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Columbian Carol

Vamos, pastorcitos, 
Vamos a Belen!
A ver a la Virgen y
Al Nino tambien.

Al pequeno Nino
Que ha nacido ya,
Con alegres cantos
Vamos a arrullar.

Vamos, pastorcitos,
Vamos a adorar
La Rey de los cielos
Que esta en el portal.

English Translation: HASTEN NOW, O SHEPHERDS

Hasten now, O shepherds,
Go to Bethlehem!
There to see the Virgin
And her infant Son.

Such a tiny Infant,
Born this holy day!
Cheer Him with your singing
Of a lullaby.

Hasten now, O shepherds,
Hasten to adore
Jesus gift to Heaven,
King forevermore!

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