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1st Confederate Division Artillery Brigade
Col. Roger Hansen
Pascagoula, Mississippi 39581
(601) 588-3938

1st Missouri Engineer Regiment, Co. B
Mike Bryant
Vicksburg Mississippi 39180
(601) 636-1998

1st Mississippi Light Artillery
Duffy Neubauer
Starkville, Mississippi 39759
(601) 323-2606

1st Mississippi Regiment Field Hospital
Nadine Cochran
Steens, Mississippi 39766

3rd Mississippi Inf., Co. E.
Michael Kelley
Phone: 228-762-2573, (CONFED)

8th Missouri Infantry
Don Crawley
Vicksburg Mississippi 39180
(601) 638- 9404

9th Mississippi Infantry, Co. A
Cpt. Steve Taylor
Corinth, Mississippi 38834

12th Wisconsin Light Artillery
Sgt. Frank Kirtley
Carriere, Mississippi 39426

14th Wis.V.V.Infy.
Al Goodman
601-853-4174 (UNION)

15th Mississippi Infantry
1st Lt. Nathan Lowe
Tupelo, Mississippi 38801
(601) 842-5475

20th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. A
(McGeehee Rifles)

Brad Abel
601-247-3614, (CONFED)

21st Mississippi Infantry, Co. K
Sgt. Jerry Gooch
New Albany, Mississippi 38652

26th Mississippi Infantry, Co. F
Bob Walker
(601)423-6426 or
Cpl. Herbert Thomas, Jr. (601)423-5963
Iuka, Mississippi 38852

32nd Miss.Vol.Infy.
Cpl Jeff Giambrone
601-866-2667 (CONFED)

34th Texas Cavalry
1st Lt. Michael Kelley
Pascagoula, Mississippi 39581
(601) 762-2573

35th Mississippi Infantry, Co. F
John McBryde
Cedar Bluff, Mississippi 39741

46th Mississippi Infantry
Cpt. Mike Beiser
Jackson, Mississippi 39288
(601) 636-7738

79th New York Infantry, Co. H
John Hesselberg
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180
(601) 663-4258

Stanford's Mississippi Battery
Jon Stevenson
Madison, Mississippi 39130
(601) 956-9895

Swett's Battery
Dave Fisher
Brandon, Mississippi 39042-2122

Tennessee Valley Battalion
Sgt. Kirk McCollum
Corinth, Mississippi 38834

Washington Artillery
Gary Blakeney
Pascagoula, Mississippi 39567

(601) 762-5207

Washington Artillery, 3rd Co.
1st Lt. Bill Ringle
Jackson, Mississippi 39212
(601) 371-7666

Wirt Adams Mississippi Regiment
Andy Salassi
Jackson, Mississippi 39204
(601) 372-8877

The "Mississippi Valley Brigade"

The MVB consists of over 1000 men from the Confederate Volunteer Battalion, the Tennessee Valley Battalion, the Trans-Mississippi Volunteer Battalion, and the Red River Battalion.

Persons of contact are: Brig-Gen Roger Johnson Cmdg

and Lt. Col. Wayne Beauford, AAG

The Skulker's Mess
Shane Seley
P.O. Box 45661
Kansas City, MO 64171-8661
Phone: (816) 931-3128
We are the Skulker's Mess - a growing, hardcore-authentic unit based in the Midwest. Impressions include Federal and Confed inf. in all theaters of the war. We also have a first-rate company impression as an early-war militia unit. Regulary participate with units like the Mudsills, Bully Boys, High Privates, Smokey Row Mess

Terrell's Texas Cavalry, 34th Regt.(Reorg.)Ind. Co. C-K
Michael Kelley, Brevet Major
Phone: (228) 762-2573
We are the largest historically accurate, multiracial Confederate unit, white, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, and biracial troopers extending nationwide.

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