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I can't believe it. It seems as though I have just started here at Heritage and now the school year is over. The choir trip the the East coast was amaizing, I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Summer is right around the corner and I am headed up to Dorion Bible Camp again in a couple of weeks.. I would appreciate your prayer support throughout the summer.

This is one of the crazy fun things we do here at Heritage. This one is in my kitchen. Yep thats me in there!

The Kingston Weather:

Ok guys get excited, It's


My Prayer
Lord break in me what I have sculpted with my own hands
remove from me all that is pre-hardened and meaningless
mold my life to Your desire, according to Your will
built in my life all that brings You praise and glory
never stop shaping me even after I am fired in a kiln
Lord repeat in me this
Jenni (021500)


Just in case you missed the first one... that really is me in the cupboard

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Give your all to Christ who gave His all for you.

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