype for the 90s because there are many more of us now: empowered women and men, who feel connected to the priestess archetype, possibly from a past-life or otherwise, who are inspired by her example and who crave to activate the sacred knowledge which is already within each of us.

She is a mirror, one of many that are out there, who appeals to some of us for varying reasons. I am drawn to her for the reasons I mentioned above and since discovering her I have been led to other "mirrors" and have experienced expansive changes in my life.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this, please email me to share your knowledge, wisdom, inspirations about Enheduanna or any other "mirrors" and I will post them.


Researching Enheduanna in the Ancient Near Eastern scholarly collections of University libraries has been somewhat limited but essential. In order to get to know her better it became clear, early on, that I would need to access additional information. Being a "cosmic-kind-of-a-girl", I was open, or so I thought, to alternate sources of information and ended up with more than I bargained for! I was led to 4 new sources:

Initially, I found the first three areas very challenging to accept, but magically they all seem to corroborate each other! The fourth area is very important because it empowers me to take responsibility in the information-gathering process, making me active and less dependant on what is already out there and it strengthens my intuitive skills (which I think may be the essence of Enheduanna's sacred training!)

Although it is a slow process for me I have opened myself incredibly to wonderful possibilities while remaining discriminating. All sources of information, whether scholarly or channeled etc., need to be assessed critically. Scholars and channelers are prone to making assumptions and cannot be accepted as unquestioned authorities. (Please see "Responsible Metaphysicianship" article by Noh-Ra Amrani at One Source.) Wherever possible, I will acknowledge my assumptions and my sources, differentiating between the scholarly and the not-so-scholarly.

A discussion of each of these 4 areas of "radical research" is in process.

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