Old lineup (left to right)
Ralph Rodriguez - guitars

The band Mendacity formed in October of '94. Charlie Ekendahl and Jose Flores decided to form a band after playing in a couple of other bands. Jose then invited Carlos Castillo and Ralph Rodriguez to the band. They had been friends for a long time as well as old bandmates, so it was only natural that they join.

The band recorded their first demo after only a month of practice. The recording process was also very quick. The drums were recorded the first day, the next day all the guitars, then the bass and vocals, and finally the mixing (about 22 hours in total). However, the response for that demo was great! Not only did most 'zines enjoy the songs but the recording too! Although the recording was complete in '94, the demo wasn't sent to 'zines until the summer of '95 due to the fact that the band didn't have a j-card for the demo and because they weren't very familiar with the underground scene. But due to the amount of reviews and interviews the band has gotten, the debut demo proved to be a worthy release and helped establish the band. The next recording was already completed around April of '95. But since the band was dissatisfied with the recording(eight songs were recorded and mixed in 48 hours!) the band decided not to release the new demo. New songs were written and a completely new recording with new songs was decided to be done. For this recording they wanted the best sound and quality, so time was spent rehearsing to get the new songs tight, and also to save up money for better equipment and to record at a better studio. But later though, the band decided to release their '95 recording in the meantime. But first they re-recorded almost everything except the drums. The band was much happier with the new sound, so they decided to invest a lot of money and release it as a CD. It was later mastered by Mike Fuller at Fullersound and after numerous delays, Mendacity's second effort, "Imprisonment" was finally released. One of the songs, "Dead Existence", can be heard on the Soulside compilation Orchestrated Chaos, though it wasn't mastered yet.
New lineup
The shows have been great for Mendacity. Besides playing with Florida's best local death and hardcore bands, they have also played with some known bands such as Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Brutality and Monstrosity. Shortly after the release of the "Imprisonment" CD, Carlos Castillo decided to focus on vocals and made the decision to give up playing bass for the band. The band recruited Omar Elesgarray as a permanent bassist. This allowed Carlos to sing more freely live and helped tighten Mendacity's live sound. new recording was made with the new linup in mid '97. 5 songs were recorded in one day. Everything was recorded together "live". This helped capture some intensity that is usually lost when starting from a scratch track and overdubbing. The band also organized a small tour along the East Coast to establish themselves further during the summer of '97. After the tour, the recording was mixed down. So far nothing has been done with the '97 recording. There is no news to release is so far. Check the news section for updates.


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