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Germany Reenacting ! !


1st Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Geschichtstheaterg esellschaft 1848"
Contact JanHochbruck
Cologne, Germany
Takustrasse 95a. ZIP Code D-50825
The Geschichtstheatergesellschaft is a living history society which specialised on public presentations and stage-shows about German refugees from the 1848/1849 revolutions, who joined the Union army in 1861.
The soldiers we represent in these shows are the 3rd MO volunteers, which is part of a far greater german society, the UCR (Union and Confederate Reenactors). The UCR organizes events and camps in Germany.

4th Maine Volunteers Regiment
Guy Meysmans, 1st Sgt., B Company
Out of Antwerp (Belgium) Darmstadt (Germany)
Our CO, captain George Robinson is from Rockland, Maine, hence the choice of portraying this unit.
Recruiting is out from Belgium, Germany and US military stationed in Germany, however and the language used is English. Our group was formed in 1993. We work all over Europe. Regarding the civilian component women of the soldiers portray a company laundry.

  • 3rd Missouri, Wolfgang Hochbruck, +49-711-37201 (UNION)

    Confederate States Memorial Club, 1st Engineers, Co. A, Michael Taenzer, 011-49-511-883888 (CONFED)

    European Battalion
    Recruit from: All over europe.
    We have guys from British Isles; Germany; France; Czech Republic;Sweden; Belgium; Ukraine;Denmark. Also have American servicemen stationed over here.
    Vic Farrer
    27 Essex Drive
    41179 Monchengladbach
    Tel: 0049 2161 551588
    The European battalion is committed to improving the Federal impression. We subsidise a newsletter known as the Unionville Times ( I would love to send this to you so please send me your snail mail address its free of charge).
    Every two years we form a battalion of infantry to fight in England at the one large European wide event (something like 1000 re-enactors).

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