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                                                                                                   2003 Demo


                                                                                                   This demo was recorded when Jose and Charlie reunited and decided to give heavy music another shot. 

                                                                                                   It was mainly recorded as a means to experiment and find our place in the scene. A lot was learned from this

                                                                                                   recording, but our changing direction in sound forced us to leave this demo behind unfinished.


                                                                                                   1. The Onlooker

                                                                                                   2. Away












Atrocity Reflected ('94)

Mendacity's first recording. It was eventually sold as a demo as well as distributed in the underground to several 'zines for reviews from which the majority were very positive

Track Listing

1. Blasphemer

2. Compulsive...

3. Atrocity Reflected

4. Innocence Is My Name


"Orchestrated Chaos" Compilation

A compilation that Mendacity took part in which featured several unsigned underground bands

Featured Track: "Dead Existence"



Mendacity's debut CD

Track Listing

1. Imprisonment

2. Dead Existence

3. Wasted Life

4. Disturbance

5. Through The Mind

6. Cataclysm

7. Narcosis

8. Innocence Is My Name

9. Outro


For Dear Life

Mendacity's followup to Imprisonment. This recording was done entirely live with the exception of a lead, a couple of clean guitars and the vocals - which unfortunately were a little rushed.

Track Listing

1. Subjects Of Oppression

2. My Pride Incinerates

3. When Anger Strikes

4. For Dear Life

5. The Beast's Tongue