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Welcome to the Official Lilribbit Homepage

Welcome To The Offical Lil'Ribbit Homepage

Nicole is now watching over her family and her website and is now a Guardian Angel to us all. She was sent from Heaven to bring so many back to God and touched many lives while she was here. Her mission here on Earth ended on January 16, 1998 and she has returned to her original home in Heaven. All that knew her are blessed to have had this opportunity to be a part of her life.

Kelly and Jackie have fallen victum to the 95% divorce rate among parents of premature infants. Their marriage ended a few weeks short of their 6th wedding anniversary, 21 months after Nicole's death. Jackie's step-son, Kyle had to go back to live with his mom, leaving Jackie without a daughter, a son, or a husband. If anyone is experiencing the same maritial problems, please feel free to email Jackie, her email is at the bottom of the page.

"For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. "
Psalm 91:11

To go to the latest update, Click Here! WARNING, THIS IS VERY SAD!

Hi there! My name is Nicole Lorraine Gregory (which, in case you wanna know, means "Victory of the People"! Cool, huh!?!) and I am a VERY special baby for a lot of reasons! Lemee tell you all about it! That is, if you aren't in a hurry to get to the next site or back to chat!

First off, I was born in Tacoma General Hospital on August 24th, 1997 at 4:15 p.m. PST! "What's so special about that?", you ask. Well, considering that my due date wasn't until December 9th, 1997, I'd say that my being alive right now is pretty impressive ! Isn't technology wonderful?!? Now, if they could only figure out how to do this neonatal life support stuff without poking and prodding me or waking me up!

I would like you to meet my mommy, Jackie! Most of you from chat know her as "the froggie"! The cute guy with her is Gary. Maybe things will work out with them and there will be another chance for her to have a baby, since God loaned me out for such a short time. I hope so, cuz for that short time, she made a terrific mom!!! See bottom of this page for a picture of what my family looked like while I was in mama's tummy!!!

Here's my Gramma Joanie along with my late Grandpa Nyle!! It's an old picture, I know, but it was all I could dig up!! I like this one though 'cuz' my Grampa looked so hansum' and my Gramma looks so pretty!! My Gramma goes to the Bible and Christian chat rooms on IRC! (I heard that stands for 'It's Really Cool' .......I wonder......!) Anyway, you may have seen her there! Her screen name is 'Danciee'. She used to teach line dancing. That's why she goes by 'Danciee'. My Gramma is another reason that I am soooo special, 'cuz' she had everyone in those rooms praying! They were praying for my mommy to get pregnant for me, praying for me and my mommy when she had amnio fluid leakage and spot bleeding, and praying for us even more when I decided to start my dancing career! They prayed so much that I bet God's phone never stopped ringing! And they're STILL praying! Aren't they a great bunch of people?!? And when I say "bunch", I mean A LOT! I have friends EVERYWHERE in the U.S.A. already, and I haven't even left the hospital yet! Some of them have even come to see me already! (Pip Pip Cheerio!) I think I'm gonna like this group!

HEY!! Where'd that CAT come from? Oh! Silly me! That is my Gramma and Mommy's cat, Sneezie!! How'd he get here?? Silly cat; always getting into something!! Well, anyways, I have had a fairly uneventful time, which everyone says is a good thing. I have heard about a lot of things that can happen to preemie babies like me, but I have been pretty lucky so far. All those prayers must be working, huh!?! When I was first born, I cried! I actually got a squeeky little cry out of my tiny little mouth before my lungs realized they weren't ready to breath yet, then I stopped breathing and my doctor bagged me a few times. He told mommy I was fine though and that that was a normal thing for me to do. My blood pressure was 22 over 20, but it is rising slowly and steadily and is now up to 38 over 36. My heart rate is still averaging 160 to 170 beats a minute, so it appears to be doing what it is suppose to. I weighed 2 lbs. and 2 oz. at birth and was 13" in length. My doctor says that is a pretty decent weight for someone born in their 24th week of gestation, so I feel lucky there, too! My Gramma says I have an attitude and I am a fighter! Check her out, giving me a bad reputation already!!!! LOL! I love my Gramma 'cuz' she is silly! I love my mommy and daddy, too, 'cuz, even tho' I'm tiny, I can already tell they're gonna be great parents! They got me all the best doctors and everything, daddy has been living on a couple hours sleep a day and mom has been listening really good to her doctor. They have been sooooo great already!

Well, I will try to get back here once in awhile to let you know how things are going with me. It's going to be a long haul, so keep checking back every so often to see how I am doing, Ok! In the mean time, you can go to my photo album to see me ineutero (before I made my big debut!)! There's even pictures of me now, although you have to look kinda hard to find me in some of them with all those wires and everything! But I am in there, so squint if you have to! When the doctors say mommy and gramma can take some more pictures, we'll get them on to! Till then, back to my incubator!

Love and Kisses to everyone, "Nikki"

WELCOME TO THE LATEST (and sadly, the final) UPDATE
UPDATE: 1-16-98


With great sorrow I announce the death of a very special little girl, Nicole L. Gregory. Nicole was the light and life of her family. She fought long and hard to maintain her place with them here on Earth. Unfortunatly, she succuumed to respitory failure due to complications from her premature birth at approximatly 4:10 PM PST.

She was just one tiny baby who, against all odds, managed to impact so very many people in her short life. She has taken her final steps home to live in a majestic heaven with Our Lord and Saviour.

England had it's rose ....... but we had Nikki, one very bright star in a universe often dimly lit. May her memory live on in our hearts along with the inspiration she has given so many of us.

Nicole, you will be so sadly missed by so very many people.

With deepest sympathies, Monique Renee' Exton aka 'Sunnie'


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Here is a picture of what would of been my family. I was in my mommies tummy here, and this was my dad and big brother.

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