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Images from Bronze and Iron Age Gaul (part 2)
Images about the Early and Middle Bronze Age
Images about the Late Bronze Age
Images about Iron Age findings (#1)
Images about Iron Age findings (#2)
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Images from Bronze and Iron Age Gaul (part 1)

(part 2)

Typical La Tne I (Middle Iron Age) decorations, Bibracte (F), Ardens (B), Sane et Loire (F).

Morinii coin, about 1cm. La Tne III (Late Iron, early Roman Age).

Bronze man figure, La Tne I (Middle Iron Age), about 4 cm long.

Bronze fishing hook (detail)

Hair(?) pins (2000 - 750 B.C.E.)

Azereix, Haute Pyrenes, tumulus, iron torque, bronze pin (7th century B.C.E.)

Various bronzes

Haute Marne, bronze cuirass for a woman (11th - 8th century B.C.E.)

Bretagne, flat axes (Early Bronze Age, 2000 - 1600 B.C.E.)

Clohars-Carnot, Bretagne, socketed axes with (reproduced?) casting seams (1000 B.C.E.)

Bibracte, bronze melting crucibles, La Tne II

Marne, fibulae with collar, La Tne II

The Vosges, Hallstatt bracelets (8th - 5th century B.C.E.)

Bracelets. Top: Ardens, bottom: Marne

Marne, bronze belt, La Tne II (275 - 125 B.C.E.)

Bronze belt (detail)

Marne, iron spearheads

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