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         Please do not steal these downloads. I hate seeing my collection all over 'ripp-off' Indiana Jones sites. No direct linking either, please download and enjoy. Send your comments to me, if you want to about the downloads.

Your selection is from windows files, games, movies / clips, and four soundtracks.

Windows Files Type Size
Official Indiana Jones font ZIP 12KB
Indiana Jones Cursors ZIP 3KB
Fate of Atlantis Wallpaper 1024x768 ZIP 60KB
Indiana Jones Startup/Shutdown Screens ZIP 330KB
Icon Collection (put together by Jakub) ZIP 260KB
Indiana Jones Cursor (by Chris Yura) ZIP 12KB
IndyNETWORK Screen Saver ZIP 1.1MB
Windows Startup Logo ZIP 45KB
LucasArts Icon Collection (from Infernal Machine CD) ZIP 170KB
LucasArts Pointer Collection (from Infernal Machine CD) ZIP 1KB
Winamp: IndyAMP (by Jakub)       (View Screenshot) ZIP 270KB

Games / Demos / Misc. Type Size
Fate of Atlantis Demo ZIP 0.8MB
Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures ZIP 1.1MB
Last Crusade Demo ZIP 0.7MB
Indiana Jones for the Super Nintendo (Emulated) ZIP 2.1MB
Udoiana Raunes (an Indy parody game unlike FAII this one is done) ZIP 1.4MB
Crack: Fate of Atlantis copy protection patch ZIP 2KB
Last Crusade DOS /switches (get it running perfectly) ZIP 2KB
Last Crusade Walkthrough ZIP 5KB
Fate of Atlantis Walkthrough ZIP 4KB
Infernal Machine : Trainer (a better way to cheat) ZIP 130KB
Infernal Machine : No CD Setup Info (no cd needed to play game) ZIP 1KB
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Demo (from LucasArts) EXE 36MB

Movies / Trailers / Fan Films Type Size
The Simpsons Parody of Indiana Jones (download now!) MOV 3MB
Aqua - Dr.Jones (Music Video) RM 6MB
Indiana Jones Pepsi Commercial ASF 1.2MB
Raiders : Sword Fight Scene DIVx 2MB
Raiders : Grabbing the Idol DIVx 2MB
Raiders : Running from the Boulder DIVx 0.6MB
Raiders : In the Well of Souls DIVx 2MB
Last Crusade : 'That Belongs in a Museum' DIVx 0.9MB
Last Crusade : Entering the Catacombs in Venice DIVx 1MB
Last Crusade : 'No were going to Berlin!' DIVx 1.5MB
Last Crusade : The 'making of the movie' teaser DIVx 1.7MB
Last Crusade : 'He chose Poorly!' DIVx 2.1MB
Trailer : Raiders of the Lost Ark RM 0.5MB
Trailer : Temple of Doom RM 0.9MB
Trailer : Last Crusade RM 0.5MB
Collage : Raiders of the Lost Ark RM 7MB
Collage : Temple of Doom RM 7MB
Collage : Last Crusade RM 7MB
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