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1st Confederate Division Cavalry, 3rd Battalion
Eric Matthews
Marquad,. Missouri 63655
(413) 866-3335
1st Calvary Division
Brigader General Ed Pettit
Hillsboro, Missouri 63050
(314) 274-4823

Co A, 1st Kansas Volunteers is located in
NE Kansas & NW Missouri (Kansas City Area).
We do a federal impression of the Home Guard Milita
If interested call Phil Campbell 913-782-6972 or Bret Cortright

1st Missouri Artillery, Battery I (U. S.)
Gregory Brough
Webster Grove, Missouri 63119

1st Missouri Artillery, Battery M (U. S.)
Cpt. Don Calvin
Washington, Missouri 63090
(314) 239-4305

1st Missouri Calvary
Paul Imler
Sedalia, Missouri 65301
Phone:(660) 826-5425
We have both mounted and dismounted troopers, we are known to galvanize. We are a familyoriented unit and camp as such.

1st Missouri Light Artillery, 3rd Battalion
Walt Larson
Washington, Missouri 63090
(314) 239-0977

2nd Kansas Infantry, Co. I
Dan Moore
Springfield, Missouri 65802

2nd Missouri Calvary
Cpt. Rick Reed
Osceola, Missouri 64776
(417) 646-2240

2nd Missouri Infantry, Co. K
Cpt. Ron Ulrich
Macon, Missouri 63552


3rd Missouri Calvary, Co. A
Sgt. Steve Allen
Mt. Grove, Missouri 65711
(417) 746-4617

4th Missouri Calvary (U. S.)
Dave Smith
Rolla, Missouri 65401

(314) 364-6491

5th Missouri Infantry, Co. A, Dennis Faught, 573-636-8336 (CONFED) or
Cpt. Jerry Lee
Cole Camp, Missouri 65325,
(660) 668-3635

5th Missouri infantry, Co. I,
Cpt. Mike Congdon
Columbia, Missouri 65202

6th Kansas Cavalry
2nd Lt. Martin Hill
Nevada, Missouri 64772
(417) 677-8022

6th Missouri Infantry, Co. A
Cpt. Alan Conner
Fulton, Missouri 65251,
(573) 642-9200

7th Kentucky Infantry, Co. C
Cpt. Don Merideth
Charleston, Missouri 63834
(314) 683-6911

7th Missouri Infantry (U. S.)
Col. J. Crofut
St. Joseph, Missouri 64508

8th Arkansas Cavalry (Newton's)
Ron Talburt

8th Illinois Infantry, Co. G
Pvt. John Pillars
Sikeston, Missouri 63801

8th Missouri Cavalry, Co. K
Cpt. Ken Settlemoir
Fredericktown, Missouri 63645
(314) 783-6509

8th Missouri Infantry (U. S.)
Cpt. Stan Prater
High Ridge, Missouri 63049
(314) 677-8252 or
Stan Prater,
(314) 677-8252

9th Missouri Battalion Sharpshooters, Co. C
Cpt. Bob Smith
Foley, Missouri 63347
(314) 662-2442

10th Missouri Cavalry, Co. A
Charles Brulle
St. Louis, Missouri 63125
(314) 351-4252

10th Missouri Cav., Co. C
Ed Pettit
314-274-4823 (UNION)

10th Missouri Infantry, Co. E
Cpt. Rick Goman
Ozark, Missouri 65721

10th Missouri Light Artillery
1st Det, 1st Lt. Keith Martin
Gobler, Missouri 63849
(573) 737-2542

11th Mississippi Reg, Co. G, Lamar Rifles
John W. Wells,
314-978-4886 (CONFED)

11th Missouri Infantry, Co. B
Mike Patrick
Anderson, Missouri 64831

11th MS Infantry, Co. G
Bob Alexander
St. Louis, Missouri 63116
(314) 352-5667

12th Wisconsin Light Artillery
William Winfrey
Kmob Noster, Missouri 65336

22nd North Carolina Infantry
Phillip McGourty
St. Louis, Missouri 63136

23rd Missouri Infantry, Co. A
Kevan Stull
Webb City, Missouri 64870

26th Missouri Infantry (U. S.)
Tom Debo
Point Lookout, Missouri 65726
(417) 561-2755

26th Missouri Volunteer Infantry (Union)
Brian Shay
P. O. Box 6397
Bronson, MO 65615
Phone: 417-336-6758

30th Missouri Infantry (U. S.)
Col. J. Crofutt
St. Joseph, Missouri 64508

34th Illinois Infantry
Jack Grothe
St. Louis, Missouri 63125

(314) 631-7492

81st Illinois Infantry, Co. I
Michael Bub
East Prairie, Missouri 63845-0234

88th New York Infantry
Big River Artillery
Richard Shannon
Rocky Mount, Missouri 65072
(314) 392-5373

Big River Volunteers, Co. A
Walt Yancey,Frederickstown, Missouri 63645
(573) 783-2487

Clark's Battery
Fred Defield
Charleston, Missouri 63834
(314) 683- 6238

Clark's Battery, Co. D & E

Collins Battery "B"
Commander and Contact: Capt. Lou Dunlap
Address: 17816 Nation Rd.
Holt MO 64048
Tel: 816-320-2585
Recruit Area: We are looking for recruits in Western MO, and Eastern Kansas,

Elliott's Battalion of Scouts
Missouri Cavalry, P.A.C.S.
Michael Gooch
11159 Reynolds Rd.
Orrick, Missouri 64077
Phone:(816) 770 3949
We are two Posts of Explorer Scouts, B.S.A.,
Our A Company (25 strong)is all aged 14 - 21
B Company (32 strong) is over 21.
We are a two company battalion of Cavalry Skirmishers (dismounted) with a Laundress unit (25+ strong) following.

Guibor's Battery
Jim Cook
Granby, Missouri 64844
(417) 325- 4404

Holme's Brigade
Cpt. John Maki
Lexington, Missouri 64067
(816) 259-2062

Jackman's Rangers
Dale Sherrard
Kingsville, Missouri 64061
(816) 566- 3342

Landis Battery
Cpt. Joel Semier
Garden City, Missouri 64747
(816) 862-8635

Medich's Battalion
Layne Chartrand
O'Fallon, Missouri 63366
(314) 978-3266

The Missouri Irish Brigade U.S.V.
MAJOR James E. Crofutt
Missouri Irish Brigade
7th/30th MO. Inf. Vols.
P.O.Box 8092
St. Joseph MO. 64508
We portray the typical union volunteer infantry impression. Our command was an actual Irish Brigade in 1864 with the 7th Missouri being predomently Irish and the 30th Missouri being German Irish. Our rapid and very active unit is seeking volunteers from the tri-state region of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. We are a rapidly growing unit and very active. We authentically portray a Federal infantry command in all aspects. we do walk the picket line, Drill, and have military inspections, we are often refered to leaning towards becoming a Hardcorp unit by our other units. Please!!! - We ask for serious inquiries only.

Missouri Brigade Medical Service
Major Phillip Woolfolk
Centralia, Missouri 65240
(573) 682-3369

Shelby's 5th Missouri Calvary
Col. Scott Hughes
Kansas City, Missouri 64118
(816) 468-6711

The Skulker's Mess
Shane Seley
P.O. Box 45661
Kansas City, MO 64171-8661
Phone: (816) 931-3128
or Frank Aufmuth at (314) 771-0688.
We are the Skulker's Mess - a growing, hardcore-authentic unit based in the Midwest. Impressions include Federal and Confed inf. in all theaters of the war. We also have a first-rate company impression as an early-war militia unit. Regulary participate with units like the Mudsills, Bully Boys, High Privates, Smokey Row Mess

Wade's Missouri Battery
Bob Beanland
Fidon, Missouri 65026
(816) 358-6039

The "Mississippi Valley Brigade"

The MVB consists of over 1000 men from the Confederate Volunteer Battalion, the Tennessee Valley Battalion, the Trans-Mississippi Volunteer Battalion, and the Red River Battalion.

Persons of contact are: Brig-Gen Roger Johnson Cmdg

and LtCol Wayne Beauford, AAG

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