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For english grammar online:

For mailing list about english language:

From the Canadian - French SchoolNet (you could sent for 'HELP')

Mailing list for French speakers out of Quebec:
(exactly what the name says: chit-chat--and good for learning
French. But you can't really tell that it's 'Canadian French'.)

From autoresponder (updated two or three times a year):

Email-friendly Internet resources for people learning
English as a foreign, second or other language.

Teachers will find these resources interesting, but when
we compiled the list, we were thinking only of learners.

In fact, there seem to be rather more resources that are
teacher-oriented, but they are not listed here unless
they are also useful to learners.

We have not attempted an academic evaluation of these
resources. All of them will be useful to someone,
somewhere -- maybe you -- but that is for you to decide.

Inclusion is not an endorsement. Omission is not a

Quoted text (text "like this") is copied directly from
the site or list owner's description. There is no
further annotation by us.



A. MAILING LISTS (sorted by Name)

2. English by e-mail
3. English-L
4. ESL
5. Online English


"This discussion group is for learners and teachers
of English -- and especially for those interested in
using Internet. We're running this group for an
experimental period while we're broadcasting our new
radio series "Network". The series is designed to
give an introduction to the Internet - and
especially to how you can use it to learn and teach
English. As well as the radio series we have
produced an Internet site, which contains
transcripts of 1000 the programmes and other information.
The address of the Internet site is:

More people can use email than have access to the
Internet, so this gives the chance for a lot of
people to communicate with us - and with each

Information -
Subject: (not required)
Message: info bbc-elt

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Message: subscribe bbc-elt

2. English by e-mail
A free online English course

"On this mailing list you'll receive English lessons
by e-mail every week. The answers will be posted a
few days after the lessons. Members can't post to
the list. You can find the interactive versions of
the lessons at"

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Subject: (not required)
Message: subscribe lessons Your-Name

"The Students mailing list gives learners of English
the possibility to practise the language for free."

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Message: subscribe students Your-Name

3. English-L
Online Community for ESL Learners

"What is English-L? English-L is a mailing list
where international learners discuss learning
English as a Second Language (ESL).

Why join English-L? It is simple: Do you want to
improve your English?

Joining English-L is like walking into a room full
of people from all over the world talking about
English. At English-L you can:
*Talk with Real People in English
*Ask questions about English
*Exchange opinions of studying English
*Meet interesting people and make new friends"

Information -
Subject: (not required)
Message: info english-l

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Message: subscribe english-l

4. ESL

"ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE list -- dedicated to a
discussion of language teaching and learning related
experiences and materials. Please share your stories
and experiences with others or just simply look for
pen pals in the ESL community."

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Message: subscribe esl

5. Online English

"The purpose of this list is to help you improve
your English. Every week a new lesson will be
automatically sent to you.
I hope you will benefit from our practice and that
your English improvement will help you express your
ideas more clearly.
Courteous, effective global communication is the key
to a better world."

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Message: subscribe vu47 Your-Email-Address





Try these groups -





C. WWW SITES (sorted by URL)

The criteria for email-friendliness are simple. The web
pages must be retrievable by an web-to-email gateway,
and they must be readable when they have been obtained.

Fortunately, email-friendliness usually coincides with
good page design -- and good design is strongly
correlated with original and useful content.

So -- these sites do not rely on frames, image loading,
image maps, cookies, wierd backgrounds, lurid colours,

We have categorised these sites as being primarily
content-based or link-based, though the distinction is
arbitrary in most cases.

This is not a review or a list of recommendations, but
if you really don't know where to start, we suggest
ESLCafé or the many excellent pages at the Aichi
Institute of Technology (


1a. Exchange Learning Resources

1b. Exchange Home Page (frame warning!)

"The goals of EXCHANGE are
* to provide an opportunity for non-native English
speakers to express themselves through the use of
* to create a unique source of knowledge and insight
about different cultures.
To accomplish these goals, EXCHANGE publishes
writings of non-native English speakers from all
over the world."


3. Frizzy University Network

"Frizzy University Network (FUN) is a relaxed and
comfortable environment in which students learning
English as a foreign or second language (EFL/ESL)
can improve their writing. FUN students explore,
discover and share their ideas, opinions and
feelings in written English without the pressure of
working for grades or credit."

4. Guide to Grammar and Writing

"Prepared by Professor of English/Humanities Charles
Darling for English courses at Capital
Community-Technical College and for the general
online public."

5. A Free Online Textbook and Fun Study Site for Students
of English as a Second Language

6. Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students

7. Activities for ESL-EFL Students

8. Network - the Internet magazine for teachers and
learners of English

9. On-Line English Grammar

10. ESL Cafe

11. Living English

"Living English aims to assist in the acquisition of
the English language by presenting authentic
language in meaningful real-life contexts. Living
English utilizes a variety of study strategies which
integrate the four stages of language acquisition:
listening, speaking, reading, writing."

12. Online English

"Study English Online for Free"


"This page contains information and resources for
teachers and students of English as a second
language (ESL) and English as a foreign language
(EFL). The articles give practical hints and
suggestions for learning and teaching any language

14. StudyCom/English for Internet
Free English School on the Net

"The purpose of the project is to explore and expand
the educational potential of internet by offering
free online instruction by volunteer teachers to
students from all over the world, in order, in part,
to facilitate the learning of english by students
who might otherwise not have access to, or resources
for, 'real world' and/or paying classes; and in part
to identify:
1)the advantages and disadvantages of online
education as compared to traditional in-class
education, and
2)the optimal methods for instruction and learning
within the online environment."

15. English as a Foreign Language Magazine

"EFLWEB is an on-line magazine for those teaching
and learning English as a Foreign Language."



16. English as a Second Language

17. Selected Links for ESL Students



20. English Language Links

21. ESL, EFL, and L2 Information

22. ESL / EFL Links

23. Resources for Learning English

24. English as a Second Language Home Page

"Welcome to the English as a Second Language Home
Page. This home page is a starting point for ESL
learners who want to learn English through the World
Wide Web. Many people have created ESL learning
materials for the Web. This home page links you to
those ESL sites and other interesting places. The
variety of materials will allow you to choose
something appropriate for yourself."

25. Learning English Index

"This is the LEARNING ENGLISH section of the SOON ONLINE
MAGAZINE in easy English. The whole magazine is designed
to help those learning English, or who speak it as a
second language. You will find many ideas, and links to
other sites. We hope to offer an English teaching course
on this site soon."

NB: This site has an overt religious agenda.

26. English as a Second Language (Links)

27. Resources for English Language & Culture

28. Index of ESLoop




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