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By entering this site you have agreed that you understand that some of what you find here you may find offencive.
If this wasn't made clear when you entered, and you wish to not take a chance, then leave now.

Now, since your still here, you must like the idea that you might be offended, so look around and enjoy yourself.

This site deals with many issues, mostly centered around religion and freedom there of.

Herein you will find stories, essays and poems. Some items are nonesence (Inane ramblings), others explicit (Zelot) and others just feelings (why?)

I issue a monthly newsletter dealing with religous freedom and lack-there-of, and also other issues that are too far to the left for others to cover.

If you like what I have here, and would like to receive a notice when this sight is updated, or recieve my newsletter, email me at

I'm currently redesigning this site, so feel free to send in requests and suggustions.
I am currently looking for any article, stories, poems, or random ramblings, so if you have any, feel free to send them my way.
This page will be better with other peoples stuff on it.
Right now it's the "Me Apreciation Page."
I'd rather it be the "We Apreciation Page" if it comes to that.
now the other stuff:

New format for the site. Thanks to Dave for letting me steal his script!
Mortis Ends The Second Comming
A story of Love, devotion, and some sick minds.
WARNING Contains extreamly twisted theams and situations."

UPDATED Editorials
"Editorials concerning recent news events."

The history of christianity

An essay on the history of christianity today."


One of my favorites. This is a short story dealing with what happens when religious zealots go too far...

"A short poem about teenage doubt."

inane rambling
Why I hate Gumball machines.

more inane ramblings.
this is about how the world really works. Check it out.

Picturs of Fawn
Some pictures of my wife.

Dave in Law
Some strange guy I know. He reminds me quite a lot of Ford Prefect.

A Fathers View
What this father saw at the birth of his son

I Hope you like what i have here.
And if not? Well... life is like that sometimes isn't it.

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