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People Who Made A Difference

bulletNoah, despite a strange assignment and the likely ridicule of his neighbours, obeyed God and built the boat that would preserve life on Earth. (Genesis 6-9)

bulletJoseph, despite numerous personal tragedies, became the preserver and protector of the fledgling nation of Israel. (Genesis 37-50)

bulletMoses,despite a deep sense of inadequacy, became the liberator, lawgiver, and leader of the israelites. (Exodus 2-Deuteronomy 34)

bulletCaleb, despite being "over the hill" at 85, asked for and received the opportunity to defeat the Anakite peoples living near Hebron (Joshua 14-15)

bulletDeborah,despite being a woman (an unrespected position in her day), led God's people to victory over their enemies (Judges 4:4-14)

bulletGideon, despite great fear and overwhelming odds, led the Israelites in defeating their Midianite oppressors (Judges 6-8)

bulletDavid, despite his youth, the scorn of his brothers, and formidable opponent, defeated the dreaded Goliath and showed his mettle as a man after God's heart (1 Samuel 16-17)

bulletNathan, despite the possibility of retribution from King David, confronted David with his sins of adultery and murder (2 Samuel 12)

bulletJosiah, despite having an evil father and grandfather, became a great reformer, turning the nation of Judah back to God (2 Kings 22-23)

bulletEsther, despite being young and a foreigner, became queen and saved God's people (Esther 2-9)

bulletJeremiah, despite criticism, unpopularity and attacks against him, faithfully delivered God's message to the nation of Judah (Jeremiah and Lamentations)

bulletDaniel, despite exile, opposition, and an encounter with some ravenous lions, faithfully served and represented God before the most powerful world leaders of his time (Daniel 1-12)

bulletJohn the Baptizer, despite being misunderstood and having occasional doubts, pointed others to Christ (Matthew 3:11)

bulletMary, despite being a teenager, became the mother of Jesus Christ who is the son of God and Saviour of the World (Luke 1-2)

bulletMary Magdalene, despite once being possessed by 7 demons, became a faithful follower of Jesus and told the disciples that Jesus has been raised from the dead (Mark 16:9-11, Luke 24:1-2)

bulletPeter, despite a history of painful public failures, became the most visible and vocal leader of the early church (John 18-21, Acts 1-12)

bulletPaul, despite having been a bitter enemy of Christianity, became the foremost spokesman and apologist for the gospel (Acts 9-28)

Can one person make a difference? Yes! One vote can break a tie. One person can give directions to those who don't know what to do. These are people who have made a difference. Many times we don't make a difference because we look at our inabilities, shortcomings, lack of resources, and other weaknesses. However, we have a God who is strong, almighty, and has no lack of resources. Do you desire to make a difference? Can you make a difference in your school, workplace, family? Absolutely! God has done great things through one person. Ask God now. He can use to make a difference to this world. Determine to do what God considers good--even if that decision goes against the majority.

Pray About It

Lord, make a difference in me. Make a difference through me. Give me the courage to follow you when your ways are different from the majority.

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