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A brand-new illuminated display product . After months of intensive R&D, we proudly announce this revolutionary product that we believe the advertising industry has been longing for.

Our SPDS has adopted number of advanced technologies to achieve significant advantages in both functionality and reliability. SPDS is a multi-image advertising or information billboard designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Controlled by a microcomputer

Our latest product, SPDS DIY kit, is designed for those customers who want to integrate scrolling poster display into their own products. Its modular and scalable design enables customers to quickly and easily build their scrolling poster display systems to the size and style they desire and market them at very competitive prices.
Granted with four state patents, our MPDS is an integration of mechanical, optical, electronic, micro-computer and digital graphic processing technologies MPDS displays 3 images with seamless merging transition effect. It offers a unique and innovative media to today's demanding advertising market.
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