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Traditional Puerto Rican

"Madre, a la puerta hayun Nino,
Mas hermosa que el sol bello;
Llorando muerto de frio,
Y sim duda viene encueras."

"Mi Padre es del cielo,
Mia Madre tambien.
Yo bafe a la tierra 
Para prodecer."

Entra el Nino y se colienta y 
Despues de calentado,
Le pregunta la padrona
De que tierrars su reinado.

English Translation: EL SANTO NINO

"Mother, standing at our doorway
Is a baby Boy so lovely!
He is cold and weeping sadly,
And His clothes are very ragged."

"My Father is in Heaven,
My Mother lives there, too.
My life on earth is given
For the sake of you."

Then the mother bade Him welcome
To the fire, so bright and glowing;
As He warmed Himself, she ased Him
In what country He was reigning.

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