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Garlic and Diabetes

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Center in Beltsville, MD, has demonstrated that the herb can reduce not only levels of blood fat, but blood sugar, too at the same time increasing the level of insulin in the blood. Which means better diabetes control.

Dr.T. Abdullah of the Akbar Clinic and Research Institute in Panama City, FL, has produced dramatic evidence that garlic revs up the body's natural immune system. He and nine other volunteers ate either raw garlic or kyolic extract. He then drew the volunteer's blood and the blood of a control group made up of people who had not eaten any garlic. The next step was to extract key immune system components such as white blood cells and killer cells (a type of white blood cell that attacks and kills invaders). They were mixed in a lab dish with cancer cells. The result was astonishing, killer cells from the garlic eaters destroyed from 140 percent to 160 percent more cancer cells than did blood from the nongarlic eaters.