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Links about the Bronze Age (2000 B.C.E. - 800 B.C.E.) and

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  1. Workshops, demonstrations, reproductions of Bronze Age artefacts in the UK
  2. An illustrated multidisciplinary timeline poster

    Torc, La Tène Torc, La Tène

  3. Projects of the University of Oxford

    Dutch bronze fibulae, Late Iron Age

    Dutch bronze fibulae, Late Iron Age

  4. Who were the Celts?
  5. For more information about the Celtic history
  6. The Gaulish language
  7. Did the French built Stonehenge?
  8. The warrior women known to ancient Greek authors as Amazons
  9. Links to sites about megalith monuments
  10. Homepage of Brigantia
  11. Butser Ancient Farm (British Iron Age experiment)
  12. The Sutton Hoo Bronze Age site
  13. Celtic Midi Links; Celtic music
  14. More information about the Gallic Wars
  15. Caucasus Early Bronze Age links

Gaulish bronze helmet with moving wings gaulish bronze helmet with moving wings  

The wall of Maiden Castle, U.K.
Maiden Castle

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