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If you have any ARES Pages or XENA and HERCULES links for me to add email me and I will check them out and then add them to my page so that others may visit your Page too. So Hurry

Ares: God Of War



Kevin Smith......aka......Ares.

In my Quest to find information on Ares: God Of War, from the series's XENA: Warrior Princess and Hercules, I Found that there were Few Homepages dedicated to this Handsome God, YEAH ok so he is the bad guy, but with a face like that, he can be as bad as he wants, need I say more ?

So I have decided to make a Homepage too, BUT dare I say it?..... have aquired the photos from the same Homepages available, So I hope that they see this as flattery, than an offense.

Here are some Links to Ares Homepages

XERXES's: Ares Page is full of ARES and XENA Photos
PED's: Homepage is full of ARES Photos
KRIKET's: Place! has some great links...check it out
LESSA"s: Smithsonian Page has ARES info and Links
More ARES: links and Photos
Discussion Group: for ARES fan's....Check it out.... It's like a chat group only you leave a message
ZEPGIRL's: Kevin Smith Page has TON's of ARES Information
SHENNA's: Ares Homepage
EmbyrDragon's: Kevin Smith Page
EMBYR's: Ares Page
The Most Intriguing People Magazine:Article... A Must See
Greek Mythology:Gods Of Olympians

I wish to thank the following people for their contributions to my homepage: Xerxes, Tom, Kym, Richard Carter Jr., Logomancy, Michelle, Susabelle, Vicki, If I left anyone out let me know.

Are You intrested in XENA: Warrior Princess? or HERCULES: The Legendary Journeys?......Then try these LINKS.

TOM's XENA fan Homepage has some ARES Photos
VICKI's Tribute To Hercules/Kevin Sorbo Homepage
XENA Homepage

Thanks guys for the Photos of ares........And if anyone out there with Xena or Hercules pages has any ARES photos and you allow me to use them in the future,.... I will add your link in this shrine for these Mortal hero"s

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