Updated 02-16-2005 {Axel}
Well it's about time for another long due update. And being as sick as I am I don't really have much of an excuse not to!

Firstly, let me announce the return of guitarist Omar Elesgarray into the fold. Omar has played bass and guitars for Mendacity in the past so it's great to have him back with us. Some of you may know him from his previous band Para.

Another note of interest is the addition of Joe Gonzalez on bass. The addition of a second guitar and bass has certainly energized our rehearsals and made writing and experimenting much easier.
The vocal position is still open however, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested as we're very anxious to start playing some shows.
I intend to upload some clips of our unfinished 2003 demo and perhaps some from our 2004 demo, so check back for that if you're interested. I may even finish some of the vocals from the 2003 demo as soon as I recover.
Updated 08-25-2004 {Axel}
It's been a long time since I made an update and I profusely apologize! The good news is both Jose and I are now UM graduates. Of course, being the school addicts that we are, we decided to pursue Master's degrees. However, that's not gonna stop us from continuing to write music. We're very eager to do shows and finish our second demo since the reunion.

This is where you have a chance to come in!

We have decided to open our doors to the possibility of finding a vocalist to complement our new sound. A name change might still be in the works.

Screaming is ok but you must be able to sing melodically and it'd be great if that were your forte. A demo is highly recommended! A rough version of one our tracks can be downloaded here. Please email us at either cekendahl@hotmail.com or jlfdrums78@msn.com. I can also be reached on AIM at acrimon.


Updated 01-03-2004 {Axel}
First of all I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!
At first glance you'd think Jose and I have done nothing but slack. Quite the contrary! Although our ability to get together to rehearse has been limited due to our studies, in the few times we have gotten together we have managed to write 4 new songs as well as work on songs for another project that may take some our time in the near future. All while getting kickass grades in school I might add!

Yesterday Jose left for Mexico to take some school courses over the break. Since the next semester doesn't start until the 20th of January, that means I have no excuse to finish off the demo!

So far we have pretty much all the guitars recorded, all the drumtracks were done months ago, and about 60% of the vocal tracks have been done as well. I intend to finish off the remainding vocal tracks and lay down the bass tracks in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll have time to mix the recording as well.

I can't wait to record the new songs we've arranged so that's even more incentive to get this "old" demo out of the way!
Out with the new old, in with the new new!

Updated 08-18-2003 {Charlie}
Small update here just to let you guys know what is going on.

First of all, our expected week to record was unfortunately delayed due to a company sending us the wrong drum mics! However, we have now finally gotten the correct microphones and have begun the recording process.

So far we have layed down all the drum tracks and most of the guitar tracks. We hope to finish off most of the remaining guitars tomorrow and then we'll take some time to retrain our voices (haha) and work on the lyrical aspect of writing.

We really hope to make a great sounding recording, and so far we are more than pleased with the results. It's our first time doing this all on our own, and with how well things are going, it may not be our last.

Updated 08-01-2003 {Charlie}
As you can see Jose's drums are set up o