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Traditional Mexican Carol

San Jose: En nombre del cielo, 
Ospido posada
Pues no puede andar
Mi esposa amada.

Huesped: Aqui no es meson
Sigan adelante
Yo no puedo abrir
No sea algun tunante.

San Jose: No seas inhumano;
Tennos caridad.
Que el Dios de los cielos
Te lo premiara

Huesped: Ya se pueden ir
Y no moestar.
Porque si me enfado
Los voy a apalear.

San Jose: Mi esposa es Maria
Es Reina del Cielo,
T madre va a ser
Del Divino Verbo.

Huesped: Eres tu Jose?
Tu esposa es Maria?
Entren, peregrinos,
No los conocia.

English Translation: PRAY GIVE US LODGING

Host: You cannot stop here, I won't 
make my house an inn;
I do not trust you, your story is
You two might rob me and then
run away-
Find somewhere else you can stay.
Go away! go away!

Joseph: Please show up pity! Your heart
cannot be this hard!
Look at poor Mary, so worn and 
so tired!
We are most poor, but I'll pay
what I can;
God will reward you, good man!
Let us in! let us in!

Host: You try my patience! I'm tired and
must get some rest;
I've told you nicely, but still you
If you don't go and stop bothering
I'll fix you, I guarantee!
Go away! go away!

Joseph: Sir, I must tell you, my wife is
the Queen of Heaven,
Chosen by God to deliver his Son.
Jesus is coming to earth on this eve;
(O Heaven, make him believe!)
Let us in! let us in!

Host: Joseph, dear Joseph! O how could
I be so blind?
Not to know you and the Virgin so
Enter, blest pilgrims, my house is
your own;
Praise be to God on His throne!
Please come in! please come in!

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