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Leah's Other Page

Some of my writings
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AOL IM: pandoraxsage and xxxpurplerosexxx

Yahoo! IM: pandora_sage420

MSN IM: purple420rose

ICQ: 36826619

MySpace: purplerose420

OKCupid: purplerose420

Bolt: pandoraxsage

Bolt2: magenta

LiveJournal: pandora_sage and purplerose420

Here is where I promote my friends' endeavors:

Musician, actor, producer Nick Inglis

Photographer and composer Dan Wisnewski

Musician, photographer, dj Bernie Hoelschen

Writer, actress, visual artist May Virginia Oskan and her movie

Performer, writer, filmmaker Louie Pearlman

Writer, producer, actor Jarrett Tate's, movie:

Leigh Ann

***I just like these pics***

i'm a dork.

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