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The Matthews' Family Web Site

Kia ora anö ki a koutou

Well it's been a very long time since the last update. We’ve hopefully made this update a little easier to navigate. Below is a quick contents guide followed by some news updates of us all.


*   General Info & Catch Up

*   Recent Photos Of Family

*   Hector’s “Te Rarawa”Tribal Research Paper

*   Photos of our new Kura (school)

*   Other Good Links

*   Contact Information

General Info & Catch Up

Everyone in the whänau is fine.Connor started kura (school) earlier this year and is really liking school.He’s a good student and learning lots everyday.Connor swims once a week at Aquagym swimming club and is a very good swimmer for his age.

Anton is still a very busy young man.He completed his third Kiwi Kids Tryathlon (100m swim, 4 km cycle and 1.5 km run) in February this year.He continues to study and practice Seido Karate.His current grade is 3rd Kyu and he will be graded for 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt) on 1 July 2000.This will be a very demanding grading but he is very dedicated.Anton is also the captain of his rugby league team, the Sydenham 11 year olds and he turns 11 on 30 July 2000.Anton has also recently been asked to join the competitive squad at Aquagym swimming club.

Mäia is fast approaching her 4th (19 June 2000) and is also very active at kindy gym once a week as well as swimming at Aquagym.

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Recent Photos Of Family

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Other Stuff On The Web Site

My research paper on my iwi (tribe), Te Rarawa, is still here too.   It is the result of a lot of work and has some whakapapa (genealogy) is in it as well.   It's a long read but hopefully an enjoyable one.   Please give me feedback about it.   Kia ora rawa atu! 

Check it out: Hector’s “Te Rarawa” tribal research paper

Ko Whangatauatia Te Maunga
Ko Käririkura Te Moana
Ko Ngätokimatawhaorua Te Waka
Ko Nukutäwhiti Te Tangata
Ko Te Rarawa Te Iwi
Ko Ngäti Moroki Te Hapü
Ko Te Ohaki me Korou Kore Ngä Marae
Ko Ahipara Te Käinga


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Our New Kura (School)

Well, after more than ten years of operation and a very protracted resource consent process our school has finally been open.Te Kura Kaupapa Mäori O Te Whänau Tahi officially opened in February this year and it looks awesome.Connor started there a week after it opened and Anton is pretty much an old boy now.It’s a great place to be and we are all very proud of it.

An arial shot of the kura.The hall and the (poutama) paved path dominate with the carved gateway(waharoa) at the front.The four classrooms are on the left, office on the right and the library and playground at the back.

There are some really interesting design features, as you can see and the school was featured in the New Zealand edition of Trends (Architechture & Design) in May 2000.



This shot us of the entrance to our school administration building showing a concrete sculpture representing the traditional Mäori view that knowledge was acquired by Täne-nui-ä-Rangi in three baskets.






A shot of our hall (named Te Atawhai o Te Aotüroa) looking through our gateway (named Te Rerenga Ki Te Ao Hou).







Another arial shot of the kura taken from behind the classrooms and library.

As you can see, we all love our brand new kura (school).



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Other Good Links

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*  Maori Links & Interesting Stuff

*  GENEoNZ - Maori On The Net

*  NZ Rugby Web Site

*  Crown Public Health Web Site


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Contact Information

Our email address hasn't changed so send away to Hector, Heather, Anton, Connor & Mäia to see how we are or give us some feedback on the web site!

If you want to email Hector at work            click this link!                            Home email address                Work email address

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Last revised: 19 September 2000