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Shaman's World


Grandfather,Great Spirit,you have been always, and before you no one has been.There is no other one to pray to but you.You yourself,everything that you see,everything has been made by you.The star nations all over the universe you have finished. The day, and in that day,everythnig you have finished. Grandfather,Great Spirit,lean close to the earth that you may hear the voice I send.You towards where the sun goes down, behold me; Thunder Beings, behold me! You where the White Giant lives in power,behold me! You where the sun shines continually,whence come the day-break star and the day, behold me!You where the summer lives,behold me!You in the depths of the heavens an eagle of power,behold! And you Mother Earth, you who have shown mercy to your children!

Hear me,four quarters of the world--a relative i am! Give me strength to walk the soft earth,a relative, to all that is! Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand,that i may be like you.With your power only can I face the winds.

Great Sprit,Great Sprit,my Grandfather, all over the earth the faces of living things are all alike. With tenderness have these come up out of the ground Look upon these faces of children without number and with children in their arms, that they may face the winds and walk the good road to the day of quiet.

This is my Prayer; hear me! The voice I have sent is weak, yet with earnestness I have sent it. Hear Me!


Peace There My Friend

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Gods World, as made by humen::::::

I am at aplace in life, when iam seeking
a better understaning of the world, God's World.
I understand Man as a untamed beast at times.
Towers fall, drugs feed, sex sold,
baby born unloved, Mom's & Dad's where ?

Not sure if this is the world I wanted when young.
Not sure this is how I would bring my kid's.
Iam only able to see God's world, as he made it.
Did God ask humen to not feed a small child ?
Did God ask humen to feel only pain & hunger ?
Did God ask humen to ask for "freedom from him"

I have done these things at one point in life.
I have done these to my-self, with out "knowing"
Not doing anything, was my way out of looking
after myself in a time of need, a time of morning

I have seen, and will always look at my part,
How have I shaped my world ? or How has the
world shaped me ? I have seen the darkset place's
of my soul, Felt the worst possable pain, with out passing.
Self made, self-unaware, self with no God-sight.

But some where inside myself, I saw a being,
an "all-knowing" being who seemed vary tuned-in.
A being who loves life & God,,,,,,,,,
A being who God made & made inside me.
A being who God has never left or ditched in need.
This being was able to hide, to protect & love at once.
This Being was able to love & honor God & God's Love.
This is who I am now, just how God made me 40 years ago

By: Jon r Holstrom 8-17-2004

A healthy woman is much like a wolf ~ robust, inventive, loyal, fierce.

Yet separation from her wildish nature causes a woman to become meager, ghostly, anxious about leaping, fearful to create new life.

With the wild nature as ally and teacher,we see not through two eyes only, butthrough the many eyes of intuition.With intuition we are like the starry night;we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes.

The archetype of the Wild Woman carries los bultos, all the bundles for healingand meaning. She carries all the medicines of stories, words and songs, and themending tools of dances, signs and symbols. She is both vehicle anddestination. She is the essence of the female soul.

No matter how many times she is cut back, called unsafe, dangerous, useless ormad, she rises through the psyche regardless. Even La Sombre, the mostrestrained woman, keeps a secret place for the wild nature. Even La Cautiva,the most captured woman, is waiting for an opportunity to hightail it tofreedom.

All women are born gifted. To live close to the instinctual nature does notmean to become undone. It means to establish one's creative territory, findone's pack, be in one's body with certainty and pride. It means to act in one'sbehalf, to find what one belongs to. It means to rise with dignity, to proceedas a powerful being who is friendly but never tame.

The Wild Woman is the one who thunders in the face of injustice. She is theone who keeps a woman going when she thinks she is done for. The Wild Woman isfluent in the languages of dreams, images, passion and poetry. No act of loveor social justice occurs without her.

She lives in women everywhere; in the barrios and in the boardroom, in theprison and on the mountain at the fire, in the penthouse suite and on the nightbus to Brownsville. She is the mother of El Duende, the goblin wind ofcreativity. She leaves footprints behind for us to try on for size.

Whether you are possessed of a simple heart or the ambitions of an Amazon,whether you are trying to make it to the top or just make it through tomorrow,whether you be spicy or sombre, regal or roughshod ~ the wild nature belongs toyou. She truly belongs to all. The issueh tomorrow, whether you be spicy or sombre, regal or roughshod ~ the wild nature belongs to you. She truly belongs to all. The issue is simple:
Without us Wild Woman dies. Without Wild Woman, we die. Para vida, for true life, both must live.

By: Clarissa Pinkola EstesPh.D

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Well i hope to have left you with something diffrent to think about. This page has been the one voice i have , but i dont get to say any thing, its all something someone has to see to beleave.

Kinda like the light that takes me some where  i dont know how to find on my own, 100% faith in the spirit.

This is all i have been looking for inlife. Not vary ez to do, not in this day and age. But here we are reading about something called The Spirit

Please take time ever day to get to know your selfs.

Just a small amount of time each day, just you and the wind, sun, stars and your spirit.

This some how makes all the bad stuff seem so  small,

For all my friends
Dont ever give up, never, no matter what.
Dear to dream the dream of dreams.

When you wild the spirit,
You tame the soul
When you wild the soul, you tame the spirit

Tell we meet again !
(AA Birth 2-5-88, Normal Birth 05-11-64)