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It has begun... and what a cool date to start it off on I might add :)


Charlie and Jose have decided to start rehearsing with plans of recording a new demo to quench their thirst and desires for creating aggressive music once again. With Para being on a short hiatus, plans are to start rehearsing as soon as exams are over (mid/late dec) since they're both attending UM. A new website will be constructed once a demo is recorded as they both have decided not to continue with the name Mendacity, as the music will be different.


I've done a few touch-ups to the site navigation as well as included a Discography section which includes a few samples for your listening pleasure. Expect a biography update soon as well as some news for a new upcoming project featuring some ex-Mendacity members.


I have dug up an old dinosaur! I thought I had lost my access info for this page but I found it. So I'll try to start updating this page and add more info. In other news Mendacity is currently on hold, possibly indefinetely.


After Mendacity's mini tour through the East coast there was about a year pause. Jose Flores toured with Bird Of Ill Omen and stayed in Spain for over a year while the rest of Mendacity concentrated on school and work. Jose returned to Miami in late February and the band may start to practice regularly again.