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Descendants of ? Hicks

Generation No. 1

1. ? HICKS.

Children of ? HICKS are:
2. i. JOHN HICKS, b. February 1762, Hanover Co., VA; d. Aft. 1842, Jasper Co., MS?.
ii. JOEL HICKS, b. October 21, 1765, Hanover Co., VA.
iii. ? HICKS (female).

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN HICKS (?1) was born February 1762 in Hanover Co., VA, and died Aft. 1842 in Jasper Co., MS?.

Notes for JOHN HICKS:
Coweta County}
On this the 8 day of November 1832 personally appeared in open court before us John D. Hinton, Richard B. Wooten and Henry Henderson Judges of the Inferior Court of the county and state aforesaid now Setting, John Hicks a resident in the County of Coweta and State of Georgia aged Seventy years (70) who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832
That he entered the service
of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. That he entered the service of the United States the first of January 1781 - was living in Hanover County Virginia, was drafted for two months, the company was commanded by Capt. William Winston, and the regiment by Col. John Stark. He was marched to Williamsburg and on arriving at Williamsburg the whole was under the command of Genl. Hugh Nelson. He served a parte of the two months under Capt. Winston and the balance of the two months under Capt. Lipscomb after being discharged he returned home and on the latter part of the month of March he was again called into service for two months. The company was commanded by Capt. Robert Carter the Battalion was commanded by Maj. George Lee Tervavill, the Battalion was stationed at Sandy Point on James River Viriginia.
From Sandy Point the company he was in was dispatched as a guard with the boats that was loaded with military stores to Burrels Ferrey in five miles of Williamsburg, the he served out his second tour of two months__ That he entered the service again about the last of or the first of June of the same for two months, the company was commanded by Capt. Hayden (this deponant cannot distinctly say that that was the Capt. name but thinks so) the regiment was commanded by Col. Ennis and was stationed within 4 or 5 miles of Glowcester Town Virginia in sight of Little York and he then served out his third tour of two months. In November he again entered the service for two months as a volunteer a part of the time he served under Capt. Robert Carter and the balance of the two months under Capt. Thomas Richardson. That he served with no Continental Regiment or Companies that he had seen many of the regular officers but as not personally acquainted with any, that he has no documentary evidence and that he knows of no person in the state whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
Sworn to and subscribed this day } John (his X mark) Hicks
and year aforesaid}

Jno. Winton, J.O.C.C.C.
Rich. B. Wooten, J.J.C.C.C.
Henry Henderson, J.J.C.C.C.

He swears to interrogatories for the war department
He swears to 1st Interrogatory
He was born in Hanover County Virginia
February 1762-------------------------------

Children of JOHN HICKS are:
3. i. TOLIVER HICKS, b. Abt. 1793, Tennessee.
4. ii. WILLIAM A. HICKS, b. 29 Jan. 1797, Tennessee; m. LUCY SLOAN, November 08, 1836, St. Clair Co., AL.
iii. J. D. HICKS, b. Abt. 1804, Tennessee; m. JOANNAH.

Generation No. 3

3. TOLIVER HICKS (JOHN2, ?1) was born Abt. 1793 in Tennessee. He married CLARA MOORE March 04, 1822 in Wake Co., NC. She was born Abt. 1807 in North Carolina.

1830 Coweta Co., GA census; page 370:
Tolifer L. Hicks:
2 males under age 5 (son Wm. Jasper and 1 son name unknown)
1 male age 30-40 (Toliver)
1840 Jackson Co., AL census; page 15:
Toliver Hicks:
1 male under age 5 (1 son name unknown)
1 male age 5-10 (sons Stephen D. and unknown)
1 male age 10-15 (son Wm. Jasper)
1 male age 40-50 (Toliver)
3 females under age 5 (daus. Susan, Minerva, and unknown)
1 female age 30-40 (Clara)

1850 Cherokee Co., TX census; p. 881; HH 520:
T. L. Hicks, age 57, farmer, b. TN
Clary, age 43, b. NC
Stephen D., age 19, farmer, b. GA
Susan, age 15, b. MS
Minerva, age 13, b. GA
John, age 9, b. MS
Mary, age 4, b. LA

1860 Angelina Co., TX census; Homer PO; p. 95; HH 593/576:
Toliver L. Hicks, age 62, farmer, b. TN
Clary, age 54, b. NC
Mary, age 30, b. LA

Marriage for Toliver & Clara was witnessed by ? Pullen and bondsman was William A. Hicks.

Children of TOLIVER HICKS and CLARA MOORE are:
i. ? HICKS, b. Bet. 1825 - 1830.
5. ii. WILLIAM JASPER HICKS, b. December 01, 1827.
iii. STEPHEN D. HICKS, b. Abt. 1831, Georgia.
6. iv. SUSAN J. HICKS, b. November 1835, Alabama; d. Aft. 1920.
v. ? HICKS, b. Bet. 1835 - 1840.
vi. MINERVA HICKS, b. Abt. 1837, Georgia.
vii. JOHN HICKS, b. Abt. 1841, Mississippi.
viii. MARY HICKS, b. Abt. 1846, Louisiana.

4. WILLIAM AUGUST HICKS (JOHN2, ?1) was born January 29, 1797 in Tennessee. He married (1) MARGARET ADELAID TOLLIVER October 28, 1819. She was born April 04, 1802. He married (2) LUCY ? November 08, 1836 in St. Clair Co., AL. She was born Abt. 1803 in South Carolina.

1830 Coweta Co., GA census; p. 368:
William A. Hicks:
3 males under age 5 (sons Francis, Samuel and Toliver)
1 male age 5-10 (son William)
1 male age 30-40 (William)
1 female under age 5 (dau. Jane)
1 female age 20-30 (wife Margaret)

1840 Jasper Co., MS census; p. 171:
W. A. Hicks:
2 males age 5-10 (son Samuel & st. son Wm. Sloan)
1 male age 10-15 (son Francis)
2 males age 15-20 (sons Wm. and Tolliver)
2 males age 20-30 (???)
1 male age 40-50 (William)
1 female age 5-10 (dau. Jane)
1 female age 10-15 (dau. Louisa)
1 female age 30-40 (wife Lucy)

1850 Cherokee Co., TX census; p. 897; HH 33/33:
W. A. Hicks, age 52, farmer, b. TN
Lucy, age 47, b. SC
Wm. N. Slone, age 19, student, b. AL
Robt, Johnson, age 19, farmer, b. AL
J. Perraton, age 30, baliff, b. AL
Newton Hicks, age 21, farmer, b. GA

7. i. LOUISA ADELAID HICKS, b. November 16, 1820; d. October 23, 1875.
8. ii. WILLIAM N. HICKS, b. September 02, 1822.
iii. TOLLIVER A. PERRY HICKS, b. June 08, 1824.
iv. JANE HICKS, b. Bet. 1825 - 1830; d. August 15, 1856; m. ANDREW JACKSON, May 04, 1843.
v. FRANCIS M. HICKS, b. November 16, 1826.
vi. SAMUEL A. B. HICKS, b. September 06, 1829.

Children of WILLIAM HICKS and LUCY ? are:
vii. ELIZA C. HICKS, b. May 14, 1832.

Generation No. 4

5. WILLIAM JASPER HICKS (TOLIVER L.3, JOHN2, ?1) was born December 01, 1827. He married (1) MARGARET JANE RUBY, daughter of CHARLES RUBY and MARGARET GUARD. She was born January 24, 1842 in Somerville, Fayette, TN, and died November 11, 1875 in Wells, Cherokee, TX. He married (2) V. C. ?. She was born in Georgia.

1860 Angelina Co., TX census; p. 95; HH 604/584:
William Hicks, age 38, farmer, b. AL
Margaret, age 18, b. TN
Rosaline, age 1, b. TX
Eli S. Ruby, age 20, farmer, b. TN

1870 Angelina Co., TX census; Pennington PO; p. 132A; HH 47/47:
Jasper Hicks, age 44, farmer, b. MS
Margaret, age 28, keeping house, b. TN
Rosalean, age 10, b. TX
Jefferson, age 8, b. TX
Charles, age 5, b. TX
Ella, age 2, b. TX

1880 Cherokee Co., TX census; Pct. 8; ED 19; p. 448A; HH 25/26:
W. J. Hicks, age 52, farmer, b. AL, parents b. TN
V. C., wife, house keeper, b. GA, father b. SC
M. R., dau., age 20, asst. house keeper, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TN
Jeff D., son, age 18, farm hand, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TN
C. T., son, age 16, farm hand, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TN
Ella, dau., age 11, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TN
Ida, dau., age 2/12, b. Apr, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. GA
Henry Crawford, step-son, age 9, b. TX, father b. LA, mother b. GA

1900 Cherokee Co., TX census; JP 8; ED 30; p. 283B; HH 13/13:
William J. Hicks, b. Jan. 1828, age 72, m. 8 yrs., b. AL, parents b. TN
Sarah, wife, b. May 1847, age 53, 8 of 11 children living, b. TX, parents b. TX
Henry, step-son, b. Mar. 1879, age 21, b. TX, parents b. TX
Helen, step-dau., b. Jun. 1882, age 17, b. TX, parents b. TX

Hicks a cripple, was unable to serve in the Civil War, but worked in the freighting service in Shreveport during that period. He built one of the first log houses near Wells, TX. His wife, Margaret was the first person buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.

i. ROSALINE HICKS, b. Abt. 1859.
9. ii. JEFFERSON D. HICKS, b. Abt. 1862, Texas.
10. iii. CHARLES THOMAS HICKS, b. September 1864.
iv. ELLA HICKS, b. Abt. 1868.

Child of WILLIAM HICKS and V. ? is:
v. IDA HICKS, b. April 1880.

6. SUSAN J. HICKS (TOLIVER L.3, JOHN2, ?1) was born November 1835 in Alabama, and died Aft. 1920, buried in Mt. Zion Cem., Wells, Cherokee Co., TX. She married (1) ROBERT JOHNSON June 01, 1860 in Angelina Co., TX. She married (2) JONATHAN D. REPP December 18, 1865 in Angelina Co., TX, son of JONATHAN REPP and MARY FIELD. He was born Abt. 1830 in Indiana, and died October 28, 1898 in Cherokee Co., TX.

1850 Scott Co., IN census; Jennings Twp.; page 205A; HH 212/212:
Ephraim Field, age 24, cooper, b. IN
Mary Ann, age 20, b. IN
John C., age 2, b. IN
Jonathan Ripp, age 19, cooper, b. IL
Nathaniel Poor, age 19, cooper, b. IN
George Cain, age 19, cooper, b. IN
(Ephraim Field was Jonathan's cousin. Ephraim was son of Harvey Field, Harvey being Mary Field Repp's brother)

1860 Rapides Parish, LA census; Alexandria P.O.; HH 1708/1702:
Irving Edgar, age 32, engineer, b. Scotland
Johnathan Rapp, age 29, carpenter, b. IN

1870 Angelina Co., TX census; Pennington; page 141; HH 73/73:
Jonathan Repp, age 44, Farmer, b. IN
Susan, age 32, house keeping, b. MS
Susan, age 3, b. TX
Martha Johnson, age 9, b. TX
David, age 7, b. TX

1880 Cherokee Co., TX census; J.P. 8; E.D. 19; page 447B; HH 10/10:
Johnathan Repp, age 50, farmer, b. IN, parents b. Germany
Susan, age 44, wife, house keeper, b. MS, father b. TN, mother b. NC
David Johnson, step-son, farm hand, b. TX, parents b. MS
Emanuel Repp, age 6, son, b. TX
Johnathan, age 5, son, b. TX
Samuel, age 1, son, b. TX

1900 Cherokee Co., TX census; J.P. 8; page 284A; HH 18/18:
Susan Repp, b. Nov. 1835 age 64, widow, 2 of 2 children living, b. Al, father b. TN, mother b. SC
Emmanuel S., son, b. Apr. 1874 age 26, b. TX, father b. IN, mother b. AL, teacher
John, son, b. Feb. 1876 age 24, b. TX, teacher
David Johnson, son, b. Jan. 1863, b. TX, father b. TX, mother b. AL, farmer
(Obviously someone was confused when giving info to the census taker. Susan is reported to have 2 children, both living, well she has 3 children living with her now!)

Susan (Hicks) Repp's first husband died in the Civil War. Jonathan Repp's first wife, in Indiana, Susan Chastain, died in childbirth with their son Pleasant Allen Repp. Jonathan left this son in Indiana with his wife's parents and went to Louisiana and then Texas by 1862 to join the CSA.

1860 Angelina Co., TX census; 1st Dist.; Homer P.O.; page 95A; HH 602/582:
Robert Johnson, age 26, farmer, b. AL
Susan J., age 23, b. MS
John Hicks, age 20, farmer, b. MS

Susan Repp applied for a widow's pension in Wells, TX and was approved on 26 Sept. 1908. In the application we find Jonathan's death date. She says that Jonathan enlisted in Nacogdoches, TX sometime during 1862 and was discharged at the end of the war in 1865. When asked the name of his regiment Susan replied that she did not know, he served in the infantry. Copies of muster rolls shows that Jonathan served in the 12th TX Inf., Co. G, Young's Brigade, as a private. Witnesses to the fact that Susan Repp was indeed the widow of Jonathan were W. N. Beasley and W. R. Ellerbee. Witnesses to the fact that Jonathan Repp did serve in the war were Geo. C. Ingraham and F. H. Hoya, they both served with Jonathan during the war. They state though that co. and regt. were Co. G, 8th TX Inf.

i. MARTHA JOHNSON, b. Abt. 1861.
ii. DAVID JOHNSON, b. January 1863.

Children of SUSAN HICKS and JONATHAN REPP are:
iii. SUSAN REPP, b. Abt. 1867, Texas; d. Bef. 1880.
11. iv. EMMANUEL S. REPP, b. April 30, 1874, Texas; d. May 07, 1925, Hot Springs, AR.
12. v. JONATHAN REPP, b. February 09, 1876, Pollok, Angelina, TX; d. January 06, 1930, Wells, Cherokee, TX.
13. vi. SAMUEL REPP, b. October 28, 1878, Texas; d. August 22, 1967, LaPorte, Harris, TX. Please see my REPP page for the continuation of my line from here.

7. LOUISA ADELAID HICKS (WILLIAM AUGUST3, JOHN2, ?1) was born November 16, 1820, and died October 23, 1875, buried in Carson Family Cem. She married AUGUSTUS MARION CARSON in St. Clair Co., AL. He was born April 01, 1811, and died October 04, 1885, buried in Carson Family Cem.

1860 Cherokee Co., TX census; Rusk PO; p. 418; HH 110/110:
A. M. Carson, age 50, farmer, b. NC
A. L., age 40, housekeeping, b. NC
James, age 16, b. MS
E. A., age 13, b. LA
Thomas, age 9, b. TX
M. A., age 5, b. TX
Wm. A., age 3, b. TX
John B., age 2/12, b. TX
J. A. Camps, age 23, teacher, b. TN
W. A. Hicks, age 63, trader, b. TN

14. i. EMMA AUGUSTA CARSON, b. March 05, 1846.
iv. VICTOR LEONIDAS "JIM" CARSON, b. February 28, 1844; d. Bef. 1875, buried in Carson Family Cem..
v. JOHN PAUL CARSON, b. January 24, 1860, buried in Carson Family Cem.
vi. WILLIAM HICKS CARSON, b. Abt. 1857; d. April 05, 1904, buried in Carson Family Cem.

8. WILLIAM N. HICKS (WILLIAM AUGUST3, JOHN2, ?1) was born September 02, 1822. He married TABITHA E. ?.

1870 Cherokee Co., TX census; Rusk; p. 191A; HH 58/58:
William N. Hicks, age 47, trader, b. TN
Tabitha E., age 25, b. AL
Walter L., age 14, b. TX
Ella F., age 12, b. TX

Children of WILLIAM HICKS and TABITHA ? are:
i. WALTER L. HICKS, b. Abt. 1856, Texas.
16. ii. ELLA FLORENCE HICKS, b. November 13, 1857, Palestine, Anderson, TX; d. October 09, 1927, Longview, Gregg, TX.

Generation 5

9. JEFFERSON D. HICKS (WILLIAM JASPER4, TOLIVER L.3, JOHN2, ?1) was born Abt. 1862 in Texas. He married GEORGIA W. ?. She was born Abt. 1873 in Louisiana.

1900 Cherokee Co., TX census; JP 8; ED 30; p. 287A; HH 79/79:
Jefferson D. Hicks, b. Feb. 1861, age 39, m. 9 yrs., b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TX, farmer
Georgia W., wife, b. Mar. 1873, age 27, 3 children, b. LA, father b. MS, mother b. AL
Effie O., dau., b. Jul. 1892, b. TX
Laura O., dau., b. Apr. 1894, age 6, b. TX
William E., son, b. Sep. 1896, age 3, b. TX
Elsy R. Doyle, boarder, b. Nov. 1876, age 23, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TX, farm laborer
Newton Hicks, boarder, b. Jul. 1881, age 18, b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TX

1910 Cherokee Co., TX census; JP 8; ED 24; p. 23A; HH 284/284:
J. D. Hicks, age 48, m. 18 yrs., b. TX, father b. AL, mother b. TN, farmer
Georgia, wife, age 37, 3 children, b. LA, parents b. LA
Effie, dau., age 17, b. TX
Oleta, dau., age 15, b. TX
Emmit, son, age 13, b. TX, farm laborer

Children of JEFFERSON HICKS and GEORGIA ? are:
i. EFFIE O. HICKS, b. July 1892, Texas.
17. ii. LAURA OLETA HICKS, b. April 1894, Texas.
18. iii. WILLIAM EMMIT HICKS, b. September 1896, Texas.

10. CHARLES THOMAS HICKS (WILLIAM JASPER4, TOLIVER L.3, JOHN2, ?1) was born September 1864. He married NORA ELIZABETH BROWN January 07, 1892 in Rusk, Cherokee, TX, daughter of JOHN BROWN and MARGARET TARVER. She was born May 29, 1876 in Wells, Cherokee, TX, and died November 11, 1959 in Lufkin, Angelina, TX.

19. i. JOHN HOWARD HICKS, b. October 01, 1892, Cherokee Co., TX; d. April 15, 1971, Houston, Harris, TX.

14. EMMA AUGUSTA CARSON (LOUISA ADELAID4 HICKS, WILLIAM AUGUST3, JOHN2, ?1) was born March 05, 1846. She married EDWIN REECE HARRY. Both are buried in Carson Family Cem.

i. EDWIN A. HARRY, b. October 20, 1868.


Children of MARY CARSON and E. SANDERS are:
i. GLENN KNOX6 SANDERS, b. February 11, 1883; d. October 16, 1884, buried in Carson Family Cem.
ii. ROY R. SANDERS, b. February 04, 1894.

16. ELLA FLORENCE HICKS (WILLIAM N.4, WILLIAM AUGUST3, JOHN2, ?1) was born November 13, 1857 in Palestine, Anderson, TX, and died October 09, 1927 in Longview, Gregg, TX, buried there in Greenwood Cem.. She married THOMPSON S. CAMP, JR. April 15, 1877 in Overton, Rusk, TX. He was born April 10, 1850 in Elyton, Jefferson, AL, and died September 14, 1900 in Longview, Gregg, TX, buried there in Greenwood Cem.

Notes for THOMPSON S. CAMP, JR.:
1880 Rusk Co., TX census; Henderson; ED 72; p. 2A; HH 29/32:
T. Camp Jr., age , clerk in store, b. AL, father b. AL, mother b. VA
E. F., age , wife, keeping house, b. TX, father b. TN, mother b. AL
A. L., age , dau., b. TX
W. N. Hicks, age , father-in-law, cotton buyer, b. TN, father b. TN, mother b. NC
E. T., age , mother-in-law, b. AL, father b. PA, mother b. AL
D. W. Rogers, age , trader, b. GA, parents b. GA

1900 Gregg Co., TX census; Longview; Pct. 1; ED 32; p. 39B; HH 391/390:
Thompson Camp, b. Apr. 1850, age 50, m. 23 yrs., b. AL, parents b. AL, cotton buyer
Ella F., wife, b. Nov. 1858, age 41, 7 children, b. TX, father b. GA, mother b. AL
Anna, dau., b. Jul. 1878, age 21, b. TX
Eula, dau., b. Apr. 1881, age 19, b. TX
Walter, son, b. Aug. 1883, age 16, b. TX
Alice, dau., b. Oct. 1889, age 10, b. TX
William, son, b. Jul. 1892, age 7, b. TX
Josephine, dau., b. Feb. 1895, age 5, b. TX
Marguerite, dau., b. Jan. 1898, age 2, b. TX

Children of ELLA HICKS and THOMPSON CAMP are:
35. i. ANNA LAURA CAMP, b. July 28, 1878, Henderson, Rusk, TX; d. December 22, 1972, Henderson, Rusk, TX.
ii. EULA MAE CAMP, b. April 14, 1881.
iii. WALTER THOMPSON CAMP, b. August 24, 1883.
iv. ALICE MOUGHON CAMP, b. October 20, 1889.
v. WILLIAM BERNAY CAMP, b. July 04, 1892.
vi. EMMA JOSEPHINE CAMP, b. February 22, 1895.
vii. MARGUERITE CAMP, b. January 08, 1898.

Generation 6

17. LAURA OLETA HICKS (JEFFERSON D.5, WILLIAM JASPER4, TOLIVER L.3, JOHN2, ?1) was born April 1894 in Texas. She married BEN F. BAILEY.

Children of LAURA HICKS and BEN BAILEY are:
i. BENIE JEAN BAILEY, b. December 05, 1927, Cherokee Co., TX.
ii. EDWARD WARNER BAILEY, b. August 27, 1932, Cherokee Co., TX.

18. WILLIAM EMMIT HICKS (JEFFERSON D.5, WILLIAM JASPER4, TOLIVER L.3, JOHN2, ?1) was born September 1896 in Texas.

1930 Cherokee Co., TX census; Pct. 6; p. 267A; HH 2/2:
Emmett Hicks, age 33, b. TX, parents b. TX, farmer
Elva, wife, age 31, b. TX, parents b. TX
Carrie, dau., age 12, b. TX
Iola, dau., age 9, b. TX
Ferrie, son, age 7, b. TX

Children of WILLIAM EMMIT HICKS are:
36. i. CARRIE OLIVIA HICKS, b. January 15, 1918, Cherokee Co., TX; d. January 23, 2000, Cherokee Co., TX.
37. ii. IOLA HICKS, b. December 14, 1920, Cherokee Co., TX.
38. iii. EMIT FERRELL HICKS, b. November 09, 1922, Cherokee Co., TX; d. October 09, 2001.

19. JOHN HOWARD HICKS (CHARLES THOMAS5, WILLIAM JASPER4, TOLIVER L.3, JOHN2, ?1) was born October 01, 1892 in Cherokee Co., TX, and died April 15, 1971 in Houston, Harris, TX. He married MARY ELIZA ARVIN November 14, 1915 in Dennison, Grayson, TX, daughter of JOSEPH ARVIN and PERMELIA THETFORD. She was born May 27, 1895 in Terrace Bells, Grayson, TX, and died June 03, 1988 in Houston, Harris, TX.

Child of JOHN HICKS and MARY ARVIN is:
i. JAMES HOWARD7 HICKS, b. January 10, 1922, Woodville, TX; m. BETTY KATHERINE DALE MAGEE, March 27, 1946, Houston, Harris, TX; b. November 10, 1929, Houston, Harris, TX; d. April 03, 1996, Tracy, CA.

35. ANNA LAURA CAMP (ELLA FLORENCE5 HICKS, WILLIAM N.4, WILLIAM AUGUST3, JOHN2, ?1) was born July 28, 1878 in Henderson, Rusk, TX, and died December 22, 1972 in Henderson, Rusk, TX. She married WILLIAM RANDOLPH HARRIS August 16, 1903 in Henderson, Rusk, TX.

i. WILLIAM RANDOLPH7 HARRIS, JR., b. August 03, 1904, Henderson, Rusk, TX; d. February 15, 1996, Henderson, Rusk, TX; m. VIRGINIA LIVINGSTON MORGAN, July 18, 1927; b. July 19, 1905, Washington Co., AR; d. May 22, 1993, Henderson, Rusk, TX.

I have ended with the 6th generation so that I don't wind up putting personal information on folks who may still be living. I do have some further information these descendants, but not all. Please feel free to email me if you have more info to add or if you think I may be able to help you with this Hicks family.
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