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What is Reiki?

         Reiki is a safe, gentle, nurturing yet powerful method of healing
         that can be practiced either "hands-on", or remotely
         as an alternative treatment for a myriad of conditions,
         whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

         Reiki healing enhances and complements conventional therapy,
         traditional medical treatments, and one's own spiritual or
           religious philosophies and ideologies

How Does Reiki Heal?
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Mrs. Hayes is a Master Reiki Healer from Wisconsin, U.S.A
who practices Distance Healing
for anyone who submits an email request.
Although Amy doesn't charge for healing,
she does welcome donations from those who
do experience the spirit, joy & abundance of Reiki.

Send your request for healing to Amy.
(You need not be specific. Just a brief, general description
of that which you would like healed will do.)