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Music by Karl Collan 1828-1871; Lyrics by Zacharias Topelius 1818-1898

Och nu ar det jul i min alskade Nord;
ar det jul i vart hjarta ocksa?
Och ljusen de brinna pa ragade bord,
och barnen i vantan sta.
Dar borta i taket dar hanger han an,
der bur, som har fangat min trognaste van
och sangen har tystnat i fangelseborg,
o, vem har ett hjarta for songarens sorg?

Och strala, du klaraste stjarna i skyn,
blicka ned pa min alskade Nord!
Och nar du gar bort under himmelens bryn,
valsigna min fadernejord!
I blommande varar pa gyllene strand,
var finnes ett land som mitt fadernesland?
For dig vill jag sjunga on Karlek och var,
sa lange din Sylvias hjarta slar.

English Translation by Paul Sjoblom

Now Christmas did come to the north country here;
Christmas came tothe snow covered stand.
Now candles are burning and shedding good cheer
Across all the broad, for flung land.
But hanging on high from the cross beam above,
A bird cage now holds captive my pretty dove,
Which, pining away, makes no sound, high or low;
Oh, who will take heed of the prisoner's woe?

Oh, star, glowing bright, may your light shine on high,
O'er the northland's remote wintry scene.
And them when your radiance fades in the sky,
Your mem'ry will linger in dreams.
So dear none can I ever anywhere find
As may native country, the land of my kind!
And thanks do I offer with Sylvia's song,
Resounding forever so splendid and strong.

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