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Wayne's Wild & Wacky World's
Wayne's World
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I am back and hope to move this site into the new century. My plans are to merge all the worlds contained within into a PORTAL, almost like Yahoo or Google. :) So stay tuned for further updates. If you are wondering updated or new then check out Whats New! Hope you like the new look and I will try to have some fourms for feedback.

So I hope you all get some use out of my little Universe here on the web.
But if you find that something is missing I hope you will bring it to my attention so that I can rectify the problem.E-Mail me.

This Universe may be the only places around where you are allowed to be anything your heart desires and you are only limited by YOUR imagination. Keep the imagination running wild and free. :)

I hope you enjoy your time here and decide to come back again and come back often. But next time bring along a friend, as I always say, the more the merrier. :)

Explore my Universe and see what peaks your interest or captures your heart. Just click on a globe to start your journey.

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The Worlds below were created by me, and are for your complete enjoyment!! Hope you have fun with these diversions. These diversions are where you will get the most enjoyment out of my Universe.

Check out my polls and have fun voting. And check out whether you are the norm or the exception.

If you like cute and cuddly then you should check out what I have adopted. They are sooo adorable and I love them all. You can adopt some of your very own too!! :)


I don't like to toot my own horn but why not check out the awards my Universe has won so far. Check out what the buzz is all about.


The next section is my pride and joy of the site. It is about 25 pages of links on every topic you can think of. These are sites that over the years I have deemed very useful or extra ordinary and worth a look. If you do not see it let me know and I will add it. I hope in time that my Universe will be your one stop guide for anything you want or need on the web. If you don't like one Worlds contained within then you can always move on to another because there IS something here for everyone. The best part is there are no lineup, so check out:

Surfers Paridise

My Universe here is always expanding and other Worlds will be added to the Universe as time goes on. I scour the stars in search of new Worlds forming. But right now I only have a limited time to get things done. So please bear with me and enjoy all that the Universe has to offer at this point in time!! Some Worlds to watch for in the near future are Web Friends, The NeverEnding Story, The Missing Links, The Ad Agency, and many many others.

Necessities Of The Web

Necessity 1 - HoTMaiL - Free E-Mail
Necessity 2 - Angelfire - Free HomePages
Necessity 3 - DreamBook - Free GuestBooks
Necessity 4 - DR. HTML - Free WebPage Medic

Above are a few things that I believe you can not do without if you are going to survive online. Especially if you want to create a Universe like mine. :) These are essental to making your time online an easier one.

Please go ahead and sign my GuestBook so I know you stopped by. Since I am letting you into my world let me see into YOUR world. This would also be a great time to tell me what you thought of my Universe (good or bad), even if you have not see all of it. Let me know what I can do to make your next visit even better, maybe something you would like to see added or changed. I would LOVE it it if you could also tell me what Creature you would like to be and why. So go ahead:

Read My Creature's List! (GuestBook)
Sign My Creature's List! (GuestBook)

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My Universe is always expanding so you should come back and come back often. It can only get better as time goes on and new worlds are found or formed. :) This World and all other Worlds contained within my Universe were last updated September 16, 2004.
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