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Mermaidís Retreat


Warm Greetings to all who enter - I thank you for stopping by...  {smile} 

You will find many different aspects to explore 
from little ~somethings~ here 
through to my Neptunian ~creative wafts~ on my ~alter site~ ~Seawolf~ , 
to the realms of study of Esoteric Astrology,
 to ~thoughts~ from the Works of Kahlil Gibran
  just click on the various links 
(either on the words or the pictures)  
and enjoyÖ. {smile}



I honour the place in you
 in which 
the entire universe dwells.
I honour the place in you 
which is of
Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace.
When you 
are in that place in you
and I am 
in that place in me,
We are One~


Let us become the Love and Light,
that each may see it as a beacon
and follow it with trust
and so link with the Divine Source

May the Light of the~The Lantern~ guide your way Home

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~I am the Soul
I have a physical body, but I am not my physical body.
My physical body is a part of me.
I am the Soul
I have emotions, but I am not my emotions.
My emotions are a part of me.
I am the Soul
I have a mind, but I am not my thoughts and opinions.
My thoughts and opinions are a part of me.
I am the Soul
My body, emotions, and mind work harmoniously
and in unison under my loving direction,
for my highest good
and for the highest good of all
I am the Soul~

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The incredible visionary graphics on these Esoteric pages are by the wonderful artist Jean Luc Bozzoli and of course are copyrighted to him. I am so grateful to be allowed permission to use them here on these pages. Please take time to visit his web site to enjoy more of his work

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~Man cannot discover new Oceans  
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

My sincere thanks to Fantasyland Graphics and to the wonderful artist Noel Mollon for being allowed to use the graphics on this web page.