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1st Kansas Infantry, Co. D
Major Bob Cuevas
Wichita, Kansas 67209

1st Kansas Volunteers
Robert Cuevas, 316-773-5450 (UNION)

Co A, 1st Kansas Volunteers is located in
NE Kansas & NW Missouri (Kansas City Area).
We do a federal impression of the Home Guard Milita
If interested call Phil Campbell 913-782-6972 or Bret Cortright

3rd Missouri Infantry (Crowleys),
Cpt. Dave Weaver
Lansing, Kansas 66043
(913) 727-2385

Elliott's Battalion of Scouts
Missouri Cavalry, P.A.C.S.
Michael Gooch
11159 Reynolds Rd.
Orrick, Missouri 64077
Phone:(816) 770 3949
It must be noted that we are two Posts of Explorer Scouts, B.S.A. Our A Company (25 strong)is all aged 14 - 21
B Company (32 strong) is over 21. Rather unique.
We are a two company battalion of Cavalry Skirmishers (dismounted)

The Missouri Irish Brigade U.S.V.
MAJOR James E. Crofutt
Missouri Irish Brigade
7th/30th MO. Inf. Vols.
P.O.Box 8092
St. Joseph MO. 64508
We portray the typical union volunteer infantry impression. Our command was an actual Irish Brigade in 1864 with the 7th Missouri being predomently Irish and the 30th Missouri being German Irish. Our rapid and very active unit is seeking volunteers from the tri-state region of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. We are a rapidly growing unit and very active. We authentically portray a Federal infantry command in all aspects. we do walk the picket line, Drill, and have military inspections, we are often refered to leaning towards becoming a Hardcorp unit by our other units. Please!!! - We ask for serious inquiries only.

The Skulker's Mess
Shane Seley
P.O. Box 45661
Kansas City, MO 64171-8661
Phone: (816) 931-3128
We are the Skulker's Mess - a growing, hardcore-authentic unit based in the Midwest. Impressions include Federal and Confed inf. in all theaters of the war. We also have a first-rate company impression as an early-war militia unit. Regulary participate with units like the Mudsills, Bully Boys, High Privates, Smokey Row Mess

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