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CELEBRONS LA NAISSANCE(With English Translation "We Sing In Celebration"

15the Century French

Celebrons la naissance
 Nostri Salvatoris,
Qui fait la complaisance
 Dei sui Patris,
Cet en fant tout aimable,
In nocte media.
Est ne dans une etable
 De casta Maria.

Cette heureuse novelle
Olim pastoribus
Par un ange fidele
Fuit nuntiatus,
Leur disant laissez paitre
In agro viridi
Venez voir votre maitre
Filium que Dei.

A cette voix celeste,
Omnes hi Pastores,
D'un air doux et modeste
Et multum gaudentes,
Incontinent marcherent
Relicto pecore.
Tou ensemble arriverent
In Bethlehem Judae.

Mille espris angeliques,
Sacti pastoribus,
Chantent dans leur musique,
Puer vobis natus,
Au Dieu par qui nous sommes,
Gloria in excelsis,
Et la paix soit aus hommes
Bonae voluntatis.

English Translation:

We sing in celebration
Of Christ, the Savior King;
Our Hope and Jubilation,
Whom God to earth doth bring;
This Babe, so sweet and gentle,
That came to earth this night,
Is born within a stable
To Mary, Virgin mild.

The shepherds on the hillside
Were watching o'er their sheep,
When 'there appeared an angel
From out the darkness deep,
Announcing that the Baby,
Who in the manger lay,
Was God, the Heav'nly Father,
Who came to earth today.

To hear the heav'nly tidings,
The shepherds all rejoiced;
And, filled with awe and wonder,
Their great thanksgiving voiced.
Together they came running,
Unheeding of their flocks,
To see the holy Infant
That Mary holds and rocks.

The angels from the Highest
Burst forth in sweetest song;
And soon the shepherds joined them
With voices clear and strong:
"To God, our Heav'nly Father,
All praise and glory be;
On earth His peace bestowing,
Good will, eternally."

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