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Traditional Catalonian Carol

Estant a la cambra
Ambso fill almat 
Re mor va sentirse per tot la veinat.
E ra el Rei Herodes
Amb la seva gent,
Que feia matar
Tos els innocents.

Anem-se'n Josep,
Anem-se'n espos,
Anem-se'n re[ps.
Deixem nostres coses,
Viandes tambe,
Perquo el Rei Herodes
Diuen que ja ve.

Amb la somereta
Se'n van a cavall
Seguint les petjades
Per un cami ral.
Els angels devallen,
Tambe els ocellets,
Perque el bon Jesus
No fos descobert.

English Translation: KING HEROD

One day Joseph, resting,
The chid by his side,
Heard shouting and tumult
 that evil betide:
"The wicked King Herod
 has madea decree
For soldiers to kill 
ev'ry infant they see".

"O Joseph, dear husband,
From here we must go,
And where we are going,
No mortal must know.
Across the wide desert
To Egypt we'll flee,
For there, dearest Jesus
Protected will be".

Astride of a donkey,
They hurried along,
Their pathway was narrow,
And danger was strong;
God's angels, and birds,
Flocking down from the sky,
The Baby, and Joseph,
And Mary did hide.

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