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1st Wisconsin Cavalry (Dismounted)
Sgt. James McLallen
Clinton, Iowa 52732
(319) 243-5368

4th Iowa Infantry
1st Sgt. David Turpin or O. J. Fargo
Johnston, Iowa 50131

(515) 278-4025 or 515-782-8625

6th Tennessee Infantry Co. G
Dave Pasbrig
Phone: 319-622-6402

8th Tenn. Inf., Co C CSA
Daryl Melear
Coal Valley, IL
There a civilian group attached : Contact R. Barley
This unit was formed the Winter of 1991/Spring of 1992 in Central Illinois. we have hosted Armed Forces Day at Rock Island Arsenal. Currently the 8th consists of Military, and Civilian members including a Chaplain.

8th Texas Co. K -Terry's Texas Rangers
Major Jerry Hewitt Major Jerry Hewitt
Mason City, Iowa

9th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
Don Ruffcorn

10th Iowa Infantry
Philip Hamm,
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

10th Iowa Inf., Co. H
Darrek Orwig
Phone: 515-386-3676

11th Iowa Co. G
Chris Messner

12th Alabama Infantry, Co. I,
Cpt. Mark Hidlebaugh
Muscatine, Iowa

12th Iowa Infantry, Co. C
Thomas Hildreth
West Branch, Iowa 52358
(319) 643-2302

16th Iowa Vet. Volunteer Infantry
K. Krewer
3953 Hwy 61
Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
Phone:(319) 381-2086
This group was formed about twenty years ago, we are actively recruiting the young and the old alike...families...all are welcome. We have several 12-15 year olds, including three drummers. Very active, and authentic ladie's group, which holds a periodoc resources days for research, sewing and such.
somemore "greybears

24th Iowa, Co. G.
Roy Davis
POB 176
Fairfax Iowa 52228

17th Tennessee Infantry, Co. K
Richard Pohorsky
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405,
(319) 396-6116

24th Iowa Infantry
Dave Yanecek
Fairfax, Iowa 52278

52nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Captain Ernest Normand
658 Allison Circle
Byron, IL 61010
Union Infantry Unit with members in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Iowa. Civilian participants attend events with us.

Elliott's Battalion of Scouts
Missouri Cavalry, P.A.C.S.
Michael Gooch
11159 Reynolds Rd.
Orrick, Missouri 64077
Phone:(816) 770 3949
It must be noted that we are two Posts of Explorer Scouts, B.S.A.
Our A Company (25 strong)is all aged 14 - 21
B Company (32 strong) is over 21. Rather unique.
We are a two company battalion of Cavalry Skirmishers (dismounted)
Our impression is not only Elliott's Btn. Trans-Mississippi Confederate, the Extra Cavalry Battalion, 4th Division, Missouri State Guard,
and Partisan Rangers (guerrillas), as well as federals when necessary.
We have members all over Missouri, as well as eastern Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Reeds Battery
Paul Lengeling
Collins, Iowa 50055

(515) 385-2263

The Missouri Irish Brigade U.S.V.
MAJOR James E. Crofutt
Missouri Irish Brigade
7th/30th MO. Inf. Vols.
P.O.Box 8092
St. Joseph MO. 64508
We portray the typical union volunteer infantry impression. Our command was an actual Irish Brigade in 1864 with the 7th Missouri being predomently Irish and the 30th Missouri being German Irish. Our rapid and very active unit is seeking volunteers from the tri-state region of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. We are a rapidly growing unit and very active. We authentically portray a Federal infantry command in all aspects. we do walk the picket line, Drill, and have military inspections, we are often refered to leaning towards becoming a Hardcorp unit by our other units. Please!!! - We ask for serious inquiries only.

Terrell's Texas Cavalry, 34th Regt. (Reorg.) Independent Co. C-K
Michael Kelley, Brevet Major
Phone: (228) 762-2573
We are the largest historically accurate, multiracial Confederate unit, white, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, and biracial troopers extending nationwide.

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