Fantastic Right Mouse Button


    The Magic Win95(98)
    Right Mouse Button

    Every so often, I meet someone who has been using Windows 95 since it came out but has never discovered the wonderful right mouse button.

    The right mouse click is one of the major features of Windows 95. Right click on just about anything you see in Windows 95 and a menu appears. That menu can tell you about the the item under Properites. The menu will list other things you may do to the item, such as Scan it for viruses (if you have a virus scanner), Open, Delete, Copy, it etc. Go wild and RIGHT CLICK on as many things you can think of.

    For example, RIGHT_CLICKING is the fastestest way to:

    • change your desk top wall paper - right click on it;
    • do anything to or/find out about a disk - open My Computer and RIGHT-CLICK on 3 1/2" floppy or your hard drive.
    • Find out how much space you have on your hard drive.
    • rename anything.
    • change your computer's time setting.
    • Do hundreds of other things.

      Happy RIGHT-CLICKS!

      * * *

      Basic Windows 95 tips

      You may start several tasks at a time in 95 (multitasking). I keep encountering people who do this but end up minimizing the windows/maximizing the windows to go from one to another. You can always go to from one program to another by clicking on the Taskbar. However, the fast way to do it is to cycle through the different programs by holding down the "ALT" key and hitting "TAB" as many times as necessary to select the program you want.

      Don't forget that you can cut and paste between applications and this key compination makes it very fast.

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