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WebTv Fans on the WWW!

Are you a crazed WebTv fan? Well here's a webring for you! This ring is for all the WebTv Fans on the World Wide Web. It can contain any topic as long as it was created thru a webtv box. You must have an up to date web site with plenty of info on your pages. All you need is a webtv terminal (sorry computers), either classic or plus, doesn't matter, my html code on your page, any style you prefer and ME to view your site! And no naughty stuff!! Kids surf too you know! Thanks y'all!

Please note: There is only one panel. The smooth style no longer exits. If you were one that originally picked the smooth style and the graphic is not showing please e-mail me for the other html code. Thanks.

The Style

WebTv Fans on the WWW Control Panel!!
F A N S !!
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Update 2/23/00: For those of you whose panel is not working properly please e-mail me and I'll resend the html code again. When the upgrade was done a few booboo's were generated which is causing problems with the codes. Thanks..M

Here is where you submit all the info about your website and send it to Me!

Here is where you go to edit the info you orignally submitted to the webring!

And here is where you can view other webtv fans websites. A must see..*g*

~*~Enuf Said~*~

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That was alot of work!
Thanks for joining my little ring.
WebRing Created on 8-16-98